Sunday, March 25, 2012

There aint no room for your sweet head

In yet another fit of domestic fabulousness
I have crocheted together four of my small vintage crocheted rugs, to create...

Uber Blanket!

 It easily fits my queen sized bed 
and conveniently, only weighs 
eleventy six thousand bajillion tonnes

I have also finally painted the lovely 
little shelf that Brother Misfit put up 
in the bathroom ages ago...
(Thanks Chris xxx)

Look at all of my lovely little burro planters 
- all gifts from darling Mr and Mrs Slocomb

My bedroom gets lots of lovely natural light

and is the perfect spot for an afternoon read  

Do you know how much I love my little shack?

I wore: 
1950s petticoat and glasses - ebay
Gingham skirt - vintage store 
Tshirt - Valley markets (eight years ago) and prettified by me 
Scarf - Op shopped 
NO BANGLES and NO FLOWERS - could this be The Rapture?

What nonsense. 

Jesus and Mary Chain are not impressed.

Go back to bed. 



OP SHOP MAMA said...

Gold! YOur blanket is a terrifically fabulous stroke of genius indeed!
Everything's looking triff, including you! x

Lucy Nation said...

Awesome blanket. I wish I could crochet:( x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I just read your other post with that pillow it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And so is your new bed spread. Love the pics of your little shack. xxxx

Vintage Curly Girly said...

Oh I want to cuddle with you under that uber awesome blanket!

Sara said...

Uber blanket is Uber awesome..and so is your headboard. I have that very same train case (left of sink) in bright orange. Yours might be orange, but appears some circles I'm known for not being able to see. lol How I long for a shack of my own. :)

Sue said...

The blanket on your bed is farking way too gorgeous for normal words!!! How clever are you then?? Not only are you one stunning woman, you are the crochet queen!! I love all the colours in your blanket, my kinda thing, no uniformness at all, just hard out crochet!!

PS: and I am totally in love with your petticoat, and the message on your T-shirt.

Helga! said...

SQUEEEEEE! It's the uber crochie blankie of uber snugglyness!!!Perfect for the coming cold months!How perfectly divine!And just how divine is that beddy-bo land?? RaTHER,I say,considering I have partaken of it's uber comfiness!
It's all looking rather perkey,bright and cheerful at Chez Jesus and Mary Chain,I must say!I feel some shiney rays warming my nether regions!
Thank goodness you look so rapturously pure and beautiful,it makes the sinful ravishing of you that I want to do so much more delicious!
No flowers,no bangles?! What the hell?!Just using every inch of your natural lucious beauty to seduce us with?!
O,go on then.
Love you more than accessories!

sacramento said...

I going to have a go at that cushion today; althou it must end up as something to wear, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
Have a lovely Sunday, my gorgeous.

delia hornbook said...

Do you know what you always seem to take the most amazing clear and bright photo's of yourself i love them. Your blanket is lush i love the randomness of it. You have a gorgeous home and its so bright and cosy. Love your red vanity case and those little plant holders are just so sweet. Im going to look out for one of those. Have a fab Sunday, dee xxx

Georgia Rose said...

I adore the idea of sewing your rugs together! I'm always finding tiny little crochet blankets at opshops, but they're never big enough to help keep me warm at night, so why did I never think of this?! Totally copying you. I love the skirt too.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

What a haven of crotcheted wonderfulness! :D You will be my undoing, I had said no more crocheting until I'd finished all my other unfinished jobs.....I can feel myself weakening........... :D ♥

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

How much do I love your little shack?

The throw on the bed is brilliant, and ornaments in the bathroom is an amazing idea. I dislike my bathroom and find it difficult to find inspiration - think I have foundit.


Trudie said...

I have been on the hunt for a crochet blanket for Little V's room (when she moves in there). You kow it never occurred to me the pick up smaller ones in my thrifting jaunts and have someone crochet them together.

I love bedrooms during the day where they get a lot natural light, a lovely place to relax.

Looking as gorgeous as ever Sarah.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Sarah!

I love to crochet , ihave attempts to do sa fabulous work of art but like you said i would 10 more hours in the day!
I have seen your other posts and i must tell you i adore the tulle skirt!
I have one in blue, spectacular i say, i should style it one of those days

We never seen your beloved shack?

If not i would to see the exterior

Love your crochet work of art Sarah!

Much love dearest

Ariane xxxx

Miss Peregrin said...

That blanket is the queen of all blankets! Amazing. There is beautiful light in your bedroom. It looks like such a relaxing place to "read".

his_girl_friday said...

What a fantastic uber blanket!

Vix said...

What a frigging work of art, I want to come and lounge on your beautiful crochet blanket but I'd have to turn Jesus and Mary towards the wall as they scare me with their knowing looks.
Your hair is looking particularly fabulous today!
LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yael said...

Sarah your round pillow looks like a yummy birthday cake!
Happy crocheting! :-)

lady liquor vintage. said...

The huge blanket looks amazing! I'm so massively jealous of your samsonite vanity cases. XO

pastcaring said...

Ooh, I think I'd like to roll around with you on your be-crocheted S-S-S-Single Bed please, S-S-S-Sarah!
How adorable are you? I bet you'd play well with ME!
Gorgeous crochet as far as the eye can see, cute donkeys, J&M looking on in disapproval (of course), and YOU, looking gorgeous in gingham.
Sh-sh-sh-shoes, shake 'em off...
Speak after Canberra, I hope! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mary van note said...

awesome blanket!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Dear gosh your house is like a beautiful rainbow of delight!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you skills have created the uber blanket... you knows how powers it holds? The power to make you feel cosy and warm no doubt. Very cute tshirt and gingham skirt today and I lurve your beehive!

Mary Lou said...

oh your bedroom is so superamazing dalring, i love all this daylight and the blanket let me speechless, you are a crochet queen darling! and well maybe jesus and mary are not impressed but me of course;)
love and kiss,mary

Terri said...

At our house, afghans are often the kind of thing that get drug around from spot to spot. I can only imagine what this weighs, but it is perfect with the pillow. The tee-shirt makes me smile too.

vintage_kitten said...

Just love that blanket.Love your t shirt.and that skirt is so cute.I haven't listened to jesus and mary chain for

two squirrels said...

Oh you look so serene and peaceful in your room! What a haven of crochet delight.
The "donkey egg holder collection" is so happy and cute.
Love v

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Uber blanket, Über bed, uber skirt, Über petticoat, Über bathroom shelf and sink AND burro planters! Uber amazing Sarah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

WHAT AN UTTERLY BRILLIANT IDEA! You are just too school for cool! love ya! I would totally allow you to come over here and kick ass and take names for me, love! but you run the danger of me keeping you here and spoiling you!

Franca said...

Your house looks fantastic! I've been meaning to knit a blanket, but I'm a little bit scared to start. maybe i should learn to crochet!

Krista said...

That bedspread WOW, it's all kinds of happiness!

Everything looks so clean and bright at your house, I'd leave such a trail of stuff:) The light in your bedroom is so dreamy I love it~ soft yet bright, perfect for reading and PERFECT for some pictures!

I want to jump on your bed right now!!!!!!!and then we could have a pillow fight and then,.....ok the rest is a bit x rated :)

karensomethingorother said...

Sarah, I just read your last three crochet-themed posts, which I missed whilst I was on vacation. I always love your crocheting, and marvel over your skill. Love the round, rose-like pillow you made, your white and red striped top, and your amazing bed blanket! Somehow it made me very nostalgic, because my grandmother crocheted and I have several of her blankets. She didn't use such fun colours as you though.

Remember your post on music? Well, I read it right before I went to Florida. I set the alarm to get up way too early to get to the airport, and Love Is A Battlefield is the song that woke me up! Couldn't believe it.

La Dama said...

What a crochet uber genius mess of blankets!
Love your bedroom with Jesus and Mary staring at you.
Cutest burrio planters ever!
I need one of those cool- ass shirts.
That flower cushion would look good as sone sort of hat.
No accesorios? How could this be?

one denim bird said...

Oh my freaking god! In your spare time if you could also create magazines I would be your first subscriber!

You are one talented wench! Love it x

Shulamit E said...

I absolutely LOVE!!! this outfit. It is so fun. and mad props for crocheting. I can't do it to save my life lol.

HelenDushko said...

wow, what a cute and sweet colors, I definitly love this knitted blanket, seems to be so cozy!
And your whole atmospere's like fairytale in real life!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh Sarah, your bedroom is so bright and cheerful--the perfect place to curl up on a heap of crocheted coziness and read! Loving all the eye candy in these photos, especially those vintage travel cases in your bathroom, and your swinging gingham skirt.

GlamorousGirl said...


Trees said...

Your blanket is AMAZING!! I love it - your place looks so cute and whimsical!

I can't wait till we buy our own place and then I can turn the "cute" up a notch or two:)