Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is the dawning of the age of hilarious...

So yesterday I spent the day with wonderful Dee, of One Denim Bird fame. Yes, the awesome seamstress who made me this incredible frock. 

She came armed with a vintage suitcase full of gifts, including this amazing dress, with the most magnificent sleeves... 

I gave her this gorgeous crazy kaftan...

The sleeves! THE SLEEVES!!! 

Backyard dancing was in order, obviously.

But her best gift of all was a day of laughter and half finished stories, 
hugs and chats and gossip and love.

More tomorrow (we went op shopping)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Colours Fabulous

How cute is my new 1970s 'dress'? 

It's the shortest thing I've worn in a looong time and I'm not sure I am comfortable in something so short. 

What if Lakota writes a haiku about me?
Or worse, what if she doesn't

BUT how ADORABLE is the fab dagger collar/pussy bow/pocket/sleeve polka dot detail?

And have you seen our Helga in her glorious 
red white and blue ensemble from yesterday

She really is the boss of the red white and blue...

Check out some of her incredible styles...

Woo... check out that supermodel trout pout below...

She don't care... she surfs hippos, man!

 Isn't she gloriarse?

And speaking of fab chicks, did you see our Vix is now officially the boss of the world

Rock on, mi awesome amors!

Red White Blue 
We Love You! 


It's Ta Da Tuesday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't don't don't let's start...

How fabularse is this gorgeous 1970s frock? 

I picked her up at an op shop last week for $5.

Speaking of which, did you know that it's 
National Op Shop Week here in Australia? 

Apparently op shops are running low on 
stock and are desperate for donations.

 Donate! Buy! Support your local op shop!

This outfit is 91.6% op shopped...

I wore: 
Dress, belt, shoes - Op shopped 
Hair flower - Gift from our beloved  Helgita Burrita
Earrings - Handmade and gifted by fabularse Sue

It's a good work frock but I'm not impressed with these dull pics - I need COLOUR! 
What was I thinking???

Also, I am over this business of having to plan ahead and lug weeks worth of outfits around with me... something's gotta give... 
I'm tired and getting cranky! 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love Vintage Part Two: Return of the Hair

A few more pics from last week's Love Vintage Fair... these are the last, I promise...

This beautiful handmade 1950s skirt was my only purchase. Check out the jumbo ric rac... I love it!

Loved this beautiful girl in her vintage swimmers.

It's shameful isn't it... all that gorgeous vintage frockness and I was still tramping around in my fave overalls. 

I'm a disgrace to my people.

Ada and I loved this incredible enormous handmade pendant so much that we both vowed to make our own. 
It goes without saying that I won't (and Ada will).

The yellow box pleat crimplene frock was divine, 
but I applied Vix's law and it just 
didn't make me feel fabulous. 

And the hot pink crimplene was FABULOUS 
but four sizes too big. SAD FACE.

This exquisite creature is the beautiful Reihane from Vintage JunkyardI love her so much, I'm getting her face tattooed on my butt.

Absolutely no idea what I was doing here 
but how fabularse is my hair? 

OK. I promise that's the last of them. 
Until the next one, obvs.

Next excitement I have to look forward to is a marvellous blogger meet up/long weekend in eight sleeps... I'm super duper excited to spend a few days with Darling Dee and her gorgeous crew! 
What to wear???


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love Vintage Love Friends Love Frocks

Grab a Pimms or a cup of tea and get comfy... 
this post is seriously pic heavy. 

I spent the weekend 'working' at the 

And by 'working' I mean trying on frocks, making new friends, being ridiculous, laughing, taking photos, swearing, having big hair and hiding in the racks.

The company was wonderful... Ada Prada 
and Nathan 'Riff Raff' McSpunkynuts...

And the rest of the gorgeous McSpunkynuts clan.

Beautiful Jacinta from Circa Vintage Hats

Fabulous kitchenware from That Retro Piece

I'm just a little in love with this fab chap: Tony, The Quiffmaster, who kept the boys looking good...

Except for this boy, who no problem keeping himself fabularse, thank you very much, biatch...

Gorgeous Suze in her gorgeous faux fur and rockin' vintage boots and a couple of beautiful hat girls...

Oh look, there's me and my hair again! 

This fab crimplene number was pretty gorgeous:topstitching and actual pockets!


Two of my favourite girls of the weekend: beautiful Melissa (make up artist extraordinaire) and our Helga's doppelganger (aka The Crimplene Queen!)

Ada, stop looking so awful all the time!

So many fabulous chicks!

Ugh, stop hurting my eyes! 

I CRIED when I saw those amazing Day of the Dead cowgirl boots. Fortunately, my hair gave me solace. But hair won't keep my feet dry. So now I'm sad again.

Seriously, my hair could have her own blog.

As usual, I'm horrendously behind in my blog reading, so give me a couple of days and I'll be over for a catch up. 

If you have the chance to attend a Love Vintage Fair - GO! And invite me!

And thank you to my beautiful peeps 
in the seedy motel, for your company and for finding me iced coffee when my brains fell out.