Monday, October 8, 2012

Tutu and Teacup: A twee-free homage

Do you all know Melanie from Bag and a Beret?

Say yes. 

I've got quite a crush on her - she's smart, beautiful and funny, a wonderful artist, fashionly fabularse and she made her own punk/metal video
I know. 

Anyway, recently she posted this beautiful pic, which totally inspired me to sit on my front steps wearing my tutu and drinking from a pretty tea cup.

So I did.

These pink pots are on my little front verandah - I like to stick odd things in them: currently there are vintage knitting needles, a pink rabbit and painted kitchen utensils.

I wore: 
Tshirt, leopard leggings and petticoat - Op shopped 
Floral headpiece - Made it myself

The teacup is 1950s Wedgwood - my Mama bought the set one piece at a time over a couple of years. 
It's been in a box for the last 50 years 
but now I use it for every day - I don't
believe in saving things for best any more. 

I had a bit of a kraftwerky weekend...
(this fab handmade box, a gift from our Curtise
is perfect for storing my crafty bits n pieces)

I made some bird brooches. Birds!

So I challenge YOU - can you rock tulle, 
a teacup and a step, without slipping 
into the Abyss of Twee? 

Go on, do it - it's fun 

(No frickin cupcakes!)

*** EDIT ***




Vintage Bird Girl




Ta-Dah Tuesday! 
(Even though it's Wednesday)


The Grande Dame said...

Ooh heavenly. Leopard leggings?? Yes please! Divine. xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

When the weather's nice I often sit on my back door step with tea, though it's in a mug and I'm not wearing a tulle skirt I must admit. It's freaking cold today so no tea on the doorstep for me, but you look beautiful Sarah and not one iota twee. Love your plant pots too, I'm the kiss of death to plants so household utensils in pots would be a really good idea for me!

I've not investigated Melanie's blog so I must go and have a nosy. Love your mum's china too, the fact she bought it piece by piece makes me like it even more. xx

c... said...

If I put on a tutu I must post the photo in a comedian blog...
I am just not built for wearing a tutu..And its too cold to sit outside now ..
But you look fab as always !!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

perhaps I can take a tulle skirt to Mikes (or even better the Manor) and take a photo, cos there's no outdoor step at home to pose on. You both look stunning - I've put that photo of Melanie Bag on my latest post too. You also look darling, without looking twee of course - the leopard print gives it edge. I love your brooches - did you hand cut them out of wood or already have them to paint on to? I WANT TO KNOW MORE!
many hugs xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look all serene & floaty & beautiful. I SO need to go to posing school with you. You have the knack of looking gorgeous in every photo...whereas I feel so naff in mine! Love the card box from Curtise...such a pretty way to store your craft goodies. And you know I LOVE the bird brooches. Clever girl. Xx

Ivy Black said...

You both look lush. I will be pinning both of you to my Favourite Ladies board on Pinterest later.
I often sit on the` doorstep with a cuppa...not in tulle it has to be` said as I no longer have such petticoats. I did when I was a little girl. Thre are photos of me at about six in petticoats and wellies...that might slip in to twee now though!

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

I also don't believe in saving things for best, thats why I use all the expensive and collectable china from my great- and grandmother on a daily basic. And when it breaks - who cares? ... leopard leggins for everyone! xxx

Bohemian vanity said...

You look adorable ! I love the flowers in your hair and the combo of tutu and leo leggins is amazing ! XX Tani

Vix said...

The net skirt and leopard leggings rock, you total babe! Melanie is such an inspiration. You are too much of a fucking rockstar to be twee. I couldn't even attempt it, I'd get a wet arse and a slug crawling up my knickers in this weather.
Death to c**cakes!
Love you more than keeping things for best! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

You look dreamy and I love the painted kitchen things. My Mom had a set of china that lived in the cupboard over the fridge. I don't remember ever using it. Seems like such a waste to have "good china" and never use it. After my Dad died, my sister found it and divided it between us. Now it sits in a cupboard at my Mother, like daughter!

Sacramento Amate said...

You both are fabulous, and I am off in search of a tulle skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

EGAD!!!!!! Not one but two gorgeous Misfits in tulle - oh I am truly blessed with insomnia tonight! Now I can lie in the dark planning my non-twee tutu outfit tomorrow. I want to skulk around your garden poking and prodding all the wonderful treasures you have hiding about the place - knitting needles and painted utensils - YAY!!!!! I'm so glad you're using your Mum's splendid tea set, I totally disapprove of "saving it for best" and I just won't stand for it anymore in my life. You are a work of art. Truly and completely heavenly. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

Forest City Fashionista said...

Two of my fave blogging gals in one post! I loved that photo of Melanie in her tulle and teacup too, and imitation is the best form of flattery. I have a wedgewood bowl and saucer that seems like it might be from the same set as your tea cups as it is green and white. I agree, don't save the pretty things for "special occasions", make every day a special occasion!

edie pop said...

You both look gorgeous!!I adore tutus, I think every woman should have at least one tulle skirt in her closet and you and Melanie give a wonderful and personal interpretation of it!!
I wore a liliac tutu in my last post, too bad that I didn't sit on my stairs or I could entered the challenge!The flowers and the leopard are a perfect frame and I adore the idea of the painted spoons in the pink pot!
The brooches you made are stunning too,great colors and the little birds are lovely!!

pastcaring said...

Twee-free and fabulous, darling!
Melanie's photo is a great inspiration, and I love your take on it.
Oh that naughty hint of leopard, those beautiful pink flowers (and pots), all the frothy tulle, and your Mama's Wedgwood - simply divine!
And good to see that funny little box being utilised for your craft supplies, the birdies look fab!
Going to post my response to your challenge right now - no messing about over here, I'm ON it!
LOVE! xxxxxxxxxxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Just visited the blog-home of Curtise, and she is rockin' some lovely, lovely blue frills without going twee. You, dear, are fabulous!!! Amazing! Exquisite! And I do know Melanie, and she is so very talented and beautiful -- I agree! I can't meet your challenge today due to an out-of-control beagle and no tulle, but I will notify you when I have done so!!


menopauselsupermodel said...

I could rock that look maybe 5 minutes before they cart me away to the looney bin!!!
you however--look FABULOUS!!! Love your pot-thingys !!!

Trudie said...

Petticoats and teacups what a sweet, sweet combination.
Beautifully peaceful. X

Bella Q said...

What a stunner you are Sarah! I just saw Melanie's post- mind blowingly awesome and Curtiss' great homage to you both. You are a dream weaver. I want to play!

Veshoevius said...

Tulle and teacups sounds like a perfect combination to me! You look divine in your tutu - women should wear these more and glad you're encouraging us!!

Melanie said...

Okay Sarah, you must be my twin. I love your twee-free tutu tea shot! You are divine!! Your floral headpiece with the leopard leggings go together brilliantly for hard-edged beauty, and your teacup is truly lovely.

Okay, I'd stick kitchen items in my plants now, because that's very cool, but I don't have plants... And the gift from Curtise is so delicate and perfect for art things. I look forward to the Birds on your upcoming posts too.

Thanks for this post. You are gorgeous beyond. I shall go out now for coffee with a silly little grin.

wardrobeexperience said...

love your tutu photos ... you look so beautiful on them.

MistressCatgirl said...

So pretty and flowy. I love your planters their so cool and colorful.

Helga! said...

I am utterly enchanted with both Melanie's gorgeous pic and YOUR gorgeous pix!!! EEEEEK!
Whimsey with grunt,I'll call it!
You look rather beautiful and peaceful...and using your Mama's wedgewood for everyday is a wonderful way to stay connected to her!
Hmm, I don't have a white tutt, but I think I can tackle this challenge....
Love you more than tulle!

Krista said...

You too are so beautiful. I haven't seen Melanie's post yet but I can see why her photo inspired yours and I am now sitting here thinking where's my tutu and tea cup :)
The softness of your skirt and the leopard underneath are super grow up sexy. You are a MAGNIFICENT BAD ASS who happens to also be a dreamy beauty.

Your pink pots filled with crazy, colorful objects, have me smiling. I don't believe in saving for best either :)

Sue said...

Challenge accepted when I find a tutu, have the cup and saucer, and the front step. Your look so farking gorgeous!!!

Sue said...

Oh and PS: love your plant pots!!!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I have been loving these so much I am almost - ALMOST mark you - considering setting foot in front of a camera. You look very untwee indeed. You must immediately tell us how you made those amazing bird brooches though, it would be MEAN not too x

Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

Fiona said...

I'd love to play along with this one but I inhabit a tulle free zone. You all look amazing though... and I hate cupcakes!

karensomethingorother said...

Oh! I wonder if I can play too! Wait don't have any freaking tulle, YOU IDIOT.

Sarah, you look just lovely in your tulle photies.

Jean at said...

You know all my favorite people!! I'm not sure if I have any tulle hanging around, but I'm enjoying the party. Nice to meet you!!

Linda Wolf said...

Great post! You are rockin' that tulle, girl!

Love your comment about not saving things for "best" anymore. Now is always the best time!

Indigo Violet said...

When I saw this post I laughed so much I nearly choked on my cocoa (in a cheap 90s cup). I would love to take up the challenge but I have a million old teacups and not a single inch of tulle. I have some old photos of me at ballet class wearing a tunic thingy but nary a tutu. Would it count if I posted a photo of a doll rocking some tulle?

Lyosha said...

this challenge is amazing! I was smitten when I was Melanie's outfit on her blog but all you gals did is fab! Rock stars indeed!

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

The utensils in the flowerpot is a great idea!

I might just have to accept your challenge when I get home. Time to dig out the crinolines!

grunge-queen said...

I loved Melanie's post pic and love yours too - gorg - so lovely that you've started a trend in blogland! If only I had some tulle .... xoxo

pao said...

After seeing Miss Simmonds tribute to Melanie and you and ... I just had to give it a go even though I am tulle-less. I love how each person has their own vibe to it and you with your leopard leggings and bare feet!

Aysh said...

*sighs* y'all looking divine! Note to self: purchase a tutu ASAP! Also bloody loving this utensil in plant pot form of art Sarah you vintage genius you :D

Aysh xoxo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love this :) I need a tutu...

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

LOVE the idea when you are sitting on your frontsteps with a cup of tea, and you look very Marilyn, despite your black hair.