Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who, dear? Me, dear?

Now, I know that you will all find this very difficult to believe, 
but back in the day, around the time that this mid 80s taffeta tartan circle skirt was made, I had quite the att-i-tude.

I didn't mind a little 'Ex-fuckin-cuse me?'

 I had no objection to throwing a fine dirty side-eye...

Mama tried to teach me that you catch more flies with honey... 
and I might have believed her if she had not had the most 
spectacularly fuck-off att-i-tude I have ever seen.

 However, over the years I have mellowed and smartened up some. 
 And now I kill 'em with kindness. SMOTHER them with kindness.

I wore: 
1980s taffeta skirt, top, cardigan - Op shopped
Hair flower, shoes, tights - Retail 
Vintage glass brooch - Love Vintage 

 I received this fab book today...

 Look who stars in it! Our very own Vix has a two page spread (ooh err!). You can buy your own copy here, if you're fabulous enough.

 Oh, Mama also taught me to 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red riding hood

Sunny Dreamy Sunday

Awesome hair tornado just wants to be free, free, free!

I wore: 
Top and skirt - Op shopped 
1950s petticoat and 1950s handmade patchwork apron - ebay
Boots, lacy socks and sunnies - Retail 
Daisy headband - made it myself

I'm back in Canberra now, struck down by the plague, in bed, feeling very sorry for myself. I'd rather be frolicking on the sunny shores of my lake down the coast, playing fairy tales, twirling and hiding from teenagers. 
I am so bad at real life.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

These go to eleven

I've been spoilt again...

Yesterday I received this Parcel of Joy  
from lovely reader, Sharon:

A gorgeous burro planter, which Sharon bought in 1970, packed very carefully in the lovely green case, with a gorgeous sequinned pashmina, three fab necklaces and glittery rose brooch (not photographed).

How amazing that a complete stranger from the other side of the planet wants to spend her hard earned money sending me treasures. Thank you so much Sharon - I love everything!

Look how beautifully Determined Burro has settled in with the Opinionated Burro twins and the original Bashful Burro. I'm pretty sure this now constitutes an official collection.

And I received a lovely Parcel of Joy from sweet Grande Dame. She made me this beautiful little floral bag (lined in polka dots!) and included two pairs of hoop earrings and a bunch of fabulous vintage buttons. I already have a plan for the pink velvet darlings. Thank you so much, Dame!

And here are a few reasons I love coming home
 to my own little shack on weekends...

My bedside table: vintage lamp, photograph of my Mama and silver treasure box from Helga

My awesome stove goes up to eleven. And apparently, needs a clean.

This is about half of my vintage luggage collection... piled on top of the bookcase.

Some beads and 1950s deskware

Some recent vintage knitting/crochet patterns and a 1960s knitting needle case. As we have discussed ad nauseum, I cannot knit to save myself, but I can crochet like nobody's business. If there are any knitters out there who would actually use these knitting patterns, please let me know as I'd be happy to share.

A couple of my fave patterns...

Little sailor pants suit with anchors motif!

And my absolute favourite... 

Crocheted striped jumpsuits with massive pockets. Hells, yes, I would totally wear this,  
especially while collecting eggs:

Hope you're all having a fab weekend! 

(Is anybody else watching Eurovision? I bloody love it. 
I hope those manic little twins don't win!)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Working girl

Yesterday's work outfit. 
In my splendid 1960s crimplene coat/dress...

Which doesn't crush and has buttons 
that look like muppet eyeballs...

Goes with everything and 
has ric rac on the collar.

I love the zip on this el cheapo skirt... 
(boom chicka wah wow - there's my bodacious butt again.)

And today...

I think I'm getting the hang of this - it's been almost two months since I started my new job and planning my outfits a week in advance. I'm kinda getting the hang of it.

frock + cardigan + hair flower = work outfit

Yellow, pink, lot of black, leopard, 
floral, hands on hips. Got it. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FAQ you, I won't do what you tell me

Time to answer a few comments 
from my darling faithful readers

Jeans made for you? How? When? Who?

Who made you those jeans? 

Sammy-girl made 'em for me. You can go here to read all about it. Go. There are pretty pictures of her pretty face and my bodacious butt.

Cooking is not on your list, 

so I guess you can cook!

No. Here are some other things not on my list that I also cannot do: wrestle, fly a plane, levitate, kill a spider, time travel, care about Charlie Sheen or listen to Celine Dion without my ears bleeding.


Op shop. Three bucks.
I'll leave them to you in my will. 
Because I frickin lurve you.

You sure say the F word a lot.

You're welcome! 

There is nothing remotely weird 

about your nostrils.

How about my elbows? Do they look like 

testicles? I fear that they are rather 


If you have any more questions, 

please do not hesitate to ask. 

I have no secrets, except for 

all of my millions of secrets.



Sunday, May 20, 2012

No. Wire. Hangers!!!

You're a funny lot! 

Any mention of a male person on this blog and you've got me married off to him and living in the burbs! The male person that I mentioned in my last post is absolutely lovely, as far as I can tell from the two minutes I spent with him. He is also 19 years old and gay. Delightful, but not my type. And unless he has some twisted La Cage aux Folles/Mommy Dearest fantasy, I suspect I am not his type either (despite all the fabulousness).

I found this 1970s hideous/beautiful handknit patchwork cardigan recently in an op shop 
just begging to be(washed and)adored.

As we have firmly established, I cannot knit, sew, garden or bake (though I can crochet and swear like nobody's business) but even I can see that this knitting pattern would have been ridiculously complicated and mind-fuckingly awful. Which only makes me appreciate its hideousness even more.

And it looks perfect with my 1970s Givenchy sunnies.

And this mental one dollar chopped-up-knitting-needles-turned-into-a-bracelet.

I wore: 
Jeans - Handmade just for me
Cardigan, top, belt, bracelets, sunnies and bangles - Op shopped
Chucks and hair flowers - Retail

I'm such a special, whimsical, unique snowflake. 

And in today's Google Image Search news: 
'1970s patch work' revealed these three uber babes! 

That's our Curtise, Vix and Desiree. Thank you, Mister Google.


Friday, May 18, 2012

I want a divorce

It was minus fifty bazillion and foggy and revolting this morning. Fuck you winter: I want a divorce.

Don't my nostrils look a bit weird in this pic? Does it look as though I'm about to puke? Or breathe fire? Or chase Jakey-cakes down the street with a can of whipped cream, handcuffs and some ice cubes?

Today I was introduced to someone new at work.

"Oh hi!" he said...

"Mel told me there was a new person over there... 
and that I'd be able to tell you 
by your... er... um... ah..."

"Fabulousness?" I suggested...

"Yes!" he agreed.

Good boy.

You wait... off centre belts will be all the rage in Milan this season.

I wore: 
1960s faux fur, scarf, top, belt, skirt and sunnies - Op shopped
Tights and shoes - Retail 
Brooch - Love Vintage Show

Thank dog it's the weekend. I have big plans: sleep, eat chocolate ice cream, sleep, maybe watch a movie, sleep, make divorced eggs, sleep.


'Thank dog' is not a typo - I actually really believe in dogs.