Thursday, January 31, 2013

No, Speed, No!

This post has extra profanity. You're welcome.

So, speed dating last night with my friend Jane was pretty hilarious. We both have five hundred new boyfriends...

I know you are all dying to know: I wore the 
leopard print dress and I felt fabularse.

I needed a super happy frock to counter 
the speed-dating morning-after blues today...

I'm too sexy for my hair... 


This dude was on drugs and using a fake name, which I will tell you about if you email me.
So, that was it.

Would I go again? Abso-frickin-lutely. 
It was hilarious!


Today I wore: 
1960s super happy print cotton shift - Tush Vintage on Etsy
Cardigan and chiffon headscarf - Op shopped
Flower - Gift 
Shoes - Retail

Monday, January 28, 2013

All The Things

Bed made. 
Shack packed up. 
Jesus and Mary well hung.

Good bye again, little shack. 
Such delicious melancholy.

I've been spoilt rotten again...

I received this wonderful gift from dearest Shelley.

Knowing of my love for Frida she sent me this gorgeous felt finger puppet...

which is also a fridge magnet! She seems very happy with Elvis, Lucy, Albert and the fridge crew.

I received this lovely parcel of goodies from sweetheart Aysh. A gorgeous Indian bracelet (which I have worn every day), a fabulous glitter nail polish, the fabulous eye shadow and a handful of chocolates! 

My darling Mazzy Boy sent these wonderful vintage craft books to feed my insatiable desire for vintage crochet patterns.

And finally, mi Helgita sent me this parcel of treasures: books, vintage coasters, a hand mannequin (not pictured as it was otherwise occupied, flipping the bird in another room), a cute kitchen timer and the gorgeous 1950s skirt...

...which I wore today, being aunty of the year! 

Thank you all for your gorgeous generosity! 


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Once Twice Three Times a Lady

So I know you voted for the polka dot frock for speed dating next week... but honestly, it's a nice enough work dress but not terribly fabularse for speed dating, is it? No. Good.

(Don't know what I'm talking about? Go here to catch up, then come back and keep reading.)

So I have been trying out a few other possibilities...





I have a strong favourite. 

What do you think? 

Vote! Help!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Sister, you've been on my mind...

 I love when an outfit evolves throughout the day...

This dress saw me through an early morning visit from the Telstra technician, a waxing appointment, grocery shopping, overseeing the removal of the 30 year old wisteria, a nap on The Whore, two episodes of The Sopranos, a broken crochet hook, a drop off to the op shop and a quick romp on the beach...

My hair went up by mid morning. The heat. Ergh.

I added bangles and bracelets and took them off again.

I even went through two different parasols.

I added flowers one at a time...

I wore: Indian cotton dress - Gift from beautiful Virginia
Indian magenta bangle - Gift from darling Aysh
Parasols and bangles - Op shopped 
Flowers - Retail

And you know what I love best 
about this dress? No bra! 

Porn star!

Happy weekend! 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your sister can't dance

This lamp was begging to be whorified

An entire packet of hot glue sticks, one burnt finger and a basket of flowers later...

Much more whorable!

Tomorrow's job is to whorify this big blank wall...

I am quite taken with Desiree's Wall of Women

I see you, big blank wall. You don't scare me.

I'm actually on sick leave this week... 

...and I spent most of today dozing on The Whore, dreaming of the adventures we'll have together... 

It's probably not normal to be this in love with a piece of furniture, is it? 

I'm ok with it. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Slap my cheek and call me rosy

I am pleased to introduce my latest 
One True Love...

'The Whore'

A 1960s velvet sofa, donated to my 
favourite op shop by a local brothel. 

Now gracing my living room...

Perfect for serving whore doevres...

Perfect for a whore-der like me...

Perfect for whore-ful posing...

So hit me up with your whore-ible puns. 

You know you want to.