Monday, August 27, 2012

Too cool for school

On Saturday I was shooting a beautiful model and the location was so gorgeous, I had to do a few self portraits, even though I was decidedly boring in my working outfit. 

(Overalls are perfect for storing lens caps, spare batteries, 
brushes, flashes and other photography paraphernalia.)

Anyway, only twenty minutes down the road...


It was such a perfectly clear, sunny day...

Mysteriously long forgotten boots on table...

And look at this incredible woman...

Such a natural beauty...

And she's another Wonderwoman...

...runs her own business, manages a family with two little kids, volunteers at a nursing home... 
plus she is an absolute sweetheart

I think I'm awesome when I do up my pants 
and eat breakfast on the same day.

There was a bubbling brook. 
I am not even exaggerating. Bubbling.

It was beautiful. And she was beautiful. 
And I did up my pants and ate breakfast. 
Bam! Boss of the world. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gritty unrealism, a lady and me

I picked up this fabulous 1980s party dress 
in an op shop last week.

I would have to remove a couple of ribs to do up the zip, so it's held together with safety pins, glue, twigs and spit... but I don't care. The skirt is extra twirly and the bodice makes my rack look awesome. Priorities.

There is new art in my favourite tunnel of love, 
so it was time for a romp with mi Ada Prada.

She's once, twice, three time a lady. 

Oh my god, look at my package!

Passing arseholes were treated to a sweet smile 
and a quick leather gloved salute from my talent.

I'm just once, twice a lady. 
But I'm more than a woman.

Ada wore: 
Dress and white flower - Retail
Floral headband - Made it herself
Turquoise earrings - Vintage fair
Bags - Vintage store
Pretty pink rose - Darling Helga
Brooch - Gift
Coat, necklaces and boots - Op shopped

I wore: 
Shoes, leggings, socks and hair flowers - Retail
Belt, cardigan, long sleeved tshirt, sunnies, necklaces and dress - Op shopped


Friday, August 24, 2012


A couple of recent outfits...

I wore: 
1970s pure wool coat and leopard print chiffon top - Gift 
Shoes, skirt, top, necklace, belt, sunnies - Op shopped
Hair flowers - One retail, one gift

I wore: 
Top, cardigan, shoes, sunnies, beads - Op shopped
Skirt and hair flower - Retail 
Brooch - Vintage Fair 

Friday True Story

Last night I went to the chemist (pharmacy, drug store) to have my latest antibiotic prescription filled. My fourth sinus infection of the season has caused swelling/bleeding in my throat and it's very difficult for me to swallow tablets, so my doctor has prescribed a liquid suspension. 

The pharmacist calls out "Cooper Smith" and a blonde lady steps forward. The pharmacist asks "How old is Cooper?" and the blonde lady says 
he is 18 months old. They discuss the antibiotics for a minute 
then the blonde lady leaves.

Then the pharmacist says "Sarah Misfit" and I step forward. The pharmacist asks "How old is Sarah?" and I reply "Er... forty two..."

The lady standing next to me snorted so hard, her hearing aid squealed! 

Happy weekend!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working for the man

Polka dots Polka dots Polka dots

I wore: 
Vintage coat - Fossil Vintage 
Polka dot blouse, long sleeved tshirt, cardigan, 
polka dot skirt, belt, shoes, sunnies - Op shopped
Best brooch in the universe - Gift from Ada Prada Bombalada
Polka dot hair bow - Gift from Helgita Burrita the Hot Chili Eater

And in today's Destructodog news: 

The tally to date: 
2 x towels, 1 x pig toy, 1 x jumper, 
1 x dress, 1 x door mat, my nerves

While in a meeting with my boss today I briefly caught sight of my own reflection and got a fabulously inappropriate case of the giggles when I spied the polka dot bow perched absurdly atop my head. This is why they pay me the mediocre bucks! 
How fucking delightful! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The dog ate my dress (a true story!)


I wore: 
Frock, cardigan, turtle neck, shoes, belt, sunnies - Op shopped
Tights and flower - Retail 

Super glittery green eyeshadow and cyan nailpolish 
- Barry M, care of Vix

Remember The Terminator aka Destructodog? 


Yesterday I wore the frock below. When I saw these pics last night I was so frickin bored with my outfit that I vowed to a) never post these pics, and b) ditch the dress, stat!

I don't know if it's the dress or me, or the boring way I wore it, or the (gag) collar, or just because I'm feeling kinda bleh at the moment, but I absolutely hate these pics and the dress and according to Vix's Law*, the dress had to go.

When I got home today, Destructodog 
had done the deed for me - the dress was shredded, on the floor, tag and buttons ripped off. I guess she hated this dress too!

Thanks, Annihilator! 

Speaking of the dog, some of you expressed concerned that her destructive behaviour is a sign of anxiety... please be assured, she is not anxious, she's just nine months old, bored and completely frickin mental. Hell, I'm forty two, bored and completely mental!


*Vix's Law: If it doesn't make you feel fabulous, get rid of it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Terminator

Saturday afternoon: hanging with my Annabel and housesitting dog, The Terminator


In the first three days, The Terminator has destroyed: my sleep, 
a towel, her favourite toy, the door mat and her pink jumper.

Annabel wore: 
Beautiful handmade dress, lovingly made and gifted by 

I wore: 
Fave overalls - Fossil Vintage 
Long sleeved tshirt and cardigan - Op shopped 
Shoes - Retail 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

May contain nuts

It's been such a long and gloomy winter, 
I have almost lost the will to hair flower. 

But today, Spring is within sight 
and I feel my mojo creeping back...

I wore: 
1950s gingham top and skirt - Gift from darling Miss Squirrel 
Daisy headband - Gift from fabularsehole Sassy Vamps 
1960s daisy earrings - Vintage Fair
1950s petticoat - Ebay
Belt - Op shopped