Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's no Glastonbury...

So I've been home for the weekend and my little tiny town had their annual festival and it was splendiferous! Two days of amazing music, marvellous markets, an art competition and great food. All free and run by volunteers... it was fan-frickin-tastic!

These were my weekend outfits: excellent for faffing, foofing, frolicking and festivaling.

I wore: 
Wool dress, cardigan and belt - Op shopped 
Tights and boots - Retail
1960s carpetbag - Vintage store
Hair flowers - Made em myself

 I wore: 
Dress, bangles and belt - Op shopped 
Tights and boots - Retail
1960s scarf - Vintage Fair
Hair flowers - Made em myself
Bracelet - Gift from darling Em
I wore: 
About twenty layers of clothes that didn't go together 
but kept me warm as I was traipsing across fields 
to and from the festival in the freezing cold.

 I wore: 
1960s maxi - Gift from mi amor Helgita Burrita
Shawl - Op shopped 
Earrings - Gift from dear Sue
Small daisy headband - Gift from darling Desiree
Jumbo daisy headband - Made by Me

I wore: 
Vintage overalls - Fossil Vintage 
1970s handknit cardigan - Fash n Treasure market 

I'm pretty sure there's a rip in the space/time contiuum as that was the fastest two days ever. 

I did bring back a fresh supply of frocks - so you won't have to suffer the terrible shame of seeing the same frock twice in a week again. I do apologise for that, chaps.

This amazing young singer/songwriter/guitar freak Daniel Champagne was the highlight of Saturday night for me. If you have a chance to see him play live, do NOT miss out.

Hope your weekends were farking delightful!


Mary Lou said...

meeoow , i love this first outfit and i have to admit i envy you for your gorgous long black hair!!with that hair flowers you look even more beautiful and also adore these tan boots! i cant wait when we have our annual festival here;)
love and kiss,mary

Konad-licious said...

You look so divine in the first photo. You are like a fairy godmother.....or something.

grunge-queen said...

Love the outfits and the carpet bag and daisy hairpiece. I never thought I'd say this about overalls but you make them look darling. :)

Ingibiru said...

I must say you look absolutly stunning in these outfits and with flowers in your hair!

Vix said...

Your hair looks the most fabulous ever in that first photo, amor! That handmade daisy headband coupled with the gingham frock is just beautiful.I love your festival ensembles and need those boots in my life desperately.
Hoorah for fresh frocks and free festivals!
Love&frolics xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I would love to see your hair flower collection! *lol*
Loving the black and leopard outfit and your handbag is so delicious!
That blue gingham dress looks so comfy and cute, I NEED to find myself something like it. "It's getting HOT here."
Crazy over the double daisy head wear!
You make a cardigan and overalls look GOOOD Sarah.


The hair, the daisies, the handknit cardi, the leopard-print, the tan boots, the picture of the tree and light. All too much, I need that cardi this winter, I'm already imagining it.
Your hair looks better than usual, reminds me a bit of the lady in the video to Lucretia My Reflection by Sisters of Mercy - she tops you in the bitchface stakes though. Hard-faced, unlike you.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

In the words of the humpable Helga you look fabularse'ole! :D Love especially the last one of you on the bench, you look all relaxed and just downright cute ♥

Helga! said...

*Gargle*!!! O,you festively farking gorgeous MINX!
I LOVE the tan with black!!! Must try that! Your hair is so sumptuous,and you look so lush in all these pix hat I want to touch you innappropriately.........YEAH!
That massive daisy headdress is TOO FARKING DIE FOR amazeballs!
I would so love to have been there for this festy,what FUN!

Love you more than festy tan and black and young men who sing!

Sue said...

How I love your whole look in the first pic. Nothing quite like a bit of animal print!!! I would almost die for a vintage carpet bag, have loved those since Mary Poppins dragged one around!! FREE is such a pleasant word, and sadly not often used. A weekend at home in your little cottage sits well with you, you look lovely ♥

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

The first outfit - perfection from top to toe. You should wear your hair like that 24/7 - it is divine.

Heather said...

Wow you look fabulous!! love the flowers and your pretty black flowing hair ~The daisy headband is amazing! Sounds like a fantastic weekend ~cute pictures ~Love Heather

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love Love Love your outfits. Your hair looks utterly glorious like that. Those tan boots are da bomb!!! Glad you had a fab weekend. Xx

Sara said...

SEXY! Your hair is: MEOW! That first outfit/photo..I am just swooning look fantastic. I am living for these ensembles..

..and you on the bench..just cute as a bug in a rug.

Festivals are so much fun! Glad you had an amazing time festivalating! XOXO

Trees said...

I love all these outfits and you have the most fabulous hair EVER - it makes me want to grow mine out!

two squirrels said...

Wow he is amazing, I was taken back, his voice is heavenly. Thanks so much Sarah I just loved hearing him, I can imagine Daniel is breathtaking live.
The weekend must have been lovely being in your little haven again. You are looking just radiant in all these pics.
You are my favourite overall wearer of all time.
Love V

pastcaring said...

Hey, your festival may not be Glastonbury YET, but it can grow!
Look how beautiful your hair is down, wavy and wild and sexy... I feel a little breathless!
All your outfits are most festivalicious. I NEED some tan boots badly (keep looking on Ebay but no luck as yet), your carpet bag is stunning, and Double Daisies - wow!
I do think my very favourite photo is the last one - could you look any cuter and any happier? I think not! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I really do love your hair loose, it looks gorgeous and I really love the picture in the overalls, it's so sweet xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Yeah, why the hell did this weekend go so quickly?!!
You look fab in all your outfits, so adorable in the dungarees! Your festival sounds better than Glasto!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

i think you could wear a paper bag and still be radiant, lovely, and divinely beautiful!

Yael said...

I LOVE that last photo! You look sweet and charming Sarah! :-)

Vintage Curly Girly said...

What a fun filled weekend you had! Love all your outfits. Your hair is so long! Beautiful! Xx

delia hornbook said...

Sounds like a great weekend ;-)) You look gorgeous love your roses in your hair. But do you know what i love that last photo of you chilling out on the bench in your denims you look so relaxed and stunning. dee xx

Crystal Lee said...

What a darling selection of festival outfits. I think I may like your casual look in overalls best, but I'm quite digging the gingham maxi too. Way to work the floral head crowns.

karensomethingorother said...

OOO! OOO! OOO! SEX GODDESS HAIR! Lurv it. You looked fabulous as usual. What a fun festival that sounds like. Seriously--can people in my city care about something other than CIGARETTES for a change?!?

Krista said...

You look beautiful Sweet Sarah! This is the only way to wear black if you ask me and you didn't but I say so anyway :) I agree too your hair looks sextabulous! I am in love with you sitting so sweetly on that bench with your converse and basket of flowers, I love the way this picture makes me feel, free and this beautiful song. He is totally amazing and completely lovable~ just like you Sarah.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh the beauty of the curly downy swirly hair Sarah...LOVE.


Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!

The Style Crone said...

All photos are beautiful, but the elements in the first photo leap off the screen. Lovely flowers in your hair with the color orange and leopard print. Plus the carpet bag! Heavenly!

Terri said...

Your hair looks so pretty down like this and that photo in the overalls, curled up on the bench is my look relaxed!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

your style is the best example of a perfect vintage!! I lvoe your hairstyle too, you remind me of Cher..

edie pop said...

This is a festival for my eyes!!!
I love every outfit and ( even if everyone already said it) your hairstyle is spectacular!!I likee the jumbo daisy headband and the maxi dress as much as the black and leopard combo!!
Thank you for the 'Champagne',I'm going to check him out!

The Grande Dame said...

Eeeee! That hair, those roses! That first photo is utterly divine. I think I actually went Squeee! out loud. You look smashing. Note to self: must get hair flowers. xxx

josep-maria badia said...

I agree with the last photo, I like

La Dama said...

Mi reina,
How I do amar the first photo, such sex appeal. Your hair is ready for some bed action. perving at all your rosas. Don't sell your rosas to no one else mi Goddess.
Your mi festival amor!

Aysh said...

Missed catching up on your blog lovely lady! Looking absolutely divine as always & adore your hair!! Have a strong urge now to go out into freezing cold garden, pick daisies & weave said daisies in to my hair...hope you had fun during the festivities!

Love Aysh xoxo