Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do that to me one more time

A few outfits from the last week...

Outfit 1: Sleepwalking

I wore:
Wrap pinnie/apron dress - Retail in 1984
Striped pyjamas and sunnies - Op shopped 
Turquoise shoes - Retail

Outfit 2: Optical illusion

I wore:
Skirt - Made by my darling Dee
Tshirt, belt, sunnies - Op shopped
Petticoat - Gift from Ubermodel Desiree
Shoes - Retail  

Outfit 3: Four Year Old's Pirate Birthday Party and Friend's Baby Shower

So here's something interesting... 
I put on a bunch of these kid's tattoos at the pirate party this morning and every time they caught my eye I LOVED them... well, I don't love the silly images, but I really REALLY like having them there. I like 'em so much that they are still in place. What does it mean? 

I wore:
1970s fuschia dress - Hipsley Lane
Belt - Op shopped 
Sunnies - Gift from bikini supermodel Desiree
Shoes - Retail 

Wanna take a guess at which of the 
following was my suggested baby name? 

Weekend over.

I think I need tattoos. What do you think?



Marla said...

Outfit #2 and #3 are WOW. Love that skirt with the yellow petticoat and that beautiful fuschia dress looks so pretty on.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Your outfits are always so inspiring. I ADORE those shoes you're wearing, the turquoise & orange ones & the wedges. Love the purple floral skirt, especially with that gorgeous petticoat. And oh so pretty in that pink frock. Please tell what kind of tattoo you might like???? Xx

Emalina said...

Tehee your choice of baby name made me laugh... Pink Floyd surely!

Loving that sleepwalker outfit, and all the wonderful colours pop pop popping! Gorgeous pink dress. I sometimes dream about a large art deco tatoo over one arm...

delia hornbook said...

Im a little confused is the baby guess for the new hopefully English Royal? Loving your outfits such a warm delight on the eye all those colours. dee xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Love all your outfits, and it goes without saying that I want it all, but the blue shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the blue shoes...

Carina Rosenholm said...

I Think you need tattoos - love the anchor ! And the skull of course . The fuscia dress is stunning on you .

Fiona said...

Since St. Dave isn't on the list could it be Pink Floyd??? Under Q I thought it said Quim !!!! Then I realised, how rude am I ?
Love the purple and yellow together in Optical Illusion, as for tats sorry I'm not a fan.

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous outfits and yes. Yes you do need some tattoos.
Could it have been Pink Floyd?
Here we go for another week.

thorne garnet said...

Pink Floyd?

Miss Maple said...

I love the black and white outfit with the pyjamas and I love the yellow petticoat.
Although I saw really nice and colourful tattoos with pretty subjects in some of the vintage blogs on the Internet I wouldn't recommend tattoos. I think the unharmed skin is the most beautiful. Besides I've read that especially the colourful tattoos are really unhealthy and very difficult to remove if you'll like that one day. So stay as you are and use kid's tattoos instead.

pastcaring said...

Easy! Pink Floyd and Tennille! Perfect baby names!
Tattoos, huh? I think you are on your way to deciding on a fabulous new design to cover your old not-so-fabulous tattoo. That's my two penn'oth anyway!
Hey, it's great to see Come on Eileen again, especially with stripey pjs! Love your skirt from Seamstress Queen Dee, and that yellow petticoat from Desiree is a joy to behold. You seem to be having major luck scoring gorgeous vintage frocks which fit you to absolute perfection, look at you in that glorious fuschia number with its adorable sleeves!
Heart-shaped sunnies and bright sandal envy going on over here... Not much else happening. Do you think I should get another tattoo? Or have another baby? Will you choose the name? Or choose the tattoo?
Lovewillkeepustogether! xxxxxxxxx

menopauselsupermodel said...

You looked stun ning all week--I especially love the corally dress!!

I'm not into tats myself but I say trial run a temp one closer to your "style" to see how you like it.

I'm going to guess Queenie because you could rock that name.

My father wanted to name me Donnelly after a mate in the National Guard. My mother wanted to name me Raylene. My grandmother named me!!

Trudie said...

Stripealiscious and pretty in pink, looking gorgeous as always. Pink Floyd is a Stella name. Hope you had a lovely time. Not sure what the fake rats mean, perhaps some permanent ink is in your future?

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great! Once you get one tattoo you'll want more. I started of with one now I'm up to four and want to get more. I love most of my tattoos and I say most because one of them is starting to "melt". I went to a shitty tattoo artist. Luckily it's on my hip and no one hardly sees it.
If you want a tattoo, be sure to research artist thoroughly. Even if you pay more it'll look worlds better.

Helga! said...

I don't see Saint Dave, though!
Yowza, some frickin' eye candy here! Jadore what you wore to the shower/piratey do's......J'ADORE, I tell you!
Dee's skirt is just DARLING, and you'r modernistic approach first shot makes me PURR!
Tattoos, YES! The anchor is fabulous!! Go and get that done RIGHT NOW!
It's all tooo gloriARSE!


Love all the colors :) Tattoo are lovely, I am getting work done right now, long and painful but so worth it :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm guessing Pink Floyd was your pick. And speaking of pink, MY GOD that fuschia dress is bloody Gorgeous on you. The wrap apron/dress is very cool as are your sandals. I never find bright coloured ones that aren't made of cheap plastic.

As for the tattoos, you seem like someone whose style would work with them. I don't mind tattoos if they are well done and are a unique design that says something about the wearer. I've thought about getting one for ages, but can't settle on a design. They used to be such a badass thing to do, now everyone has one, which has diminished their appeal for me.

Trees said...

I LOVE seeing all your outfits together like this - I love the blue shoes and pink dress. I do love the cute pirate tattoos too - perhaps something more permanent? :D

The Grande Dame said...

Eeee the petticoat! Love!
Definitely get tattoos. Maybe just not THOSE tattoos. Can't you hear your skin crying out for some large floral artwork?? I know I can.

Sue said...

Totally love the stripey look, very cool pjs for sure. Look fabulistic with your new shoes too!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Pink Floyd! I really love the first outfit, well I love them all but that first one is amazing. The pink one is makes you glow, it's gorgeous. I think you want some small tattoos. Look into it xxxxx

cb said...

I think you need tattoos too!! And those exact ones. ;) hehe i love the sleepwalking outfit, im always a fan of stripes.

Vix said...

Yes, Pink Floyd all the way! My choice would have been baldie being such a lover of babies.
Always love the Scissorhands stripes and the Eileen dress and yes to tats! Can I borrow those turquoise wedges when it's summer? I love them!
Love you more that pirates xxxxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Really like that stripes & floral combo w/the yellow tulle underneath! I am considering tats, too!! I never thought I would get any at this point & all the sudden I have ideas...
And I like the name Piper :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Fabulous outfits, I love stripes SO MUCH! More and more everyday, week & month.

Pink Floyd or Holy Harry?!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm guessing it was Pink Floyd, we had a cat called Floyd but none of our children got named after them, we nearly called our daughter Emily because of them but ended up naming her after my mum. Love all these outfits but I'm very taken with the black drapey dress indeed. Maybe you need to get some real tattoos, though I'm far too chicken and fickle to have real ones. xx

Lynn Dylan said...

Lovely!!! Love every outfit! About the name, you could totally carry off Ursula. But I have no idea. Pink Floyd is so off the wall, it would seem too obvious.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep so happy you like the petticoat, I leapt on it like a ranting wild thing in my fave oppy, Aid for the Blind, and KNEW it was for you:). Yes, you need tattoos. I was so inspired by them, I snaffled some from The Stylist's stash and applied them in the same places as yours - I can't stop staring at them! xoxo