Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014: Even Post-Helgastock Cowgirls Get the Blues

The wretched-bastard post-Helgastock blues always hit me pretty hard.

We drove the long drive home... 

And I went back to work for three days...

Check out the super awesome colouring books my gorgeous gf Sanna gave  me: I LOOOOVE THEM! 

This was only one day but counts for two as you would be horrified to know that I wore this skirt TWO DAYS in a row! 

Then we went to the shack for another ten days. Because I needed a holiday to recover from my holiday.

There was Easter...

And I unpacked my AMAZING birthday gifts from Helga and G-Star: 
Handmade vintage bag, Virgin of Guadalupe candle, hand painted/glittered deer head hanger, groovy 1960s recipe book, Virgin of Guadalupe wall hanging thingy, gorgeous flamingo brooch, 1959 toadstool salt and pepper shakers (I know the year because it has a little handwritten sticker on the bottom!), fab blue belt, amazing 'Bouffant Beauties' book, THREE incredible enamel flower brooches (including that has MATCHING EARRINGS), a 1960s bathroom bag... plus (not pictured) an incredible 1970s halterneck maxi and jacket and a divine square dancing frock. 


They also gave me this FANTASTIC 1970s letter holder... WHICH I ALREADY HAD! 
So now I have two, and according to the OCD 
in my head, THIS WILL NOT DO, so if you see another of these, please grab it for me. 
Isn't it amazing how well she knows my taste?!
Look how exquisitely the little toadstools go 
on the orange shelf in the kitchen...

And here's some porn for you... the Toy Boy cleaning the kitchen windows because I have NEVER done it. I am the laziest, most unapologetic domestic slattern ever.

He also gives amazing scalp massages...

And speaking of OH MY GOD THIS IS FRICKIN INCREDIBLE... I have been coveting a Gunne Sax maxi for about nine hundred years. Not only are they hideously expensive but they are very VERY rare in my size as they were designed for emaciated, drug fucked, whimsical hippy chicks with no breasts, called Willow or Basket or Clover-Twigface

So imagine my DISBELIEF when darling Claire gave me this treasure for my birthday...

An exquisite Gunne Sax original.

I almost fucking died from my own whimsy.

Have you recovered? Good. 

Here's a bit of religious nonsense 
I picked up in Melbourne...

And this mystery fur item was on the front lawn when we arrived. We think it's the easter bunny's tail. 

And to complete the easter trilogy of miracles, my neighbour was taking these two fab old cabinets to the tip, so I rescued them and they are now safely stored in my shed, where they will breed spiders and dust for the forseeable future. 

They had the original hardware stuffed in the drawers. 

And then my little gorgeous family 
came for a few days...

And we planted a lemon tree! 
And by 'we' I mean 'Toy Boy' 
planted a lemon tree while I faffed 
about, posing in the garden...

I get so excited when my outfit 
matches my house.

Work (and the first frost of the year)


And that was April 2014. And a couple of days of May. Because I am wild like that. 



The Grande Dame said...

Warehouse sale coming up this weekend! Let me know which desirable labels to look out for... I'm so glad you love the dress and it loves you!

Sheila said...

You ARE wild like that! What an awesome post, full of awesomeness. Happy Birthday! Oh, and I have never cleaned my windows either (shhhh).

Forest City Fashionista said...

First Bitches!!
You were born to wear that Gunne Sax maxi, I'm just sayin'...

You know you have found yourself an awesome guy when he will wear fuzzy bunny ears and clean your windows (it would have been even cooler if he wore the rabbit ears while cleaning the windows).

Sounds like April was a good month - hope May is even better!

Sue said...

I love it all!!!! Life is good for you and the toy boy!

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

I love everything in this post - as usual! xxx

Helga said...

Your whimsy is overwhelmingly compelling and makes mne want to do dastardly things with the are scrumptious in your Gunne Sax, Twiglet PatchouliEars. Scrumptious!
I love ALL these things, ALL these pictures...and YOU deserve to be spoilt ROTTEN! Those cainets are magic!
Can Toyboy come and clean my windows? I don't do domestic things either, and G is far too busy doing all the OTHER domestic things...........
We haven't had our first frost yet, you've pipped us to the post! Today is weirdly warm. It can only end in tears.
Love you MORE than enamel flower brooch and earring sets!

señora Allnut said...

wouau, always delightful see your fabulousness posing, but you look ÜberFabulous wearing that maxi and floral headpiece on a pretty landscape with the evening sun creating the best lighting for you!, it looks like a 70's poster and you look gorgeous!
Of course, love your yellow hat, every of your printed dresses (particularly when they match your home!) and your coats!, I'm coveting a zebra coat just now!
besos & colores

thorne garnet said...

Who throws out beautiful cabinets like those? Damn, good thing you were home.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Well that all looks splendid. Just caught up on your helgastock post (computer randomly lets me look at blogs without going offline - it's a bitch) and that looks like raucous and crazy fun times. And a ukelele /guitar was harmed in the process. ALWAYS a good sign!! x

two squirrels said...

Oh hello gorgeous girl.........that is the most wonderful whimsical dress look so so so pretty. I laughed out load and then snorted.....,,.,willow/basket/clover twig face. Bloody branch sizes.
The presents from the stunning miss Helga and G are fantastic......... The daisy brooches are just wonderful.
Oh I wish my trip to Aussie was at the same time you guys were together. I am away in 2 weeks to 'Vintage Love' in Melbourne......yay yay yay...happy dance. v

Thick Threads said...

i just wanna know where the forms for becoming your best friend are? I'd like to fill one out please! you are seriously, the coolest. I love your blog. I don't always have the time i used to have to check blogs and read, but yours is a mandatory visit because it's pure fucking magic. also, I think I knew a girl called Clover-Twigface in high school, she was a total bitch. and I am still recovering from your whims, can't even handle all of it. Love the cunt coloring book!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh Geez that pink and green mini dress gets me every time. I would steal it off your body & leave you naked in the street if I were nearby. That orange tone maxi is simply glorious! And you ARE the Queen of Whimsy in that floaty frock. Helga sure gave you a boot load of amazing stuff. I think my faves are the enamel brooches. I AM obsessed by those. Love you & your gloriarse frockage. Xx

Brooke F said...

My God! I must find some of those colouring books. Got a few pals who would dig some in depth shading of female anatomy. Sorry about the post Helga blues but just think of all the memories you have to treasure. And if that doesn't do it, you now have that gorgeous Gunne sax frock to keep you smiling. XXX

Kelly Jackson said...

Love your description of the typical Gunne Sax gal. So true. Every friggin one I find online is for the size of a Barbie Doll, and, as you say, hideously expensive. Yours is so dreamy on you. I will not give up on finding one! Your zebra-like coat is also WOW.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Cool coloring books and KILLER Gunne!

wardrobeexperience said...

where can i get these colouring books?! hilarious!

Joni James said...

Wowza, you are looking better than ever! So happy to gaze upon your lemons....and are those Prada sunglasses?
What a fantastic gift from Claire!

Joni James said...

More posts, more posts!

Romy / Hippy at Heart said...

these looks are amazing, love the sax dress and these vibrant white sunnies!

Big love from