Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goths up trees

I found this handmade coat in an op shop last week...

It smelled like ten million goths. After I washed it, 
it only smelled like three goths and half an emo, so it was fine to wear. 

I was very dramatic and misunderstood all day.

Just dancing to some Bauhaus in the back yard.
You wouldn't understand.

I also wore my favourite new item of jewellery...

This gorgeous Virgin of Guadalupe pendant
handmade by Create Beautiful Beads

Go there and send her an email and buy the things.
I couldn't figure out what her name was but she makes
whatever you want and then SENDS them to you, LIKE MAGIC.
You don't even have to leave your bedroom. 

I wore: 
Coat, dress, belt, blue beads - Op shopped
Shoes, tights, hair flower - Retail 
Other beads - Street seller at the Milton Scarecrow Festival

I also got this sacred heart Mary for darling Ada.

We're all about the Marys.

Nobody knows what it's like to be me. 

Go see Goths up trees

You can thank me later.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't call me Betty

My new fabinet was delivered today...

I'm in love!

Made by a super talented artist on the south coast who uses found/recycled items, this Art Deco cabinet had seen better days, so a coat of paint, some vintage fabrics and recycled hardware and she's mine, all mine!

Side note... check out my shiny blue fringe - I'm Veronica! 

I'm so easily distracted...

Cutlery handles! Cutlery!

 Original keys!

I wore: 
Skirt - Fossil vintage 
Boots, tights, top and cardigan - Retail 
Necklaces and scarf - Op shopped


Did you all have a lovely weekend? 


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Broken and Dusty: those are my people

A few recent treasures...

I picked up this beautiful 1970s Trent Nathan peasant dress for a song recently. It's so soft and flowy and pretty and perfect with my 1970s tooled bag and belt and not so vintage boots.

Fab 1950s clock.

Enormous anodised bread bin and broken old ceramic kettle.
Uh, yes, of course I needed a broken kettle. 
Don't question me.

Groovy early 70s canister - I could have taken this pic AFTER I cleaned it but then you wouldn't appreciate how spectacular my domestic management skills are. Good lord, you don't expect me to make sense do you.

I've had this tooled bag for years - I love it but the strap 
is just a little too short and it sits very awkwardly.
First World Problem.

Made in GB - scary old wooden toy soldier (nut cracker?)- the mouth opens and it comes with its own decade of dust collection. Bonus.

Lovely old hanimette for my collection.

I wore: 
Dress, belt, sunnies and handbag - Op shopped
Boots - Retail
Floral headpiece - Made it myself 

Happy weekend - what are you guys up to? 


Monday, June 18, 2012

My Own Personal Jesus

Weekend outfit... I was freezing...

I wore: 
Jeans - Made just for me
Shoes, top, vintage fuzzy wuzzy mohair handknit cardigan, 
beads and sunnies - Op shopped 
Hair - grew it myself
Hair flowers - Retail

Today's work outfit... 

The house that I'm currently sitting has a few quirks... 
one being that there is only one tiny little mirror in the bathroom 
and that's it - there are no other mirrors anywhere in the house.

I am quite discombobulated by the no-mirror situation.

A couple of Jesus moments this morning.

I op shopped these wide legged pants and 1950s scarf on the weekend. 
And this outfit has gone, with a bullet, straight to my fave outfits list.

 I wore: 
Pants, top, vintage vest, brooch - Op shopped
Shoes and hair flower - Retail 
Belt - Borrowed from darling Ada Prada Bombalada

 I frickin love this combo of patterns and colours. It feels quite grown up to me. Am I a grown up? Technically, yes, I suppose I am. 
But not a terribly good one.

 Looking smug at 7am in minus three degrees on a Monday morning.
Fucking rock star.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Let all the children boogie

Yesterday's work outfit:

Yesterday I scored this fabulous 1964 book... 
from the amazing Professor at my work who was the first person ever to touch the rocks brought back from the moon by Apollo 11. 

The Professor is almost 87 and nowhere near retiring.
Seriously. How frickin awesome is that.

I wore: 
Dress, coat, scarf, gloves, cardigan, brooches, belt - Op shopped
Shoes and tights - Retail 
Hair flower - Made by me from a vintage flower

The Horsehead Nebula - one of my favourites

Orion's Belt (astronomy humour!)

Wolf-dog is not my dog - he belongs to the house I'm sitting. But we have fallen in love with each other, just a bit.

 Today I received a parcel from birthday girl Terri: a gorgeous silk scarf, with pretty ladies and days of the week, which will be perfect for next Summer, and the gorgeous (hand painted?) pendant, which Terri thought would be perfect with this dress, and I must agree! Thank you Terri, for these beautiful and very generous treasures!

 Today's work outfit:

 I wore: 
1970s velvet leopard coat, shoes, hair flower - Retail
Sunnies, scarf, top, small brooch and cardigan - Op shopped
Jeans - Made just for me, suckers
Two vintage pink brooches - Reasonably priced vintage store

 Einstein's desk, taken just after his death in 1955. 

Happy weekend! 

Sarah xxx

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

These are not the balls you're looking for...

I have settled into my new housesitting place. The house is ok, but the best thing about this job is...

This gorgeous, enormous wolf dog!

Here we are trying to jedi mind-control each other.

My awesome brother bought me this fab periodic table shower curtain. 
It goes perfectly with Elvis and the burro family in my little shack bathroom and it makes me so very happy. Now I'll be clean and smart!

Yesterday's work outfit...

I wore: 
Frock - Gift from our jetsetting Helga
Vintage mohair cardigan, belt, 1960s vanity case - Op shopped
Shoes and tights - Retail 
Floral brooch - Made it myself

Last weekend Ada and I stumbled upon a gorgeous little vintage store in the middle of nowhere. I fell in leeeerve with this amazing upcycled vintage fabinet (did you see what I did there? clever blogger) but someone had it on hold. I gave the store owner my number, just in case, and she called me two days later to say it's mine if I still want it. It's being delivered next weekend. I frickin LOVE it.

Today's work outfit...

 I wore: 
Wool dress, shoes, tights, 1970s velvet leopard jacket - Retail 
Vintage handknit cardigan, faux pearls - Op shopped 
1950s brooch - Vintage store 
Fuck off hair flower - made it myself

And so... how are you guys?