Monday, April 30, 2012

Singing like a canary

Excellent advice

I love it.
Anybody want to hem it for me? 

Would you like some smug with that?

I have three days of awesomeness 
- and several fabulous new vintage frocks -
to catch up on. And of course I'm woefully behind on your blogs, and I continue to be the Insomnia Queen. I did a twelve hour day at work today and I'm exhausted but now I have to stay up and watch this episode of 30 Rock, because I have zero self discipline. And yet, I'm still revoltingly happy.

I hope you are also well and happy and 
consider yourselves bitch slapped by my love. 
Because that's how I roll. 


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Autumn Schmautumn


The dangers of self portraits in public...

Photobomb awesomeness

I wore: 
Dress, cardigan, belt, bracelets, hat and scarf - Op shopped 
Vintage mother of pearl necklace - Gift from darling Ada
Sunnies and flower - Retail

Brother Misfit, Awesome Sister in Law, 
Annabel the Cannabel and Maximus Prime all wore:
 Everything: Retail or gifts

Happy weekend everyone!

I'm back to Canberra tomorrow for the Love Vintage Show... 
if you see me, please come and say hi!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I can't stand up for falling down

I am just not in the mood for maxis at the moment.
They are all gorgeous but I am feeling swamped 
by all those metres of fabric 
- don't fence me in, daddy-o - 
and I'm just not wearing them.

So after consulting with darling Vanessa
I have taken the plunge and chopped a maxi. 
And I am very happy with the result...
What do you think?

Here are a few other maxis that I am considering chopping... should I?

This divine red poly 1960s maxi is an old fave...

This gorgeous 1970s brushed cotton frock was a gift 
from mi amor Helgita Burrita.

Another old treasure, this 1970s canary yellow nylon maxi 
is getting a bit scruffy these days...

I think I already prefer it shorter.

And this one is such a beauty... It was a gift from darling Curtise and I absolutely adore it - look at the collar and cuff details.. but it does feel a little overwhelming to wear.

And here's a little moment from my day... I have a house full of my fabulous family at the moment and my awesome sister in law whipped up a couple of delcious baked treats this afternoon. Here are the banana cakes cooling on the kitchen bench. One gluten free for me and one with extra gluten for everybody else.

What's a girl to do when holding baby in one arm and 
cake in the other? Bugger cutlery. I'm not sharing.

Look how big Maximus Prime is getting!

So what do you say... to chop or not to chop? 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have been wanting to do something pretty pretty 
with this double doorway for ages.

At first I wanted the beaded Jesus curtain...
but it wasn't wide enough. 

Then I considered rose fairy lights...
but I needed special transformers  
(robots in disguise).

Then I found these daisies 
and it was love at first sight...

I spent all day admiring my handiwork. 

Cheap and cheerful - those are my people.

So let's just talk about that 
daisy headband for a minute...
It frickin rocks, right? Well, you will not believe this 
but you can head over to Sassy Vamps and buy your very own RIGHT NOW!(for a ridiculously reasonable price)... then come over to my place and we can dance around the hallway daisy chain together. I'll even teach you my moves.I know, how good is LIFE!?

As usual, I've got the moves.

I wore: 
1950s skirt - Fossil Vintage
Tshirt, cardigan, belt and bangles - Op shopped
Brooch - Came free on my new winter coat 
Boots - Birthday gift 
Socks and hair flower - Retail
Daisy headpiece - A beautiful gift from Desiree 
Scarf - I'm such an arsehole, I can't remember who sent it to me.  
I'm so sorry.

To make up for that scandalous oversight,
let's play...


Who can guess what song I'm singing?


Monday, April 23, 2012

How does it feel?

New 1960s faux fur coat makes me feel frisky!

So soft and shimmery... let's check out the label. 
Art Silk?  That's 'Artificial Silk'... 
That's Rayon, trying to be posh
The jig is up, Rayon.

Why, yes, these are new birthday shoes.

Nothing says glamour like a rusty shed door 
and overgrown jasmine.

I wore: 
1960s faux fur coat, 1980s Brian Rocheford catsuit, 
vintage brooch and hair flowers - Op shopped
1940s pearl clip on earrings - Estate auction
Shoes - Gift 

Happy Monday, lovers. 

Do it. Press Play. 
Turn up your speakers. 
Dance hard. Go. You're welcome.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today I had a little bush adventure

It was frickin delightful!

I wore: 
Dress, cardigan, belt, bracelets and bangles - Op shopped
Boots and Hair flower - Birthday gifts 
Vintage enamel brooch (barely visible)- Gift from darling Ada
Socks and sunnies - Retail
Bag - Vintage shop 

I took the below pic for my lovely international readers.

And this one too...

So now I'm off work for a week. I know!

Seriously! After two weeks in my fabulous new job, 
I have this week off. How utterly civilised!

Hope you've all had a frickin delightful weekends too!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Dr Doolittle

Today I said goodbye to the two little fluffballs 
I've been caring for at the house I've been sitting 
for the last couple of weeks.

I do love most dogs better than most people.
Obvs not you lot.

And today I did a little op shopping, for the first time in ages, and apart from some hilarious little old lady shenanigans  
(she tried to nick my handbag!) I had a most successful day.

I found...

The best vintage winter coat in the universe.
Just wait until you see it in all of its glory. You might 
not stand to be my friend any more once you see it on. 
The jealousy might drive you to drink.

With vintage brooch on furry lapel.

Almost new little old lady shoes, which I plan to dye 
turquoise, or perhaps hot pink. Does anyone have any 
experience with dying leather? Would appreciate tips.

The next treasure had me swooning.
This 1960s 'Miss Braun' heated rollers set...

in perfect working condition. I think I shall lop off a foot of hair and do some bouncy bouncy curls - then I'm bound to find a boyfriend or two.

And this final treasure I found on the footpath, on the throw-away pile in front of the op shop. Free. Nada. Zilch. Zip. It needs a bit of a clean up but is otherwise perfectly usable. It's a world gone mad, I tell you.

I was kinda sad to farewell these little lovelies - they've been very cuddly. I have no dogs to care for in my next housesit, and a lovely big old dog in the one after that. I wouldn't mind a bunny or two or an alpaca or a cheetah or perhaps a baby elephant.

Happy weekend!