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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bicycle! Bicycle!

The last time I rode a bicycle, 
Elvis was still alive

(I totally think I'm gonna look like this: )

And since I am moving to a lovely, flat town, it's time for a bike...

Rat Rod Bikes

My friend Candypants has one of these and she loves it (hers is baby pink)...
and I am veeeeery tempted to get one myself...
GMX Maxine
They are cheap and cheerful but I wonder if it's sensible to buy a bike I haven't tested, 
especially since it is more than 30 years since I've been on a bike.

So yesterday I went to an actual bike shop and as soon as I entered I regretted it. 
There were no price tags and I was quickly accosted by the super 
smooth, uber-tattooed sales dude and seconded to a black couch 
for a review of my cycling requirements. 

He quickly established that I needed a $700 bike (it was the cheapest one they had)
(plus stack hat, plus basket, plus panniers, plus plus plus) 
 and then started explaining the benefits of the blah blah forks and the thingamy do dah frame 
and the whah whah tyres and of course he lost me at blah blah, 
so I made my glazed-eyed excuses and left the store, 
none the wiser, but a whole lot more bored. 

Here's what I want... 

I want to be glamorous...

I want it in fire engine red or canary yellow...

I want it to be almost impossible for me to ever fall off...

And I want it to be fabulous!

Rat Rod Bikes
 Is that too much to ask?

So, you bike-riding gals out there 
- and I know there are quite a few of you - 
please give me some bicycle guidance... 

Should I buy new or second hand? 
How much should I spend? 
Is it silly to buy online?
What do I really need to know about a bike before I buy it? 
What's the best hairdo to avoid helmet hair?