Friday, December 14, 2012

So much nonsense, so little time

Wednesday: Work
 I wore:
Dress, tuxedo jacket and sunnies - Op shopped
Shoes and flower - Retail

Thursday: Work
I wore:
Dress, belt, bangles - Op shopped
Cardigan - Gift from darling Dee
Shoes and flower - Retail
Sunnies - Gift from supermodel Desiree

Today: Shack Attack!
I wore:
Kaftan - Op shopped!
Smug face - Day off work!

I'm sure I have another frock with this label 
but I cannot think what it is...

I Made Helga Art! 

Helga and Whatshername (lady in red) watch over me while I sleep. I thank them for the porn dreams! 

Some recent op shop treasures...

Kitschtastic plastic bowl/basket

Three sets of sheets - two were deadstock!

This one threw me... I found this in an op shop in Canberra last week. My brother has the EXACT same one that was made by our grandmother fifty years ago! I had to have it.

Lovely big old sewing basket

Poor Pig-Nosed-Kitty... last week I dropped her and she smashed into a million bits. However, her head is still intact, so I have stuck her in the pot with the Day of The Dead Dolls (who are becoming delightfully weather worn and cobwebby) and they seem quite happy with the arrangement.
 I arrived home today to a delightful xmas parcel from our dearest chum, Ms Ivy Black... I'm not usually very good at obeying rules but I have so far managed NOT to open these parcels, despite them TAUNTING me for the last eight hours or so! What does this mean!? 

This week's obsessions: 
(click the links to find out more)

Happy weekend! 



Konad-licious said...

I luv yr "shack" fashion sense!

Konad-licious said...

BTW, dud u know Rapunzel was 12 when she gave birth to twins in the tower after being visited by that peadophile Prince?


Such lovely outfits this week, I love that ceramic kitty, great vintage finds :)

Marla said...

Love the dress with the tuxedo jacket and that floral kaftan is awesome. Helga Art- too funny!!

Style Sud-Est said...

Allo Sarah!

How are you doing!
I will say like Izzy nice outfits this week - the kaftan is such a beauty

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love it when you pair black & white with yellow - the polka dot number is one of my favourite dresses of yours! That caftan is one ginormous explosion of floral fabulousness. Helga has been Warhol-ified - how awesome!! Can't wait to see what is in your Christmas package.

menopauselsupermodel said...

Love both your work outfits!!!
But you are SMASHING in your caftan!!!
The Helga-Art is wonderful--you have immortalized her bazooms in a rainbow!!
What awesome goodies you got op shopping!!

Destrehan's Daughter said...

Sarah, I always love your outfits, so I'm not surprised that I love this set of three. The shoes that you chose to pair with your vintage though make it so special. I love the mixture of items with older silhouettes and modern bright colors!

MistressCatgirl said...

Lovely as always! That kaftan is just awesome on every level. I have a cute Mexican shopping bag similar to your basket. I use it to keep my knitting projects in it.

edie pop said...

I'm screaming:'DIVINE POST!!!!'
Always impeccable working outfits and wonderful day off work style, the Kaftan is Hawaii-astic and the print is great!!I really need to be on a Honolulu's beach right now!
I bet if Warhol had photographed Helga, now he could be even more esteemed than he his!
Great finds, the basket and the cat are lovely and your weekly obsessions are always inspiring!
Love you more than guacamole and Rodrigo Santoro (he has the same surname of my cousin, but not the same abs, sorry..)

Krista said...

Aren't you looking extra hot my lil Sarah! I love the Helga art, you are so creative! I also dig your lady in red guardian of the porn dreams. I may need that :) Those sheets are all so bright and cheery and I can picture them made into something beautiful or just on the bed. Have a lovely weekend at your lil shack!

pastcaring said...

Oh so much nonsense, I love it! Never, NEVER, stop with the nonsense, ya hear me?
So - monochrome spotted smartness and blue/turquoise tranquility, you are fabularse in both, of course.
But then you get your jazz-funk groove on to Shakatak in a kaftan, and suddenly my head has exploded with joy! Look at the print! Has the fabric got teeny pleats in it or is that part of the print? I can't quite tell but either way I love it.
Having Helga and Lady in Red over your bed would certainly give you steamy dreamies.
Gorgeous sewing basket, weird to find your grandmother's spinning wheel tapestry, and sheets of beauty! Poor beheaded Pig-Nosed-Kitty, ending up in the Dead Zone. Still, if they are all happy...
May your palazzo pants be forever stuffed with Jarlsberg and guacamole, my darling.
PS. Don't open Em's present before The Day, she might have booby-trapped it! She's like that. xxxxxxxxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The Shack Attack kaftan is awesome. Love all the obsessions <3. Good luck NOT opening your packages!
Ohhhh, and the Helga Art is so so so great!!!!

Bella Q said...

I need a poster sized copy of you in that op art polka dot and pleated frock. Hawwwtttz.

Carina Rosenholm said...

I so much love the pick from your schack! Looks so Lovely and that kaftan!! Gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!!

Luna Tiger said...

I love those flowers !

Emalina said...

I adore that AMAZING kaftan. And Andy Warhol eat your heart out, what a fabularse portrait of Helga!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh I have missed you! Love all the outfits but especially coveting the blue shoes and your artwork although I'm not sure my dreams could get any weirder/ruder. I have a bazillion posts to read and only one pair of eyes and I'm sure I've missed all kinds of excitement. BAH.

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I love that blue dress, very pretty!

two squirrels said...

Shack attack is fabulous!!!!!! The colours are pure summer happiness.........
The sheets are such a great find and I am always in love with a cane sewing basket.
I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend beautiful Miss Sarah!!!!
Love v

Melanie said...

Pig-nosed kitty, how you delight me! Thank you for this BLAST of sunshine and colour and style! I am healed.

Veshoevius said...

Love the polka dot dress! And that kaftan is amazing!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

STOP IT you're killing me with coolness!!!!


Ivy Black said...

Dead right Curtise! God knows what could pop out at you before December 25th!!
I love that spotted dress, I could swallow it whole, and are you not the kaftan queen. Your Helga Art is fecking fantastic.

Vix said...

Pig-faced cats, kaftans, Helga in Warhol-esque splendour, you taunting me with those sandals again! It's all too much!
Love you more than Jarlsberg (that's quite a lot) xxxx

Sue said...

Back at your little shack where you belong!!! Totally loving the Helga Art you clever darling you. Black and white with polka dots, Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Great outfits Sarah, that kaftan is glorious, what a beautiful print. Love your Helga art, and your red lady. I want to see the cobwebby doll's heads too! xx

Trees said...

What a delightful op shop haul! I love that wee basket, so cute. The Helga art is the best - I love it so much, what a perfect picture and of course that KAFTAN! I would love to be pottering around in a cottage by the sea in a fabulous kaftan *sigh*

Helga! said...

SQUEEEEEEEEE!! I'll never get over the fact that I am perving at you nightly!!!It's all my dreams come true!!!
Fark, what a glorious kaftan!!! For feck's sake, it's pure loungey PERFECTION! The kitschtastic bowl has me in a frenzy of envy!!!
I adore that poolka (was gonna correct that, but have decided I likey!)dot frock eveery time you wear it,and I LOVE it jazzed up with yella! I love YOU, you lucious jazzed up,shacked up, kaftan killer cutie!
Love you more than glorious finds and pig nosed kitties!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The kaftan-of-kaftans, sparkly sunnies, Helga art, plastic basket, pirate tattoos and holding my breath before you open your present ... these are the things I'll be obsessed about :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the Helga art!! Fabulous. You look stunning in all of these, especially in the blue - or the kaftan, I can't decide which I like better. You look very serene in these photos too xxx

Linda Wolf said...

Gorgeous outfits on a gorgeous lady! That Hawaiian caftan is da bomb! So is your Helga Art!

delia hornbook said...

Im loving your red and black polka dot outfit in your last post you look blinking gorgeous. Love the 50's orange basket i have a few of these there great for serving bread in to. Loving the vintage sheets to and the sewing basket and im so sorry you dropped your 50's cat. dee xx

Truly Madly Beauty said...

Lol! Porn dreams! Though that is some hot artwork so totally understandable. Loooooving your shack outfit huny, that kaftan is divine! How wonderful you found that crochet artwork that your brother has too!

Aysh xoxo