Friday, November 30, 2012

Insomnia poetry is the best

As usual, I am so far behind, I can see my own arse. 

A few of this week's work outfits: 

I wore: 
Red ruffled, ribboned, ric-racked 1970s dress - Hipsley Lane
Exquisite Frida pendant - Handmade by supermodel Tamera
Belt and bangles - Op shopped

1950s skirt - Fossil Vintage 
Tshirt, belt and bangles - Op shopped 
Silk scarf - Another gift from darling Tamera 
Flower - Retail

1980s dress, belt, bangles, 1970s sunnies - Op shopped 
Shoes - Retail 
Deer - Borrowed from the internet

My gourd, don't I look drab and washed out in that last pic? And my neck is all sticky-outy! Blergg. That's what 36 degrees does to me.


So, another week has gone by and I have still not 
caught up on my blogs. I will, I promise!


I wrote a 3am insomnia poem rhyming 'miner' and 'vagina'. Rockstar. 


I will be at the Gorman House Late Night Markets tomorrow (Saturday 1 Dec) - Canberra peeps, come say hello!

Happy weekend! 



Melanie said...

I too can see my own arse. Why does this happen? You do not look washed out - you look like Miss Groovey Time with that big-arse flower hovering over your bosoms. You photo prowess is astonishing and I hope that we shall get to read the rest of your inspiring poem!

Marla said...

I love that Fossil Vintage skirt! That belt and scarf are amazing also. Love it!

Sara said...

Great looks! I really love that one with floral 50s skirt, very pretty !:)

Helga! said...

DAMMIT! I was eagerly waiting for the poem....but will be temporarily placated with these fabulARSEHOLE outfits, most especially and dearest to my heart and makes me wnat to squeal...the RIC RAC FROCK!!! OMG! Wanty!!! love LOVE this frock, please could you wear it for me with Frida hair sometime?!
Fecking rock the HELL on, and also share this bloody poem of genius with us
Love you more than ric rac, miners and tits!!!!

Trees said...

So many fabulous outfits - I especially love the first one. I want a frock the same so then we can be ric rac twins!!

I want to know the poem too - you tempt us with but a small sample:)

Also - 36 degree heat - blegh indeed. I think I would be all melty the whole summer if I lived in Australia!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Frida Kahlo-tribute-week?

Connie said...

Very flouncy and flowery. You know we all have necks. Yours is lovely.

MistressCatgirl said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I really like that first dress. I'm sorry your not sleeping but at least your creative side is being exercised.

pastcaring said...

Ric rac rock'n'roll! How fabulous is that red dress on you? Very bloody fabulous, I reckon, perfect for twirling and showing off your wonderful Frida pendant from Tamera, and being serenaded by the skeleton Mariachi band!
Love your floral 50s skirt, had you gone to a purple planet far far away for the photo shoot? I wanna go too!
And you do NOT look washed out, or sticky-outy necked, or anything other than gorgeous in your 80s number with Bambi alongside. I like his scarf, he co-ordinated with your turquoise, thoughtful deer.
You are always a rockstar and a poet, darling. Nothing could be finer than a miner with a vagina. LOVE! xxxxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Ahh the joy of ric know the sight of it makes me happy. And I love the blue accents as well. Superb skirt with the belt & sunnies. And as for neck, it's much better to have a defined one rather then the old double chin. That deer sets off that frock fabularsly. Wishing you a happy weekend with some solid night-night time! Xx

Carina Rosenholm said...

I love your red frock !! Summer times.. Snowing here.. cold winds are blowing...

Vix said...

Feck me, that red number is even more spectacular in the flesh than how you described it to me and the Tamera-designed necklace takes it to another level.
I'll forgive the lack of poetry because you've give us a skeletal Mariachi band and a demented deer.
36 degrees? In my dreams. It's 4 below and bastard freezing here.
Love you more than rik rak! xxx

Fiona said...

Lovely floral skirt just right for 36 degrees. (it's -4 here this morning!) Think we need to hear this poem of yours. x

edie pop said...

I'd love to read your poem, it sounds like a Charles Bukowski's work!I adore everything you do!!These photos are great and so your outfits, my favourite is the red dress with the Frida's necklace in the picture with the skinny guys!!The floral skirt is beautiful too and I like the colors of the last dress with the matching accessories, you bring the sun to my winter!
I love you more than deers!!

shooting star said...

you look so cool in all the outfits..but i love the freida kahlo pendant most!!

Sacramento Amate said...

You are getting a really good photoshop artist, Sarah. I am useless at it.
Gorgeous dresses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

delia hornbook said...

Looking gorgeous as always love your 50's skirt so pretty. Have a great weekend and enjoy the marketts, dee xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Hot Mariachi Mama!! You look unspeakably adorable in that red dress and cool Frida pendant. It IS Frida tribute week, we have declared it so! You have 36 degrees over there, we have 0 over here, it all balances out, somehow. I want to be somewhere in the middle...

The Braided Bandit said...

Girl your styling is AMAZING!!! I love all the colors, accessories, and props, especially the "deer borrowed from the internet". Uhm, I'd be pretty happy if he'd lend me one too! Happy Friday!
xo Hannah

karensomethingorother said...

I am LURVING the white outfit. Loving it. Loving. It. Lo. Vi. NG. IT. Okay, calm down karen. Still, you are the MASTER at coordinating, accessorizing, and profanely poeting. Wait. Miners and vaginers are NOT profane. They are PROFOUND.

Krista said...

There is sweet Sarah! SeƱorita you look sweeter than a churro in that red dress! I love Tameras necklace with it, perfect choice. Enjoy your weekend beautiful!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

the white/flowery outfit is beautiful! you look divine. You need a Mariachi band to follow you around when you wear the red dress! It's also divine. You look less vibrant in the last photo but no less gorgeous, Weirdly, I just bought a deer like that today!! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Marvelous outfits!
I am crazy in love with that red dress. You look like such a hottie in it too! CHA CHA CHA!

The Grande Dame said...

I'm in love! With your gorgeous vintage skirt ensemble, or maybe it's the sparkly purple background winning me over. Bleh to 36 degrees too! Yuk! xx

menopauselsupermodel said...

You are the Photoshop goddess and I bow at your feet!!!
you look fantastic in all of your outfits this week!!! Even if you're so far behind you can see your arse--it looks fabulous!!!

Truly Madly Beauty said...

I want to see this poem! Haha! And Sarah, the day you EVER look drab and washed out will be the day I stop loving sparkly nail polish..i.e. NEVER! You are fabul-arse lady!

Aysh xox