Sunday, December 30, 2012

I don't even know what day it is


 I wore: 
1970s wrap skirt - Gift from darling rockstar Em
Top and bangles - Op shopped
Fabulous Friday pendant - Gift from dearest dog-lovin' Tamera
Hair flower - Retail 
Sunnies - Gift from pie eating supermodel Desiree
Blue ring - Gift from gorgeous jetsetting hippy Vix

These are my favourites of the year. Favourite outfits, photos or posts. Click the month to see the full post, if you've nothing better to do. Bless your cotton socks.

August 1

October 1

This will be my last post for 2012. 

Happy New Year, everybody! 

And THANK YOU ALL: for following, for commenting, for participating, for this community, for the hilarity, the whimsy, the honesty, the beauty, the naughtiness and for being farking fabularse! 

Stay gold, Ponyboy


Friday, December 28, 2012

She kept her motor clean

Behold the gate of glory as she is about to be seriously hacked. I do love an overgrown rambly bit of whimsy but unfortunately the wisteria and jasmine are doing some damage and must come down. 

I have been living in my beautiful 1970s Mark Warren dress, which was a gift from my sistah from another mistah, Dee

It's flowy, comfy, hides any multitude of magnificent sins and no need for undies: win, win, win!

In more interesting, non underwear-related  news...


I received this parcel from darling Em a couple of weeks ago, and for the first time in my life I followed instructions and waited for xmas to open it. Grown up!

She sent me a gorgeous handmade card and this beautiful 1970s wrap skirt, embroidered with my favourite colours...

And this splendid 1950s Italian ceramic burro for my collection. He was unfortunately decapitated on arrival, but a bit of hot glue and he's a happy ass again. 

And I received a delightful parcel from dearheart Leisa. She has been selling off some of her fabularse vintage frock collection and I bought one frock PLUS she sent me another bonus frock, plus a vintage crocheted cushion cover, a divine kaftan pattern, some groovy jewellery and a 1974 crochet book, all wrapped up in a fab vintage pillow slip. 
Q: How spoilt am I?!  A: Very.

I think this pattern is this dress, without the ruffle... what do you think? I think I have ruffle envy.

The crochet book has some AMAZING treasures in it. This pattern caught my eye so I immediately raced to the expensive/exquisite yarn store and picked up... 

Seven different colours... 

And in case you missed this bit of amazingness from a few weeks ago... check out the December issue of Vogoff.

Life/style magazine for people 
who don't give a flying feck!
VOGOFF December 2012


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shake it like a polaroid picture

These days...

My beach

My Max

My Annabel

My serenity 

My bro is the best Dad

 My arse

My front lawn and a visit from my favourites: King Parrots, which Annabel calls Christmas Parrots 

My favourite necklace 

My favourite moments

 My Annabel: she stepped on oyster shells

 My happiness

 My love

My loev

I hope you are having a wonderful time, wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing. 
Watch out for oyster shells. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Be Free

My weekend...

My favourite street art, ever
My lake
My tree

My double rainbow
My parasol

I wore: 
1970s Indian cotton dress - Op shopped 
Daisy headpiece - Sassy Vamps

 I was almost this excited by the double rainbow...

Right. I can do it. Five days of work 
then eleven blissful days off! 

How are you guys? 
Any double rainbows in your life? 

If you're interested in seeing me in the nearly nude (and frankly, if you're not, then obviously you are dead inside) and having a good laugh at some genius writing, head over to the xmas issue of Vogoff. I double dare you. With cherries on top. Go! GO NOW!