Friday, November 30, 2012

Insomnia poetry is the best

As usual, I am so far behind, I can see my own arse. 

A few of this week's work outfits: 

I wore: 
Red ruffled, ribboned, ric-racked 1970s dress - Hipsley Lane
Exquisite Frida pendant - Handmade by supermodel Tamera
Belt and bangles - Op shopped

1950s skirt - Fossil Vintage 
Tshirt, belt and bangles - Op shopped 
Silk scarf - Another gift from darling Tamera 
Flower - Retail

1980s dress, belt, bangles, 1970s sunnies - Op shopped 
Shoes - Retail 
Deer - Borrowed from the internet

My gourd, don't I look drab and washed out in that last pic? And my neck is all sticky-outy! Blergg. That's what 36 degrees does to me.


So, another week has gone by and I have still not 
caught up on my blogs. I will, I promise!


I wrote a 3am insomnia poem rhyming 'miner' and 'vagina'. Rockstar. 


I will be at the Gorman House Late Night Markets tomorrow (Saturday 1 Dec) - Canberra peeps, come say hello!

Happy weekend! 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually

I have:

Been spoilt rotten...

Received a fabulous stamp from dearheart Sue
I have almost used up the ink already on pre xmas bills.

Received a parcel from our Vix, including a crocheted cape, which can be seen from space, a delightful timber burro, a beautiful ethnic poncho top, some Barry M treasures for my collection, a vintage tablecloth, a fabulous leather flower brooch and some bindhis.

Received a parcel from dearest Tamera, including this BEAUTIFUL handmade Frida pendant and two magnificent vintage scarves and one of her beautiful handmade cards. Scarves to be featured in outfit posts this week. 

Received a fabulous parcel from darling Rebecca - a fabulous crocheted cushion with sugar skull, a gorgeous Japanese wall hanging, two beautiful handmade brooches, a groovy rubber stamp and a brilliant sugar skull mask...

Photographed the Canberra Roller Derby Grand Final 
and fell in love with roller derby...

Celebrated my Annabel's fifth birthday...

And Max's first...

Photographed the most beautiful couple ever...

And yesterday I popped home for a couple of shack days

 I was singing Castles Made of Sand and watching the sun set...

and a family of dolphins came to play... 

and now all is right with the world.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Devil Wears Maxis

A few recent work outfits

The Devil's in the Detail
(I wore this the day my colleague won $46,000 on a horse race)

1950s deadstock yellow poppy dress - Fossil Vintage 
1940s black picture hat - Circa Vintage Hats 
Cardigan and belt - Op shopped 
1960s enamel brooch - Vintage Fair 
Shoes - Retail 

Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
(Wore this to work and to Important Grown Up Meeting With Bank Manager)

Pants and sunnies - Op shopped 
Shirt - Borrowed from Brother Misfit
1940s petit point handbag - Vintage Fair 
Fly fishing silk tie - Gift from Melanie the Felony

Saxxxi to the Maxxxi
(Wore this to prove to myself that I could)
1970s maxi, cardigan, bangles, sunnies - Op shopped 
Flower and shoes - Retail

Why have I had such a weird bee in my bonnet about wearing maxis to work? I don't know. Today I have totally broken down that barrier and now I'm probably gonna win some international award for maxis-at-work-professional-awesomeness.

Yes, yes I know I'm SO far behind on blogs (again) but I'll be over to yours to catch up SOON... I promise!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yellow skirt productions



This is a well travelled skirt.

Melanie first wore it here and then here.

And it facilitated much trans-continental conversation, which resulted, several months later, 
in the skirt being shipped across the seas, to me...

Along with a beautiful handmade card 
from amazing artist Melanie. 

So now this skirt is with me, for a short visit. She enjoyed her afternoon flapping around in the crazy wind, until the thunderheads rolled in...

But she won't stay for long... 
Helga hears the siren song of the yellow skirt, so this treasure is heading across the ditch to New Zealand for an adventure.


I wore:
Tshirt - Op shopped and painted by me
Bangles - Op shopped 
Daisy headpiece - Gift from Desiree (buy your own from Sassy Vamps) 

All photography copyright Misfits Photography
All art copyright Melanie Bag and a Beret

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jumpsuit Jack Flash

A few gorgeous days in my own little beach shack, loads of excellent music, sleeping in my own bed, a new old jumpsuit, some crafty nonsense, some lovely walks on the beach, lots of catch ups with dear friends and a couple of fabulous old movies recharges me like a month on a tropical island with Jakey-cakes! 


I wore: 
Jumpsuit - Kasi on Etsy 
Ridiculous floral headpiece - Made it myself 
Belt and cardigan - Op shopped 
1960s earrings - Vintage Fair 


Friday, November 9, 2012

Can't touch this

1980s Indian cotton harem pants, tshirt, shoes, hat, bag, sunnies, bangles - Op shopped

Today's op shopping treasures...

The 1950s Fowlerware kettle has the original power cord in perfect condition. I have been wanting one for ages, but there was not a chance I would pay vintage store prices of $80+, so was absolutely thrilled to find this one this morning in Salvos. I shall give it a good clean, have it checked out by an electrician friend and start making cups of tea with it asap!

Groovy 1960s Brazilian dish 
and table cloth look gorgeous together!

A couple of fab vintage crochet patterns 
and a 1975 Woman's Weekly

I think I'll make this for next winter...

Another crocheted blanket... 

And my favourite, this 1973 Golden Book about an outback Australian vet, his pet chimpanzee, German offsider and teenaged daughter, Tiggie...

Who's a lamb-rescuing uberbabe!

Sarah is bright, couldn't give a flying fuck about sports, wears old clothes and likes to keep herself in Jake Gyllenhaal.

Happy weekend!