Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Size matters

I've had insomnia for more than 20 years. Every five years or so I have one unbroken night's sleep and last night was it - seven and a half hours of glorious, beautiful, exquisite, unbroken sleep! 

Obviously I had to celebrate with some killer dance moves, my happiest frock and enormous hair...

I wore: 
1960s frock - Coco Repose Vintage 
Shoes and cardigan - Op shopped
Hair flower - Gift 
Bird brooch - Made it myself

Come on, brain, gimme another good night tonight - imagine how big my hair could be after eight hours!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Faffing and Lolling and Art, darling!

I spent several fabularse hours on Saturday
at the Art Not Apart Festival 
and Suitcase Rummage Market 
at the New Acton precinct in Canberra.

It was fantastic!

Dedicated walls of amazing street art...

community gardens...

brilliant sculpture...

It was also the inaugural Canberra Suitcase Rummage market, which is basically a small scale market of handcrafted, vintage, preloved items, sold from a suitcase. 

There were wandering performers...

You could create your own art...

That's my Annabel arting all over the place

And there were some of my kind of treasures...

I adored the 1930s picnic set below...

I caught up with friends, made some new pals, grooved to some fab live music, picked up a couple of small bargain treasures...

Admired the talent... 

And the fuzzy knitted tree jumpers...

It was the most gorgeous sunny Spring day...

Perfect for faffing...

And how cool is this mountain of blankets and cushions in front of an art space wall... perfect for lolling. 

If there's a Suitcase Rummage Market in your area, do NOT miss out - it's a fantastic idea, a great community event, a fabulous place to find a bargain treasure or two and a brilliant way to spend a few hours.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Floral Week: Thursday

Check out my fabularse new 
 handmade, just-for-me frock

The beautiful dress was a wonderful gift from my sistah from another mistah, Dee and is made from a recycled vintage floral sheet. 
And what is better than that? Nothin!


All flower pics taken by me in the sister in law's 
garden this gloriarse sunny afternoon.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Floral Week: Wednesday

Late afternoon romp with my favourite person in the world: my almost five year old niece Annabel the Cannabel.

I wore: 
1950s dress - Fossil Vintage 
Cardigan - Gift from my sistah from another mistah 
Fishnets and shoes - Op shopped 
Cyndi Lauper brooch - Made it myself 

Woohoo! Look at me lasting three whole days into FLORAL WEEK. That's real commitment.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Floral week: Tuesday

Because a) I'm nosy and b) you're fabulous, 
I love seeing other people's houses... don't you? 

So as part of Floral Week, I thought perhaps you might like a squiz at my fabularse ghetto trashy florally bathroom...

Look at that cheeky fucker Elvis peeking out from behind the door!
The antique timber cabinet (above) was $20 from an estate auction many years ago.

I love my little burro collection 
marching across the sunny window sill...

The storage bins, towels, vanity cases, tapestries, paintings, religious crap, bath mat, 1960s heated curlers, scales and mirrors are all op shopped treasures.

The little burro below is my favourite 
(he was a gift from Helga and G-Star)

My prized periodic table shower curtain
was a gift from my brother.

The gorgeous salt cellar below was another gift from mi Helga and is perfect for storing all of my hair bits n pieces. And the perfume I've been wearing for 20 years. Not that actual bottle, but that perfume. 
Do not make me come over there.

Even my lovely handcrafted vintage 
garbage bin is floral themed...

The lovely little 1970s Avon bluebird pomander is another favourite trinket and was a gift from Vix.

So there you go - a tour of my bathroom.
Don't say I never take you anywhere!