Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yes, but is it art?

I love art, because, you know, 
I'm so high brow...

I often walk through this little tunnel...

And I appreciate the street art...

And it makes me feel all 
real and gritty and urban...

and I have to sing The Message by Grandmaster Flash

I thought I was quite clever and arty 
in my tri-polka dot outfit today

Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the eeedge

I wore: 
Dress, cardigan, bangles, belt, shoes and 
 vintage Pierre Cardin silk scarf - Op shopped
Striped hair flower - Gift from Helgita Burrita 
Yellow hair flower - Made it myself

My little darling four year old niece, 
Annabel, is a pretty fabulous artist. 

Here's a portrait she did yesterday, 
of the two of us.

You're welcome. 


You can do magic

So I was hanging out in my favourite forest...

Being all One Twice Three Times a Lady

When I was inspired to do some magic...

"Accio Expecto Patronus Tuxedous Fabuluss!"

And suddenly I had the powers of wearing a 
top hat while looking off into the distance!

I could stand awkwardly in the forest, 
while clutching the top hat!

I could frickin fly!

I could wear four hair flowers at once!

and I had the awesome power of the 
extremely fast growing fringe...

Alas, the powers did not last long and 
I was back to mere mortality once again...

I wore: 
Trench coat, striped top, shoes, top hat - Op shopped 
1940s tuxedo tails - Vintage store
Leopard bangle, black ruffled top and striped skirt - Retail
Hair flowers - Retail, op shopped and gifts from my Awesome Sister in Law and my Awesome Helga in Law


Sunday, March 25, 2012

There aint no room for your sweet head

In yet another fit of domestic fabulousness
I have crocheted together four of my small vintage crocheted rugs, to create...

Uber Blanket!

 It easily fits my queen sized bed 
and conveniently, only weighs 
eleventy six thousand bajillion tonnes

I have also finally painted the lovely 
little shelf that Brother Misfit put up 
in the bathroom ages ago...
(Thanks Chris xxx)

Look at all of my lovely little burro planters 
- all gifts from darling Mr and Mrs Slocomb

My bedroom gets lots of lovely natural light

and is the perfect spot for an afternoon read  

Do you know how much I love my little shack?

I wore: 
1950s petticoat and glasses - ebay
Gingham skirt - vintage store 
Tshirt - Valley markets (eight years ago) and prettified by me 
Scarf - Op shopped 
NO BANGLES and NO FLOWERS - could this be The Rapture?

What nonsense. 

Jesus and Mary Chain are not impressed.

Go back to bed. 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a hooking freak

Every Autumn I go through a crochet frenzy

'nesting' I suppose

In the last few days I made this cushion
(approx 12 hours)

I got the idea from Sue W
who created the cushion pattern after seeing 
Thanks to all for the inspiration and tutorials and for sharing the love.

Like granny squares, it's a great project 
for using up small left over bits of wool

My back door - with compost bin, covered in ants, waiting to be emptied. The shame. The cute, cute shame.
I wore:
1960s crocheted dress, belt and bangles - Op shopped 
Vintage crocheted bag and enamel earrings - Vintage Fair 
Crocheted rose brooch - Made it myself 
Hair flower and ring - Gifts from darling Ada

I like playing with colours 
and mastering patterns...

I'll make another one or two, 
probably give them away,
and then I'll get bored with it 
and move onto something else...

You can see other examples of my crochet love
here and here and here and here

I even did A Tutorial 
on how to make the rose brooch
Good Blogger

I learned to crochet, many many years ago, 
in the first few insanely grief-stricken 
months after my Mama died. 
I found it meditative and somehow comforting... 
and it remains just as therapeutic 
even all these years later. 
Cheaper than drugs.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Where's Wally

I made this top years ago and haven't worn it forever, but I can't remember why...

I'm currently going through my usual pre-winter crochet frenzy, 
working on a few new projects and finishing off a few old ones.
I could really use an extra ten hours each day.

I wore: 
Vintage petticoat, leggings and bangles - Op shopped 
Necklace - Made by the fair hands of our rock star Krista 
Skull bracelet - Gift from my darlings Helga and G-Shock
Sunnies and earrings - Retail 
Top - Crocheted by me 

Awesome, huh?

Frock on, Friday Frockstars
and may the frock be with you. 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This song made us dance until our faces fell off

I wore: 
Pussybow blouse, skirt, bangles - Op shopped
Shoes, sunnies and leopard bangle - Retail 
Hair flower - Gift

I wore: 
1950s crepe dress - Estate auction
Bangles and belt - Op shopped 
Shoes and leopard bangle - Retail 
Hair flower - Made it myself
1960s tapestry handbag - Vintage store

I was recently tagged by Lucy Nation 
to do the High School Playlist meme: 

Frankly I find the rules a bit weird and confusing, 
but I am weird and easily confused, 
so it could be just me. 

I was a music writer for many years, and music has always been a hugely important part of my life, so a thorough high school playlist is more of a book. Perhaps something like High Fidelity, actually. 
But I digress... 

I am just going to explore a few of the songs that had an impact on my first couple of years of high school. A time of change and challenge for most, it was also a time of madness, sadness and great personal turmoil for me... and the time that I most needed to discover music as an escape, a friend and a shrink. 
These songs, all from the late 70s or early 80s, were the songs that got me through those awkward, awful, lonely high school years, when I was 12 or 13, searching for my tribe and looking for love in all the wrong places. 

1 Computer Games by Mi Sex
Released in 1979, this song coincided with the release of the first Space Invader games (Spacies!) in Australia. It was popular for ages and it makes number one on my list because my first ever pash (tongue kiss) was with Mi Sex lead singer, Steve Gilpin, backstage at the Darwin amphitheatre in 1982. He was 33. I was seriously underage.

2 Overkill by Men at Work
This song still gives me a lump in my throat - the killer melody and wonderful Colin Hay's uniquely magical vocals made me feel all funny in the tummy when I was 13 and it still does now. Colin Hay tours frequently - if you have a chance to see him, do. He rocks vocally and on guitar and also tells funny stories in between songs.

3 One Perfect Day by Little Heroes
I have had the line 'Tell me, is it still raining there in England?' stuck in my head since the release of this song in 1982. It has a beautiful melody and honest, melancholy lyrics that made me long to jump on a plane and just be somewhere else and in my opinion this is a seriously underrated song.

4 Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler 
 Fuck yeah! Big hair and wind machines and huge vocals, histrionic lyrics and dancing ninjas 
(seriously! click the link to watch the video - it's fabulous)this song was the teen girl anthem of 1983 and is still my karaoke favourite

5 Love is a battlefield - Pat Benatar
 This was the follow up teen girl anthem the following year. We knew all the dance moves (the shoulder is key) and could fist pump with the best of 'em. No one can tell us we're wrong... Yeah!

6 Girls on Film - Duran Duran and 7 Centrefold - J Geils Band 
Made me discover sex+music=awesome

8 Stand Back - Stevie Nicks
Was the beginning of my lifelong love affair with Stevie.

9 Mickey - Toni Basil
 It was fun and catchy and she dances like a freak and wears cool outfits and huge fuck-off headpieces and this song made us dance until our faces fell off

10 Back in Black - ACDC
Because HELL YES
I still listen to this at least once a week. And so should you.

I could keep going. Don't worry, I won't. 
My tastes developed and changed and I fell in love with Bowie, Prince, The Beatles, Lloyd Cole, Nick Cave, The Stray Cats, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Bryan Ferry, Sonic Youth, 10,000 Maniacs, The Specials, Cyndi Lauper, The Stones, Tom Petty, REM and a million others. All of whom I still love. 

I'm not tagging anybody. If you want to do this, you totally should. It's fun but be warned: you will spend many, many hours on you tube, and you may hurt your shoulder doing the Love is a Battlefield dance in your living room. Totally worth it. 


Monday, March 19, 2012


A sly wind blew in from the north

Frolicking in the forest



Be ridiculous...

And whimsical...



I wore: 
1970s blouse and shoes - Op shopped 
1950s skirt - Fossil Vintage
Hair flower - Retail 
Belt - Gift 

Ada wore: 
1930s dress and necklace - Vintage store
Hat - Circa Vintage Hats
VW Melissas - Retail