Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who's got big balls?

I picked up another jumpsuit for my collection the other day...

Oh yeah... leopard print nylon!

The tag reads 'Texwear Lingerie'... is it a nightie? 
Who would wear it to bed... it would take too long to go to the loo!

I wore: 
Jumpsuit, bracelets and hat flower - Op shopped 
Hat - Inherited from my Mum 
Belt - Retail (years ago)
Mood ring - Gift from our Vix (she'll be home any day!)
1960s enamel earrings - Gift from the delightfully disgraceful Desiree

Last week I picked up this treasure in an op shop... lovely, but a bit dull

she was begging to be covered in hot glue and flowers 
and look how perfect she is on my front door!

Requisite ridiculous pose...

And my January Roundup... more hits than misses!

And just in case you have not had enough awesomeness, look who hopped 
through my front yard and into the neighbouring overgrown garden this evening...

Russell Crowe! I haven't seen him for ages...
He's almost seven feet tall when he stands up straight 
and he has the biggest balls I've ever seen!

Helgastock2012 Countdown:THREE SLEEPS!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Does my head look big in this?

A couple of weekend acquisitions... 

My awesome sister-in-law's awesome mother made this 1970s wrap maxi
back in the day and she gave it to me yesterday  
(along with another 1970s treasure...)

It is similar to this one...

And I made this riDICulous headpiece during our headpiece making frenzy on the weekend...

I can't wait to wear it to the hardware store.

The slinky nylon fabric has magnificently flattering drape... 

I am crazy mad for colour at the moment...

So I'm home again... it's stinking hot, I have a super busy week ahead and a mere
until Helgastock2012.

And my phone is not working!!!

And I know, I know, I'm tragically behind on all of your blogs but you know 
I love you all long time and I'll be over to catch up soon, I promise!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best weekend ever...

BFF Ada and I had some spectacular op shopping success Saturday morning...

(I'll show you my treasures soon)

and a lovely time hanging in the garden with Annabel the Cannabel...

then decided that we could not live another minute without some spectacular floral headpieces,
a la our favourite fabulous disgrace Desiree...

so after some sage advice from Ms PullYourSoxUp, we procured a hot glue gun, 
some headbands and a whole lot of flowers and fruit and got gluing...

Some third degree burns, my 80s party mega mix and a lot of giggles later...

We are pretty smug pleased with our efforts!

We have made 13 so far and have plans for many, many more...

Then this evening we went to the Botanic Gardens for an evening 
of jazz and dancing in the park, lovely food and wonderful company...

How civilised!

Oh I miss my loves so much... it makes me sad and I haven't even left yet...

I'm heading home tomorrow to prepare for Helgastock2012 in FIVE SLEEPS!

Oh and I've been having internet and phone probs for days 
so if you have emailed or texted me and I haven't responded, that's why... 
and if it's urgent you might have to give me a call... I know: old school!

I hope you've all had a delightful weekend...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snowflakes on parcels and whiskers on kittens...

So yesterday I headed over to Canberra for a few days with my little family...

I wore: 
Gingham capris, tshirt, shoes, scarf and bangles - Op shopped 
1950s basket and 1960s vanity case - Op shopped
Leopard overnight bag - Gift from awesome sister in law 
Sunnies and hair flowers - Retail 
Brooches - Market and fave vintage store

Four year old Annabel gave her Daddy a manicure and pedicure this morning...

 Annabel wore: 
Vintage sailor dress - Op shopped by Aunty Sarah

Daddy is such a rock star, he looks awesome with his mani/pedi

Annabel happily let me practise my new braid technique on her...

 I cannot get enough cuddles with my little Maximus Prime - he's eight weeks old now

I'm a coealiac vegetarian... and a few weeks ago I was lamenting 
one of the few things I cannot eat that I miss...

And look what was waiting for me upon my arrival... 
homemade gluten-free, gelatine-free baked cheesecake!

Best. Sister in law. Ever.

 So I'm here for a few more days and then heading home
to prepare for Helgastock2012 in a mere EIGHT SLEEPS!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There are worse things I could do

Today a complete stranger told me...

that I looked like a character from Grease...

I'm definitely no Sandy 


And I'm no Cha Cha 

(though she's pretty frickin hot!)

You know who I am...

"Peachy keen, jellybean"

Even though the neighbourhood thinks I'm trashy and no good...

I wouldn't have it any other way.


Helgastock2012 Countdown: 10 sleeps!

I wore: 
1960s enamel earrings, 1950s needlepoint bag and enamel gardenia brooch - Vintage Fair 
Red riding hood resin ring and 1980s massive pearl bracelet  - Gifts from darling BFF Ada
Green handpainted resin ring - Made by Clever Brother Misfit
Gingham skirt and duck brooch - My fave vintage store 

Top, belt, bangles - Op shopped 
Hair flowers - Retail and gift
1950s petticoat - Ebay 

Shoes - Retail

Monday, January 23, 2012

Questo non è posto per i deboli di cuore

So I popped into the op shop today and picked up a couple of fifty cent fabric scraps...

and one of the 'scraps' was this kaftan!

The Fifty Cent Kaftan might be my best bargain ever!

More little corners of my house are coming together...
I think I'm putting down roots. Every day I love it here a little bit more.

I wore:
Kaftan, bangles, sunnies and vintage Native American bracelets worn as choker - op shopped
Hair flowers - Retail, vintage store and made it myself
Vintage cocktail ring - Gift from our darling Vix

I also picked up the 'Dripping' aluminium pot - 
perfect for a potted flower on my little verandah. 
And look at this amazing item that was at the Tip Shop today: 

Sorry about the terrible photo - taken with my phone

It's an old stainless steel surgical (autopsy?) table. 

Macabre and marvellous!

A quick google search and I found out that Elliott Bros Ltd was bought out by 
a pharmaceutical company in 1929, so this table must be at least 83 years old. 
I want to buy it but I have absolutely no idea what I would do with it. 
Not that that usually stops me from buying wildly inappropriate bits of nonsense.

And I did enjoy the sense of humour of the Tip Shop Man 
displaying those rusty old saws on the table.

Do you have Tip Shops where you live? 
The one in town is supremely clean and organised and very tidy. 
They sell homewares, pots for plants, timber, wheelbarrows, birdcages, outdoor furniture, 
tools, kennels, fencing, furniture, books (!), crockery, lamps, paintings and wall hangings, toys... Anything that people throw away and is still in working order is rescued from the landfill, given a quick wipe down and put in the shop. The prices are very reasonable and 
they are reusing, recycling and reducing landfill. Yay for Tip Shops!
So shall we just have one more look at my Fifty Cent Kaftan...

Yep, it's a keeper!


Helgastock2012 Countdown: 11 sleeps

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Australian Gothic

So I know I said that I wouldn't bore you with any more updates on my 
house painting progress, but I have changed my mind, so prepare to be bored... 

I have been painting every day for eight days now
- it's slow progress but today I achieved a small milestone and finished 
the rolling of the walls (chartreuse) and the two external doors (pink). 

Now to complete the eaves, door frames, window frames, gutters, fascia, 
letterbox, outside lamp pole and a few more pots and planters...

I've been planting succulents in funny little places 
and splashing the happy pink paint around a bit.

 And things are starting to get pretty...

I was desperate for a break from painting, and going a little stir crazy so 
I popped into a market in town today and found this groovy magazine rack...

And this gorgeous 1970s crocheted poncho was from my op shopping adventure 
earlier in the week...

I hope I get the house finished before Helgastock2012 in 12 sleeps 
(and I'll be away for five of those days!).

I hope you've all had a delightful weekend!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The devil's in the detail

Stacey told me to go here and watch this super cute girl's braid tutorial... 
and I always do what Stace tells me...
so I watched it and I did it... and how cute is my hair?!

 This is my latest barter frock from my fave vintage store. 
I adore the fabulous velvet ribbon details.

It was a bit too hot for a polyester maxi today but I was desperate to try it out. 
It lasted about an hour.

We came fourth at Porpoise Spit Trivia on Thursday. 
I'm so ashamed.

The young guy who runs it is so completely 
disinterested, it's hilarious. 
He starts his questions... 
"Well, I haven't got a clue why anybody would
even know this, but here's the question..."

Here are three we got wrong:

Who invented Vegemite? 

Which of the Hilton sisters is older? 

How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died? 


Helgastock2012 Countdown: 13 sleeps!