Sunday, December 30, 2012

I don't even know what day it is


 I wore: 
1970s wrap skirt - Gift from darling rockstar Em
Top and bangles - Op shopped
Fabulous Friday pendant - Gift from dearest dog-lovin' Tamera
Hair flower - Retail 
Sunnies - Gift from pie eating supermodel Desiree
Blue ring - Gift from gorgeous jetsetting hippy Vix

These are my favourites of the year. Favourite outfits, photos or posts. Click the month to see the full post, if you've nothing better to do. Bless your cotton socks.

August 1

October 1

This will be my last post for 2012. 

Happy New Year, everybody! 

And THANK YOU ALL: for following, for commenting, for participating, for this community, for the hilarity, the whimsy, the honesty, the beauty, the naughtiness and for being farking fabularse! 

Stay gold, Ponyboy



Melanie said...

Your favourites are my favourites too. Except I like the riding hood on the ground photo too. You are clearly a supermodel but with a better stylist. Happy New Year back! Keep that motor clean, check your dipstick always, never idle, always rev high, but don't forget to coast sometimes for the best mileage. xo

Val Sparkle said...

Did you cut your hair, or just do something really clever with hair pins? It looks good!

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I loved July number 2, very pretty!

Mrs. D said...

Happy new year to you too! As a recent follower, i find the best of post really good! makes it a little bit heard to decide on a favorite though. :)

Sue said...

I love it all, no favourite, just love it all. Anything with your petticoat showing is so sweet!!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Whatever day it is you look FOXY!
I seriously need a skirt like that. Really how have I been living life without one???
My fave 3 looks on you are:
February, May & Novemeber 2.

Have a great New Years Eve! See you next year. =)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Could you just make it easy for all of us and make those pics into a 2013 calendar? Seriously I think a daily peek at you and into your glorious world would make everyday a holiday!!!! Love ya baby and consider yourself arse-squeezed xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, I just KNEW the skirt from Em would be a winner, and it surely is! Look at that gorgeous embroidery. Look at the scalloped edges! Look at gorgeous barefoot you!
Now it's freaky deaky spooky wooky, but I was going to do a year's round up too. Shall I still do it or will it look like shameless copying? Well, I'd be stealing from the BEST, so I think it's OK.
I cannot choose a favourite. Your outfits and photos are all special in their own way. Creative and beautiful and witty and bonkers and sexy. That's you, my darling. Oh and you're an idiot.
Happy New Year, Sarah! xxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Oooh yeah...Desiree's spot on . A calender PLEASE! I haven't got one for this year and I think a spanking gorgeous new year needs a spanking gorgeous calender girl....we'll leave that with you then!!
I adore all your outfits...May 2 sets my heart a-racing!
You are bloody lush and lets all go skipping hand in hand into next year.

Marla Robinson said...

Happy New Year to you also. I have enjoyed reading your blog so much this year and look forward to seeing more amazing posts from you in 2013. All these pictures are works of art, beautifully photographed. The setting, lighting, and clothing are all so creative and beautiful.

norafinds said...

The April one has got to be my fave, but it wasn't easy to pick just one fave! You are such an entertaining blogger - will be coming back for more next year! :)

Have a happy holiday!


The Grande Dame said...

Oh, such a colourful collection of outfits! I particularly adore the first May outfit - the tea coloured roses in your hair are just dreamy and the whole look is by far one of, if not The favorite of mine for the year. Happy 2013 Sarah xx

Style Sud-Est said...

They are all pretty fabulous, hard to choose!
The skirt you are wearing at the start is pretty amazing
I love november and september

Have yourself a marvelous NY !

Attache ta tuque ├ža va chauffer en 2013! Lol
You will never figure that one even with a dictionnary pure quebec linguo!

It means basically - put your seat belt on we'll be farking rockin in 2013!

Ariane xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

so many favourites here - I can't decide on mine, that floaty December, the rosey March dress, they're just all so beautiful, like you xxxxx

edie pop said...

Great post and as your separate at birth twin I was planning to do the same, I think I'm going to do it anyway because it's fabulous!!!
Your collection of wonderful frock all together made my eyes pop and my jaw drop!!2012 has been a great year because I met you, so please consider me for a copy of this calendar!!
I love you more than being fabularse!!
Stay gold!!!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

I ´m sorry.. cant pick a favorite - you look amazing in every picture !!

Connie said...

I think I'm going to print this up and make a calendar! You are so cute. Even cuter than the kttens doing yoga calendar that I was going to put up!
Cheers! Connie*

grunge-queen said...

Your new skirt is dreamy and very YOU. Love all the outfits and creative photos but January's look is an absolute stunner. Thanks for brightening my year with many a colourful outfit and an equally engaging personality. Happy New Year to you and yours, Sarah! xo

MistressCatgirl said...

So many great outfits ! You look gorgeous n everything and are a unique woman. Can't wait to see what the New Year brings.

menopauselsupermodel said...

The new skirt is just gorgeous!!!
I love all of your favorites!!!
The "pattern" with you, Helga and Vix makes me laugh every-time!!

A retrospective sounds like a fabulous idea!!

Helga! said...

SQUEE! It's like the ultimate, perfect, delicious menu, where everything is just SO good it's impossible to choose and it's easier to go without than have to make a decision!!!
I adore today's wrap around skirt,dammit,and of course, blue and GREEN! FabulARSE combination!!! The necklace is a work of bloody art!
It's been a year of divoon frockage,yes indeed!A calendar may be in order? Imagine THAT! A perfect Misfit EVERY, it would have to be a pic for EVERY DAY!!! Drool.
Love you more than wrap arounds and fancy embroidery!

Truly Madly Beauty said...

You are awesome & inspiring lady fashionista! So many divine outfits...I think my fav is that most amazing pantsuit from november! :D Have a great new years hun!

Aysh xoxo

Miss Maple said...

Love your July 1 picture and today's skirt. Wish you a splendid New Year's Eve and many happy moments next year. I like your blog and I like you.

Emalina said...

A year of amazing outfits! Here's to a great 2013!

two squirrels said...

Dear sweet and truly beautiful Sarah!!!!! You are just amazing and I just love opening up a post to see your fabulous outfits.
Sending you a very big hug and love for a 2013 that is filled with love and happiness.

Linda Wolf said...

Is it possible to pick a favorite? Don't think so, but ...

January; That COLOR is stupendous and one that not everyone can wear as well as you do. And of course, it was from the divine Krista. :)

May: The face! The hair! OMG!

July: So feminine! Best use of an old bed sheet ever.

August: Full on brilliant!

Have a great new year, Sarah! xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love, love the March 1950s dress with the red roses and the July blue rose dress from One Denim Bird. Looks like you had an amazing year :)) Love this recap post!

karensomethingorother said...

and thank you for a year filled with COLOUR, and for being the gorgeous, stylish icon that you are, Sarah! xoxo

Ofelia said...

So much color, beauty, gorgeous accessories and hair styles, funkiness, coolness and overall perfection!

I adore the pink long dress from December 1st and the beautiful white/red flower dress from March 2nd.
Carinos, Ofelia

Sistergirl said...

I love your fun style.
I also love your frida Kahlo neckace.

Yael said...

Wishing you a wonderful new year Sarah! Looking forward to see you in all your lovely glory in the new months to come! Hugs! :-)

Punk Glam Queen said...

You have so many great frocks and wear them so well, but I'm kvelling over the rose print (2 March I think?) I may make the trek from NY to steal it (;
Happy New Year! Bonne Chance et Bonne Fortune! XXX

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

What a wonderful look back! Happy New Year!

cb said...

So many amazing outfits and so many amazing clothes! I want your wardrobe!! I love that wrap skirt with the flowers so up my alley! Happy nye!!!!
Xoxoxo, cb

Vix said...

What terrible choices, I think you need to send them all here so I can dispose of them wisely.
Happy New Year, you funny, fabulous, beautiful,crazy woman! I'm so sad we didn't get a chance to chat.
Love you more than hippies! xxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would love to have a "Sarah-a-day" calendar on my desk at work! That is 12 months of fabulous - I can't begin to pick a favourite, although the psychedelic jumpsuit at the beginning is near the top of the list. What a year it's been, and we have new adventures to look forward to! Thanks for the comments and the inspiration.

Stacey said...

I love revisiting your years worth of outfits! There are so many frickin' fabulous outfits in this post that my poor little brain just might explode. My fav has got to be that psychedelic January jumpsuit though. Here's to many more fabulous years of Misfits Vintage!

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

the leopard-may is to die for! xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

This post is such a feast for the eyes! You deserve to have your photos in a big book on my coffee table. That wrap skirt looks amazing on you.....I love the entire outfit. These pics are just so favourites are the Dee frock & November 2 in front of your cottage. When I die I want to come back as beautiful & stylish as YOU! Xx

Jordan Randolph said...

You have incredible style! I love your colors, and you look like you genuinely have fun getting dressed in the morning. I love it!