Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Rose

The garden of the home I am currently housesitting is absolutely beautiful

I wore this today to have lunch with friends in town

I wore: 
1950s frock - Estate auction 
Tights, shoes, yellow flower - Retail
Red flower - Gift from awesome sister in law 
Faux fur - Fash n Treasure 
Bag - Car boot sale 

I hope you've all had a glorious weekend!


All photos copyright me.


Shulamit E said...

love the dress and shoes. and that flower in the hair, classic.


I cannot get over those tights, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I adore the first pic, and how you blend with nature and its wonderful colours.
I love you!!!

Rose&Bird said...

Great outfit and you look lovely with your hair down. Gorgeous garden pictures - I wish I could grow lemons here!

Lucy Nation said...

Beautiful dress. Looks so lovely with the slim red belt. Love the accessories too, especially the polka dot tights xx

pastcaring said...

Classic Sarah red'n'black, then POW - yellow polka dots!
You look very elegant, and all the flowers (on you and in the garden) are beautiful. The garden does indeed look delightful, and having you in it only makes it more so!
Hope you had a lovely lunch. xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Those shoes!! I love those tights too. Love your siren-esque hair. All that red is delicious too!

Ivy Black said...


Trashsparkle said...

Wonderful colours on you me dear..... orange faux fur! spotty tights! excellent red shoes!..... where do these curious people go to that have these empty houses-in-need-of-sitting? Their loss if they whizz off and leave such a gorgeous garden - it gives you the opportunity for these totally awesome flower photos... xx

Helga! said...

SO lovely,I adore a beautiful flowery garden,and what a divine dark flower you are!
Those TIGHTS!!!!
You look so peaceful,and every detail,and the setting are pure PERFECTION!!!Squee!
Love you more than dainty waists!


A beautiful garden, very true. Exactly how a garden should look.
And you look just right amidst the flora and fauna. The shoe/tight combo is perfect, tights are the best thing about colder weather.

I'd love to look after that house.

Lucy x

Daniel said...

You're THE flower! the 1st picture looks great! guyhgfvtdfikjtdsruthjfd h POW xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GODDESS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PRECIOUSXXXXXXXXXXX FABULOUSXXXXXXXXXXXXX

two squirrels said...

Oh Sarah so many pretty dresses over the last few posts, I have been sitting here catching up and you are just beautiful. WOW
Eeeeeek polka dot tights, well as you know that ticks all the boxes in my books.
The garden is just a wee haven of flowers, lovely.
I hope you have a week filled with love and happiness.
Love V

Terri said...

Oh the garden photos are just gorgeous...and that dress you are wearing is wonderful in the details. I love the bright flowers you've added to the outfit.

Sue said...

Just love your tights!!!!! I really like polka dots so big thumbs up for the tights!! Oh and the rest of you looked pretty dam fine also. What gorgeous roses, hope they all smell devine!

Vintage Coconut said...

Those tights are awesome and I LOVE YOUR SHOES!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Bloody awesome. Particularly loving collar on your dress and your comfy coat.

Tights are obviously the best and look awesome with red.


edie pop said...

Oh thank you!!
This morning I've started my rainy day with a beauty injection: all these flowers are stunning and you amongst them all!!
The red coat is my favorite and as I love black, you are currently my muse because you always find a way to surprise us with a little fabulous detail: the orange and polkadots hint!

The Grande Dame said...

Hehe! I love your little shoes & tights, so cute! It took me a minute to figure out why you look different - the HAIR! You have the most lovely long hair. And those gardens really are gorgeous, just like you! xxx

Vix said...

What a perfect garden & what a fabulous outfit, too! You've brought a ray of sunshine to a crap, grey bank holiday! Those flowers are exquisite but your outfit takes the biscuit for being bloody marvellous! Those tights!!!! Wah! Best tights ever! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

Is it weird that I wanna kiss your feet in those shoes with those tights? Well I do :) I am in love with all these flowers and bright happiness. Spring is in full bloom in OR and I am in Heaven!

La Dama said...

I am eyeing all your goods amor.
What a gorgeous red coat not to mention your 60's shoes.
You got my heart with those fantastic polka dot tights.
Your the star of that garden.

Miss Maple said...

Love the polka dot tights combined with the red shoes. So pretty! Vibrant colours are mine!

Sara said...

OMG. You look/are brilliant. Friggin' GORGEOUS. Gah, I love red on you so much! :) That frock is a beauty, and the faux fur divine. The tights are my new lovah, and those shoes are so saucy and fab!

Love all of the beautiful flower goodness..and your beautiful self! XO

delia hornbook said...

OMG what delicious colours on this post made my mouth water just looking at them all. And OH MY those tights and shoes are just stunning what wonderful colours together i love them. dee xx