Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La Nina

So it's the last day of Summer today...
(And it already feels like Autumn)

It's been the coolest/wettest Summer I can remember. 
Which is just fine by me... I can't stand it too hot.

It's been pouring rain forever and parts of the country are flooding again. 

Floods or Fires... it's the Australian way.

I wore: 
Crocheted dress - Made it myself 
Funky leggings and Jesus hologram pendant - Gifts from darling Daniel
Daisy headpiece - Made by darling Desiree
Bangles - Op shopped or gifts
Blue resin ring - Gift from my Helgita Burrita
Blue flower ring - Retail

February Round Up

I have so many faves this month... how about you?


PS Thank you so much to all of my lovely followers - 
if I have yet to visit your blog and return the love, please give me a big nudge 
in the comments or email me and I'll be right over!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All the things... and a few other things

Today I drove home, in the pouring rain, 
to my little shack by the beach...
oh, the delicious melancholy!

I wore: 
1950s skirt - Fossil Vintage 
1960s knit top - Vintage store 
Belt and bangles - Op shopped 
Hair water lily - Made it myself

 Handpainted green resin ring - Made by clever Brother Misfit 
Blue resin ring - Gift from my darling Helgita Burrita
Little Red Riding Hood resin ring - Gift from my beautiful BFF Ada (more on her below)

I arrived home to a delightful Parcel of Joy 
from my divine darling blognephew Daniel

He illustrated the parcel! 
And sent me some beautiful fabric scraps for my 
patchwork curtain project (ssshhhh it will happen one day)
some incredible leggings...

this amazing crucified Jesus hologram pendant ...

some fabulous artworks...

and my favourite... 

Thank you, darling boy, I adore you! xxx

And, as promised, a few pics of 
my exquisite bff Ada, from the vintage fair...

Stunning 1950s Balenciaga silk evening gown

An incredible 1950s black lace dress: an homage to Dior's New Look

Beautiful 1950s hat.
Frocks, hats and accessories available from Coutura Vintage 
(email me for contact details)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Yeah, I've been awol again...

Having so much fun catching up with friends and family 
going out for dinners, hanging with Dr Harry at the 
Canberra Show and frolicking at The Vintage Fair.


I wore: 
Chronic Bitchface - made it myself
1950s dress - Fossil Vintage 
1950s petticoat - Ebay 
1950s hat - Fave vintage store
Shoes and bangles - Op shopped
1960s enamel earrings - Vintage fair
Sunnies - Overpriced vintage store 
Daisy brooch - Made it myself
Belt - Gift 

The new hat is an instant favourite - I've worn it four times in six days.

BFF Ada wore beautiful 1940s crepe dress and straw hat and VW Melissas.

The leopard hat was exquisite! The jewellery was stunning 
and that funky faceless-sexy-lady crimplene suit was killer.

Siobhan rocked the crap out of her fabulous 1960s crimplene suit.

Divine Cat from Audrey Scarlett Vintage.
(Melbourne peeps - you can find her at Camberwell Markets and vintage fairs most weekends)

Dapper Thomas looked fab in his new vintage waistcoast and hat.
If only more menz knew how to wear vintage.

Colour coded vintage frocks, the amazing raffia poodle bottle cover 
(sorry Vix, it was way out of my budget), sad dead critters and a spectacular necklace.

One of my favourite vintage beauties; the always lovely Georgia.

And the other lovely Georgia rocking her lemon crimplene and lace frock.

Exquisite 1950s Dior heels, funky lime green beaded bag, awesome dragster bike 
(matched my nail polish) and a gorgeous frock detail.

Gorgeous Jen from Zipper on the Side 
(they are Jen's Dior heels up there - you can buy them here if you are so inclined).

What I wouldn't give for a fab FC Holden (or this frickin amazing EK)...
my birthday is only 39 sleeps away, in case you're wondering what to get me.
More pics tomorrow... wait until you see what Ada modelled. 
Your head might literally explode. Messy. Gross. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventure, Comedy, Family Triumph, Drama, Tragedy

So yesterday I came back to Canberra...

Excellent travel outfit

I wore: 
1950s rhinestone brooch, enamel earrings, raffia handbag and crystal beads - Vintage fairs over the years
Vintage travel case and 1950s hat - Fave vintage store (bartered) 
1950s skirt and gloves - Estate auction 
1960s knit top - Vintage store 
1950s petticoat - Ebay 
Shoes - Retail 

Today I met a sweet girl in an op shop, who tried on these cute shoes 
and found this note folded into the toe of one of the shoes... 
it's kinda awesome and pervy and sweet and creepy and awesome... 

Today I had a lunch date with Brother Misfit. 
I wore: 
Dress and Barry M cyan nail polish - Gifts from darling Vix
Cardigan, belt, shoes, most bangles and bracelets - Op shopped 
Skull bracelet - Gift from my darling Helga and G-Man
 Sunnies and hair flowers - Retail
We had a little time to spare so popped into one of my fave op shops, 
where I found this glorious vintage beaded necklace for $1. Testify!

And in very sad news, this beautiful male cheetah, with whom I have had the 
great pleasure to spend time twice in the last five years... has died. 

It is a great loss to the National Zoo and Aquarium and to the cheetah population in general, 
as this beautiful boy was part of the breeding program for this endangered species. 

It is also a sad loss to the general public, as he was a stunning and sweet natured boy, 
and an absolutely wonderful part of the Meet a Cheetah experience.

RIP Lovely Boy

The Vintage Fair starts tomorrow. I won't be making any purchases, 
but I am so looking forward to catching up with lovely sellers and a few old friends. 

Rock the fuck on. I'm feeling feisty.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eeerrrrrkk, mmmrrrffff, bllleeerrrghh

I bought this fabulous print Hawaiian shirt ten years ago 
from an overpriced vintage store...

And this is the second time I've worn it. 
In ten years! 

I love the fabulous print and the colours are divine 
but I abso-frickin-lutely hate shirts with collars. 

Collars! *shudder*

Collars make me feel eeerrrrrkk

Bangles make me feel wheeeee!!!

I wore: 
1960s Hawaiian shirt - Hideously overpriced vintage store
Capris, belt, shoes, most bangles and bracelets - Op shopped 
Hair flower combs - Made them myself 
1960s earrings - Vintage fair
Purple bangle and skull bracelet - Gifts from Mile-High Helga and G-String
Resin ring - Gift from darling Ada
Barry M cyan nail polish - Gift from our divine Vixamatosis

Collars make me feel mmmrrrffff

Hmmm... no idea what is going on with The Wonky Fringe

So this shirt is going into my etsy store tomorrow. 
Let me know if you're interested - it will be $25 plus postage.

Because collars make me feel bllleeerrrghh


Monday, February 20, 2012

Slutticoat Junction


I interrupted a little roll in the hay for these pics...

with one of my fabulous hot lovers...

I bartered at my fave vintage store today for a few treasures...

 I frickin ADORE this gorgeous 1950s Scottish Terrier money box.

New favourite 1960s tapestry/carpet bag

Some more religious nonsense...

I wore: 
Gingham pinafore - Local theatre company via fave vintage store
Top and belt - Op shopped 
Headband, sunnies and gingham bra - Retail 
1950s petticoat - Ebay 
Daisy brooch - Made it myself

Best get back to it... I wouldn't want to keep him waiting...