Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fatheads and Wizards and Pond Scum, oh my!

I found these sequinned Converse high tops 
(brand new with tags) in Vinnies this week. 
There's no place like op shops.

Actually, it was a pretty incredible op shopping week. I also found the dreamiest early 70s maxi 
AND my favourite kaftan ever

Now that I have conquered maxis at work, it may be time to take my office to kaftanistan.

But for now, this is what I wore today, for a chilled out Sunday. These pjs are too good not to wear out.

There is some amazing street art around here. 

The slimy pond scum only adds to the experience. 
After all, it's ART, mofos.

I wore: 
Pirate pyjama pants - Retail 
Sequinned chucks, bracelets, cardigan and sunnies - Op shopped 
Tshirt - Op shopped and painted by me



OP SHOP MAMA said...

Kaftanistan! I want to go there with you!
Rocking those jimmy jam pants! x

Sacramento Amate said...

Love everything, but the sequinned Converse are a confy dream.
Have a lovely Sunday, Sarah.

Kat said...

what an awesome op shop find! You have amazing op shop luck.

Marla said...

Love the pjs but the shoes are the best.

thorne garnet said...

Proof that you can look casual without wearing jean, khakis or something cropped.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Ohh... I love those Converse ! And what a perfect match with the pj´s !!

Krista said...

There no place like home! I love these new chucks omfg those were waiting or you Bigtime! The pj buttoms are so sweet on you with those shoes and I do think Australia has some amazing street art too. Trees and Nerd Burger have had some cool stuff on their blog before.

Red Shoes said...

I LOVE your red shoes... but then, I'm biased.

I doubt I could pull off that sequinned look, however.


cb said...

Those shoes are perfect for you! I wanna see these other fabulous op finds! You look beautiful as always!

pastcaring said...

Yay, Sarah's out and about in her PJ bottoms looking saucy! Oh those cute little red bows - I'm seeing Victorian burlseque bloomers rather than pirates, but that's just me. A combination of the two would be excellent!
Those sequinned Converse were a great find, and I can't wait to see your maxi and your new kaftan - definitely time for work to know the joy of Sarah-in-a-kaftan!

Fabulous street art - and even more fabulous YOU.
LOVE! xxxxxx

Franca said...

Love the streetart and that's a perfect sunday outfit!

Miss Maple said...

Great finds! Wonderful pyjama pants!

Joni said...

I always love your photos so much. Great shoes and love the street art!!

edie pop said...

Great shoes, if you tap their heels together three times you can find yourself here with me!!I like the Oz inspired wall art and you are amazing in your urban interpretation of striped legs and ruby shoes: brilliant and glamour!!
Love you more than op shopping!!!

Vix said...

Find of the year!! What a score. Loving those striped pants and that fabularse tee shirt, too. Show us your kaftan, you tease!
Love you more than art, darling! xxx

Connie said...

I am an enormous fan of converse sneaks. I own waaaay too many for a grown up. But red sequins? Gorgeous!!!!!! Striped jammie pants. I can hardly handle it! Too cute.

Trudie said...

Totally jealous about those sparkly connies, too cool.
Live the pj pants and your fabolousness of course. X

Emalina said...

those are some AMAZING shoes! Gorgeous!


Helga! said...

Too fabularse for words! Fancy wearing your jimmy jams out and about! I would never have known that's what they were! pretty damned funky!Love sequins,love the sequined high tops! How much fun can you have wearing sequinned high tops?! TONNES!
I reckon December is the ideal month for taking the office to kaftanistan.O yeah.
Hurrah for excellent opshop hauls!
Love you more than kaftans!

Melanie said...

You look like you just leapt out of that street art to do a little dance around in those awesome sparkly shoes before returning to your happy place. How did that pond scum know that it would look so brilliant with this backdrop?

You are a beam of light here. Gorgeous! I love love that last photo.

MistressCatgirl said...

You look so pretty! I love the shoes. It's great when you find shoes like that for way cheaper.

Melissa said...

Those shoes are wonderful! Such a good find.

<3 Melissa

The Grande Dame said...

Sequined converse!? OMG. You were born to wear this outfit.
I just found a new vintage/opshop near me and it is FILLED with 70s maxis I want to buy for you.

Punk Glam Queen said...

Those may possibly be the best red converse in the entire world! XXX

Sue said...

Sequined shoes, PJ pants and graffiti walls, does it get any better??? Your PJ pants are fab, not like what the things over here wear to the shops!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Usually when someone wears their pjs out round here I mock them, but not you, you look amazing in those. Can't believe you found those converse in an oppy!! That is ridiculously lucky. Love the graf. The shoes are brilliant. Also love that blue with the green pond scum. Looking gorgeous, big squeezes xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Wow look at them shoes in all their shimmery dazzlingness!
Whatta find!

Bella Q said...

Love the Dorothy slippers!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I want to hang out with you in that outfit - you are just too adorable! I am making Squeeing sounds over those FREAKINGFABULARSEHOLE chucks - I want a pair!!!!

Lyosha said...

oh so edgy and pretty look!

Inside and Outside Blog
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Truly Madly Beauty said...

Aaaah how perfick is that paving?!! Dorothy eat your frickin heart out, those shoes are DIVINE!

Aysh xox