Monday, July 30, 2012

Cold War Kid

Oh hi!

This morning it was minus six degrees

I am so over winter, I need a new word for over

While taking these pics this morning my hands 
went completely numb and some snot froze 
on the tip of my nose. Glamour.

I wore: 
1960s faux fur, skirt, top, cardigan, shoes - Op shopped
Tights and hair flower - Retail 
1960s enamel brooch - Vintage market
Earrings - Made by Sue

Roll on, seasons: I'm so blue, I'm colourless.  


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birds in glasses

I have received a gorgeous parcel of delights from darling Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage. Such beautiful treasures from such a beautiful treasure!

 A fab 1966 knitting/crochet magazine, a gorgeous 1950s crochet lace pattern book, a beautifully soft crocheted top (will be perfect in Spring), a glorious delicate cotton maxi (again, Spring) and the most spec-frickin-tacular pink gingham top and skirt. The top will have to wait for Summer, but there was no way I could wait to wear the skirt...

Today's brooches: 1950s pink glass, 
handmade rebel, 1960s faux pearl and glass

I wore: 
Cardigan, top, black petticoat, shoes - Op shopped
Brooches - Vintage store, handmade, op shopped
1950s glasses frames - Ebay (lenses by my optometrist)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The circus is in town

Do you guys know my pal Carli from Vintage Musings of a Modern PinupI know! She's frickin gorgeous. 

Gimme five, biatch...

From time to time she has fabulous sales on her facebook page and 
recently I picked up this amazing 1950s patchwork skirt for a song. 
A good song too - like maybe Let's Stay Together or Gypsies Tramps and Thieves. She also included some fab nail polishes - because she is 
the nail polish queen of the universe. 

This beautiful skirt has gone immediately to my All Time Favourites 
list and will be in high rotation all year round.

See that hot pink floral linen patch? That's my fave.

I am in love with Creepy, Crusty Crumbling: 


Monday, July 23, 2012

You wouldn't believe me...

I'm having car trouble and money trouble and belly button trouble and double trouble and trouble 
in a bubble and hubba bubba trouble and 
honestly, I gots so many troubles I could 
write a killer blues song. 

Or do this...

Bitch, puleeease.

You're only human, Tinman...
No, YOU get the fuck out, Dorothy!
Oh, arsebiscuit.
Hey guys... guys, look at me... I'm a prostitute robot from the future! 
Whatevs, Pointy McPointyface...
Pull yourself together, dude. This is not So You Think You Can Dance.

I wore: 
Trench, skirt, top, cardi and faux fur collar - Op shop
Shoes and tights - Retail


Friday, July 20, 2012

From a place of love and honesty

I wore: 
1960s faux fur coat, scarf, shoes - Op shopped 
1960s dress - Estate auction 
Hair flower and tights - Retail
Fab daisy earrings - made and gifted by darling Sue 

 Happy weekend! 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Note, A Coat and a Goat

I moved into my new house sitting house yesterday and the darling owner had left a note about her mother's coat from the 1970s. She thought I might like it, but wouldn't be offended if I didn't as it was 
"so old and moth eaten..." 


This is it! Old and moth eaten? 
It's frickin exquisite! Fits me like a dream... 
and is 100% wool and warm as toast.

A few of you have asked about house sitting, 
so I'll tell you how it works for me... 

As I live in my little coast shack, but I work three hours away (in Canberra), I cannot afford to maintain two properties, 
so house sitting from Monday to Friday in Canberra 
is the perfect option for me. 

People who are going away for two weeks or more, on holiday or a secondment, want someone to look after their property while they are away: take out the bins, bring in the mail, water their gardens, and having someone in their home also reduces the likelihood of being burgled. 

Often they have pets as well - cats, dogs, birds or fish, and without a house sitter the pets have to go into a kennel or cattery or they have to pay a service to come and feed the pets in their own home. That can be very expensive and also stressful for pets. 

So house sitting is win/win...
I get to live in Canberra during the week for free - often in very lovely homes - and have gorgeous pet company such as the wolf-dog or the two cats I am currently caring for... and the home owners get someone to care for their home and pets for free.

As an added bonus I have even made a few new friends through house sitting - and what's better than a new friend!? (A new friend with a new coat?)

There are plenty of online services to link home owners and house sitters (however, there is usually an annual fee for house sitters and no guarantee of a link). 

I have always worked purely by word of mouth and by placing notices on electronic notice boards. I don't charge a fee (the only thing I request is wifi for the duration of the house sit) and I always leave homes freshly cleaned, all washing done and with a bunch of fresh flowers for the home owners' return. 

I know someone who even saved enough for a house deposit 
by house-sitting for a couple of years.

However, this is a first for me - being left a free gorgeous vintage coat... I hope I get a few more house sitting jobs like this one!


PS I lied about the goat

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Dress, One Love

I have a new favourite...

This beautiful frock was made just for me 
by the super talented and gorgeous 
Dee of One Denim Bird

It fits, as you would expect, like a dream 
(or a high class prostitute) and is made from a vintage cotton sheet... and what is better than that? 


Pop over and check out Dee's fabric stash - I'll bet you find something you love and be romping around on the beach on your amazing new frock in no time!

Thanks Dee - I love it.


Monday, July 16, 2012

I don't know

Sometimes you just have to wear a petticoat

And faff about in your back yard

like a deranged Tim Burton character 

I recently received these amazing treasures 
from our darling Curtise...

A beautiful replacement Crinoline Curtise lady to replace last year's suicidal lady - this one is better though as she has a thermometer, so hopefully she'll be happier. 

A gorgeous handmade hanky box - I commented recently that I didn't have one and I love them, so dearest heart sent it to me. Curtise  is such a sweetie... couldn't you just cover her in icing and 
slap her on a cake stand? 

And a beautiful exorcist bobble head burro, 
for my ever increasing burro collection. 

Thank you Curtise - you spoil me rotten! 

I wore: 
1950s petticoat, striped top, waistcoat - Op shopped
Tights, lace socks and trusty Chucks - Retail 
Nutcasery - Hormones, made em myself