Friday, July 6, 2012

Now with extra profanity and kick-arsedness!

Apparently the new poncho has superpowers 
of Anti-Fuckwit-ness

A True Story

So mi Ada bumped her head a week ago and a week later it was still hurter, so she went in yesterday for a CT scan. 
They told her to come back today for the results. 

So she did... she arrived 15 minutes early, 
at 2.45pm and waited patiently patiently patiently... 

She was still waiting when I left work just after 5pm 
so I joined her for moral support and we waited 
patiently patiently patiently...

So finally, after four hours, Ada was called in by Dr Cockface Smarmypants. We went into the office and he looked at her and then looked at me, with much eyebrow raising and smirking and looked at the computer and said "You've been waiting four hours! Ha Ha Ha!". 

Yeah, frickin hilarious, motherfucker. 

Again he looked at her and looked at me and asked me 
"Who are you?" (smirk) "Are you her mother?"

"Excuuuuse. Me???"

"Well, who are you?" he demanded. 
(He is desperate for us to be lesbians.) 
"She's my friend" Ada said. 

I'm pretty sure there is steam coming from my ears. 

He leans back in his chair, grinning like a mofo...

"So, what's the problem today?" he asked. 

"I'm just here for my CT results" Ada said. 

He picked up a bit of paper...

"It's normal" he said. 
Then tried to make his 'four hours/lesbian/mother' joke again.

Ada has been waiting four hours in a stinky waiting room with people puking and yelling and coughing and she's had a headache for a week, which you think is funny. You are convinced that we are secret lesbians, and that is somehow titillating. You have asked me if I'm Ada's mother to try to make me feel uncomfortable. And you are a smarmy, eyebrow waggling, smirky-bastardy-faced-smart-arsey-shit-eating-douche-canoe...

and I snapped 


He tried again... "Oh, four..." 

I am pointing my finger like a woman possessed. 


He starts again "Oh..."

Must. Not. Punch. The. Fuckwit.


Whoa! That'll learn him!

And we left. 

Ada says my eyes were very googly! 

We are still laughing about it four hours later. 
Man, I hate that guy.
But it was pretty funny!

The poncho made me invincible!

Now excuse me, I have to go tuck Ada into bed.



Nelly said...

I havnt posted comments in ages (tho always read) but had to say how proud of you Adas Mother Bear Wish Id been there to see it lol Hugs to Ada hope her beautiful head is better soonxxx Still giggling

Vintage Curly Girly said...

..... and you SLAMMED the door oh so dramatically on the way out!

Miss Claire said...

Hahaha, good on ya! Super poncho!!!

Konad-licious said...

Sounds like me talking to my kids.

delia hornbook said...

Im so very sorry that Ada bumped her head and is still feeling grotty. But even more sorry that she was subjected to that horrible man and having to wait around so long. But well done you for putting him in his place stupid man shouldn't be aloud to work like that. I hope Ada is feeling better real soon. Big hugs to you both, dee xxx

MaMMaMoon said...

omg what a *beep* he was! O.o
argh i would have had a hard time not kicking his arse. >.<
u were fab luv! (love the poncho<3)

hope ada is better now <3

have a fabulous day!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow, complain - can you complain? Surely what he said was all highly inappropriate and you hilarious lady didn't say anything untoward, which is very restrained of you. The poncho has magic powers!

thorne garnet said...

what a jerk! Good the you, there's is no need to treat people like shit. And besides, couldn't the results have been giving over the phone? Big frecking waste of time for the both of you. (love all the bright color in winter,even though it's summer here in the USA)

edie pop said...

How rude !! Next time call me and I'll be your superhero side-kick kicking arses!! I really enjoy this reading but it really makes me mad at that 'doctor who'...
I'm glad that Ada is I calm down myself a little...The poncho is great and these colors are brilliant together, I really love this super powers spreading outfit so much!!

I love you more than radioactive spider bites!!

Ivy Black said...

Good girl, you get in there! Wish I'd been there, but we'd probably ended up giving him a slap.
Arseholes only get away with being arseholes because people never stand up to them. I'm a fairly quiet, self contained type, but I make a point to challenge rudeness whoever it's coming from. Don't like it.
Hope Ada is feeling much better.

pastcaring said...

YOU KICK ASS! Well, arse really, cos I am British, after all.
Bad doctor. Poor Ada. Amazing invincible poncho-wearing finger-waggling googly-eyed Sarah!
Hurray for your new green poncho, with added pinkness for good measure. Hurray for being a superduper friend. Hurray for telling off smart-arse doctors when they are being very rude.
Did you ever know that you're my hero?
PS. ARE you Ada's mother? xxxxxxxxx

Mary Lou said...

i´m convinced this poncho really has superpowers together with your pink scarf it brightened up my mood instantly! you look like a delicious tropical cocktail darling!

Krista said...

What a douche bag and because he is a doctor makes it even worse!! I'm so glad you let him know what a jerk he was being! I do hope Ada is feeling betta. Your yummy green poncho paired with hot pink is and orange has me drooling.
Wuv u~

Joni James said...

What an awful experience. I hate doctor's offices and arrogant asses like that. He must have the God complex. All smug in his little world where he's put himself on a pedestal. Sickening.
But you my dear, look so cheerful in your wonderful poncho I almost forgot the story already!!!

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...

Hope Ada feels better soon. And get you with your poncho of Badassery....I think you should give it that title :P. Sounds like an eventful day all round :) xxxx

Fiona said...

What a c**t! Good on yer girl.

Kat said...

What a dick! Good on you for standing up to him.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yay for poncho power!!! Smarmy fucking git was just begging for a punch ... must show this to The Phoenix as he is having similar troubles with so many specialists, he's almost demented with seething rage!!! Fuck you're gorgeous!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

The Grande Dame said...

Gawd I HATE male doctors. Never see one if I can help it. What a f*ckwit. I'm giggling about your googly eyes though, would love to have seen that! xx

Aysh said...

OMG! What a bumface! Well you showed him proper Sarah! *mental finger click & rotating of head* Nice one :) Hope poor Ada is on the mend!

Love Aysh xoxo

one denim bird said...

Of course we all KNOW his cock is a mere 2 inches! Right? I hope poor Ada is feeling much better and thank goodness for your lime green crochet superhero cape/poncho, it most certainly has POWERS! I hope you wiggled your little pinky finger at him on the way out the door!

Terri said...

You. Did. Good!

Trees said...

That doctor sounds like a total loser!! Thank god for the poncho of awesome!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Freaking AWESOME colour combo on you babe! So sorry about Ada's head bump, and even sorrier that she had a fuckwit for a doctor (that is now my new favourite word). Thankfully you were there to put him in his place, but I think I would have had to slap his rude, stupid, fuckwit face (OMG, I just made a mini poem!)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh dear you have to laugh at that or you'd cry! What a looser! On a brighter note I knew that poncho would look kick ass on you. What a great shade of green accessorized to perfection. Xx

Sue said...

Good for you giving the so-called-doctor-of-rudeness a big serving of WHIP ARSE!!!! I am so proud of you, what a twat!!! And I am in love with your green poncho ♥ it is totally the best. Ada is very lucky to have you as her friend, will you read her a story when you tuck her into bed??

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi sarah!

We get those those drs stories as well!
What an asshole indeed!
Catching up with all your wonderfull outfits and gem finds!
Take care lovely

Ariane xxxx

Stacey said...

Of course that poncho makes you invincible - it is frikin' fabulous! So, obviously it suits you perfectly. I think you did the most appropriate thing in that situation!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love you. That is all.

Sam said...

That Dr sounds like a douche. Should come to my hospital next time, where the nurses wear rainbow scrubs and one dr comes complete with suspenders and patterned socks. Misfits need to go to a misfit hospital. I'm thinking mine should be renamed such. I'd certainly welcome your colour combinations.
Miss you!!

karensomethingorother said...


I love this poncho. I super, super love it. No. I lurv it. I feel like hopping on a plane and bouncing bag-of-dicks' head off a table. How annoying.

Poor Ada and poor you. How dare he?!?

Jake said...

Neon pink and green together make my eyes orgasm.

Mimi and Tilly said...

Good for you!!!!!!! I have experienced said fuck-wittery at the hands of doctors and it is not a nice experience at all. I believe your poncho has super magical powers and I advise that it be worn on any occasion that demands finger pointing and lots of shushing. You have made me smile today. I hope that Ada is feeling much, much better. Headaches that last for ages are the pits. Sending Ada love and a hug, (and you too for just being fab) Em ♥ (I'm having a giveaway, and wanted to let you know. I've designed and made some pink opal earrings. It would be lovely if you wanted to enter. x)

Daniel said...

Omg what the fok !!! Well aunty you showed him that he ain't gonna be able to fuck up with aunty and Ada!! You Rule!! You a fabulous boss!! Love you !! xxxx pOWER!!!!

La Dama said...

Oh hell where do you think we Mexis get super powers from?
Love your fiery attitude , pink flower ,orange necklace green poncho wearing super hero.
What an asshole! I am cracking up at the lesbian comment.