Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014: Herpetology, Meteorology and Seersuckerology

January started beautifully... 
 I wore: 
1970s disco kaftan - op shopped

 I wore: 
1970s wrap dress - Vintage store 
Feather boa - op shopped

We LOVED the summer series of live music in the Botanic Gardens. Apart from being a good opportunity to catch up with friends and hear some great local music, it's also a great chance to romp about in the gardens, twirling like an idiot and terrifying the wildlife. 
 I wore: 
Skirt and petticoats - Op shopped
Everything else - Retail

Spunky boyfriend says hello

Another day, another band in the gardens.
This jumpsuit, which was a gift from gorgeous Krista a few years ago, is one of my all time favourite items EVER. You can see me from space and that's how I like it.
 I wore: 
Incredible vintage jumpsuit - Gift from Krista 
Everything else - Retail 

Here's how I have worn it previously...

See the pic on the right: that is the back yard at the shack before they built the McMonstrosity. Sky, trees, privacy, lovely. 


The house we are currently sitting has a lounge of blue tongue lizards, and January is breeding season, so we've had 26 baby blue tongues (well, 30 actually, but survival of the fittest works quickly in the brutal lizard world). 

Frankly, they are ugly little fuckers, the mothers dismember the babies as soon as they have birthed them, the babies eat the weaker/smaller babies and I've been very glad for Toy Boy's capable lizard wrangling skills. 

(By the way, I wish I could take credit for the collective noun 'lounge' of lizards, but it is the true and correct word. How AWESOME is that?)

Work Work Work
 Everything op shopped except shoes and sunnies (retail)
(Look, there's Toy Boy's darling shadow!)

 I wore: 
1970s crimplene suit - Op shopped a couple of weeks ago 
(and taken up and in by me with ACTUAL SEWING)
Spectacular 1960s brooch - Gift from my darling sistercousinwife
Shoes and sunnies - Retail 

Toy Boy finds out that I did actual sewing:  

More music in the Botanic Gardens...
I wore: 
1950s square dancing frock - etsy 
Vintage petticoats - Op shopped
Boots, sunnies and hat - Retail 
Flower - Made it myself

We had the usual January heatwave...

And the roads melted...

And the usual catastrophic bushfires

We went to see the genius David Sedaris and IT WAS FABULARSE!

If you are not familiar with David's work, do yourself a massive favour and procure something, anything, that he has written and just start reading... you can thank me later. 

Having had some recent successes with hand sewing, and since it is now a couple of years since the last bastard sewing machine jammed in reverse and I had blood, tears and an actual nervous breakdown, I have decided to try sewing again. So I procured this magnificent 1950s Husqvarna...

...and the motor blew up the first time I tried to use it! I will not be thwarted, however, and I am going to find another and continue my quest to becoming a proper sewist.

I had a lovely weekend at the shack...
I wore: 
1960s Happiest Frock Ever - etsy 
Everything else retail or op shopped

I wore: 
1970s maxi - Op shopped 
Spectacularly smugbastard chronic bitchface - Made it myself

I wore: 
1970s maxi - Op shopped 
Gloves - Gift from my Other Lover 

Woork woork woork woork woork 
 I wore: 
Pants (saba) - Op shopped ($4 a few years ago) 
Blouse (Charlie Brown) - ebay (several years ago) 
Earrings - Gift from This Hot Chick 
Everything else op shopped or retail 

 I wore: 
1970s maxi - Fash n Treasure market 

 I wore: 
FAVOURITEST 1970s SEERSUCKERS PANTS EVER IN THE UNIVERSE - a recent etsy purchase from Flirty Sanchez Project
(I highly recommend this seller
Brooch - Gift from You Know Who 
Everything else - Op shopped or retail 
I was called 'clown', 'Bay City Rollers' and 'old man' in these pants... and you know what? If you don't know how fucking FABULARSE these pants are then you are dead inside and I feel sorry for you. Now pass me my pipe and wireless, I need a sherry and a nap.

werk werk werk werk werk werk 
 I wore: 
Beautiful 1970s viscose frock - Vintage Junkyard 
Rose brooch - Made it myself
Everything else op shopped or retail 

And that was January. 

Hope you all have unmelted roads, gorgeous lovers and spectacular seersucker pants. 

See you in February. 



Sarah DeLicatease said...

Wow wow awesome looks!! ;>

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Spectacular!!! You are always worth waiting for! I think my fave would be the happy shift dress...the colours & print are perfection! And that crimplene suit is incredible. Much love darling. Xx

Liz said...

Fabulous post - so many gorgeous outfits! Love the polka dot dress.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Sheila said...

Wow, what a fun post! I love all your wonderfully colourful looks! Count me in as a huge fan of David Sedaris - I can't read him in bed anymore because I wake up my husband from my laughing. Looking gorgeous!

thorne garnet said...

seersucker, I adore that word. It sound so dirty.


Krista Gassib said...

You are a nut and I love that about you! Glad you still love that jumper because my leopard hat rarely leaves my head:) Your happiest frock ever made me smile from within so it really is the happiest frock ever. The B&W photo of you is friggin gorgeous, you are so beautiful!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

All awesome you are :) x

Sue said...

Utterly fabulous catch up!! I love a big old catch up and the toy boy sure is a keeper.

Mrs. D said...

Oh my, so much fabulousness, it's hard to pick a favourite!
Nice to see you x

two squirrels said...

Oh oh Sarah so much happiness........I don't know where to start.........hmmmm, the pants are frickin amazing.....yip if you can't see that, you are dead inside. Sherry please.
Dancing in the park never looked so miss gingham square dancing dress.
So lovely to see you and Mr Sarah a Toy Boy......
Sending a big old squirrel hug.
Love v

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You are truly the Queen of colourful loveliness. Gorgeous pics, ever single one of them. Apart from the lizard - not the cutest of creatures but never mind. Actual sewing? I'm impressed. xx

ayoung70 said...

All of the outfits are drool-worthy as usual but the thing that makes me the most envious is the photo of Helga on your lounge wall!

Mariela said...

You never cease to be bright and marvelous! I love the red and white two piece suit.

Melted roads! I bet that was scary and weird.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sooo lovely to see you and your gasp-inducing outfits! Your jumpsuit from Krista is first in it's class, and the seersucker pants (I just like saying the word), 1960's happy frock, and the orange and white crimpelene suit are swoon-worthy. My wardrobe has been sooooo drab this month compared to yours.

I love David Sedaris' writing and have read most of his books. So lucky you got to see him in person!

I can't believe that a "Lounge of Lizards" isn't something someone recently made is awesome though, but I'm glad you have a lizard wrangler at your disposal to deal with the dismemberings and such. And such a cute one at that!

I sent you a little parcel at the beginning of December, and I'm afraid if you haven't received it by now, it's probably lost :(

Penny-Rose said...

OMG comments are back on and I can tell you how much I love you and your clothes and please please can you come and work with me so I can admire your pants.

mondoagogo said...

A lounge of lizards! Collective names are brilliant. And so are you, in all that colour. Looking like a flamboyance of flamingos :)

Brooke F said...

A lounge of lizards! Who would have thought! What revolting creatures - dismemberment, eating the weakest - erk!!!(I had mice that did the same and I will never get the sight of chewed up mice out of my head, never!)Love all the work ensembles but especially love your new crimpelene . Gorgeous! Good luck with the sewing! XXX

The Grande Dame said...

Love love love your outfits, especially that crimplene suit and the last red dress. Hope you didn't melt too! I can't stand summer heat waves and melbourne has been hit too. xxx

Helga! said...

I motherfucking love all your bits!
There are NO WORDS!
I am your bitch and I have no shame.
Spank my arse and call me your slapper!
I'm pretty sure that all satellites must have a jizzmatic stoppage every time they trawl over you! I know I do!
LOVE you more than all the frocks all the time and all the delicious appendages!

TJTJ said...

The red and white polka dot's had me wishing I could work with you! And THAT jumpsuit!!! It is exquisite!!! I am glad you are having all the fun!! You are so fabulous! TJ

bohemian vanity said...

I love your collection of fabulous frocks, every single one is fantastic! My fave here of course is the happiest frock ever :) Soo pretty!
The seersuckers pants are amazing too!!!
The lizard looks scary and i opened the link- they have really blue tongues!?! Freaks haha!
Can't wait for your next post!
Have a fab time my dear!
xx Tani

Ivy Black said...

Packed full of wondrousness.
A lounge of lizards eh? Like the gerbils I once looked after who ate their offspring and each other...only more lizardy.
David Sedaris rocks...keep are fab.

pastcaring said...

My head is a whisker away from exploding at all the wondrous outfits, but I'm holding it together. Maxis on the beach, dancing in the Botanical Gardens, glowing in Krista's Jumpsuit of Glory, and super-duper stylish in polka dots and Crimplene - you're on fire!
Eww, you can keep your lounge of lizards, I am not a reptile kinda gal. Fur; I like my pets to have fur. I'm old-fashioned that way.
So good to see you looking exquisite at the Love Shack in Happy Frock et al, and of course it's not all frockage, there are trousers too, so take that, seersuckas!
Thanks you for the introduction to David Sedaris, and I do think that if there was any justice in the world, that red 70s frock with contrasting prints would be MINE. Just saying.

Here's to unmelted tarmac, but further adventures with gorgeous lovers and seersucker pants in February! xxx

BellaBean Vintage said...

Goodness me!! That is a lot of spectacular frockage - obviously I love them all - especially the bay City Rollers ensemble....I was in a Bay City Rollers tribute band called Marmite and the Three Honeys when I was 5 - we were fabulous! Lizards No not my fav.. we have them's the flat heads, weird feet, long tails and spped with which they move eekk. Yay for the lovely toyboy. xxx

Harrie Hattie said...

Omg! I carnt choose my feckin favourite... Too many absolute beautiful and I love the colours xxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

Another month of fabulosity!!

I adore those seersucker pants!!

seƱora Allnut said...

wouua, that's an awesome bunch of delightful things to see and enjoy!!, your outfits are fabulous, love your 'I can be seen from space' dress and love all your dresses, and of course, your seersucker pants are absolutely and colorfully Fabulous!!
besos, bella!

Jewel Divas Style said...

Fantastic outfits!

Trees said...

Epic post! I can't believe the roads ACTUALLY melted? WTF Australia? Also YAH!! I am so excited you are becoming a for reals sewist! *high five*