Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday night's alright for fighting

Yesterday I tried sewing.

I couldn't figure out how to get my machine out of reverse... 

and I had a Pollyanna moment where I thought '

"oh well, if Ginger could dance in reverse... how difficult could it be to sew in reverse?"


I am sorry to advise that it was not a great success. 

There was actual blood. 

There was a LOT of swearing. 

I am NOT paying $15 for a pdf replacement manual for the machine.

See, this is why I should stick to crochet. I'm not good with machinery.

Anybody want to volunteer to make my patchwork curtains for me? 
I'll swap you a fabulous crochet item... let's talk.

Last night I had a second hot date 
with my new gorgeous local friend...
Much laughter, much music, much loveliness.

The Fabulous Jumpsuit of Psychedelic Amazingness 
was the only choice...

We started the evening at a lovely house 
where this was the amazing view from the back deck...

Pretty gorgeous, huh?

Weird Crick Neck Pose looks   so   natural.   and.      comfortable.

I wore:
Late 1960s jumpsuit - Gift from uberbabe Krista
Cardigan, belt, vintage sunnies and bangles - Op shopped
Resin ring - Gift from darling Ada
Hair flower - Retail



Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yay for a lovely local friend! I swear that jumpsuit is brighter than the last time I saw it. <3

Nelly said...

Mate if I had time I would def do your patchwork but i reckon you will be able to cope if you can make those gorgeous crochet dresses you can do anything.Why not join a patchwork club till its done?

Mary Lou said...

oh gosh i love this bright pink of your superfabulous jumpsuit!!!!
but hey don´t give up so soon sewing, nobody is born a master, give it another try, i think to crochet is so much more tough and you manage it so of course you will be able to sew everything you want with patience and a lot of chocolate;)
wish you a fantastic sunday!

Lady Cherry said...

What a fabulous outfit!

Can you join an online sewing forum and find someone who has the same machine as you and ask them what to do? x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

My sewing machine and I have a mutual distrust, it's only natural and right. We've all seen 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Lovely local friend sounds like a goddess type, can she not sew? I am beyond jealous of that view...and you always brighten up the dull winter here when you pop up on the screen. Is the birdy a kukkaburra thingy? I do love a bit of exotic (to me) nature.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Loads of bright colours today to enliven my day. Adore your jumpsuit. That jumpsuit is such a festival of colours. Sorry to hear about the machine thingy. With such a vibrant jumpsuit sewing is allowed to be a mess;-)

sacramento said...

Wonderful view, and so much pink in the air, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Trashsparkle said...

reverse gear? how did the machine get into that? sounds v baffling but I know you won't give up! If someone in blogland has the same machine they can get you started...

hot pinkness - so fab! Is that your friend's garden, with all those lovely pieces? x

Vix said...

Dear god, that jumpsuit gets even better, I swear it. The colour is dazzling me from the computer screen.
Glad the date went well, when do we get to meet, is she shy?
Of course you can master the sewing machine or trade it in for a really simple model (like mine). If I can sew there's hope for anyone.
LOVE&SKYPE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ceska said...

oh my goodness i wish i could live near a place like that ........

tralala said...

What do you need a manual for? I'm sure if you tell us the model/make someone could help out for frees?

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Sarah
I can't sew shit! But i can paint and a do bit of crochet!
Super fantastic jumpsuit, i am in love with this jumpsuit


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love the jumpsuit. I also love your garden, missing the sun and greenery right now! x

Daniel said...

nhmsdkaaÇpkJFHWºDJ<S~~ THE COLORS OF THE JUMPSUIT ! SO FUCKING YEAh !X We can go and ride unicorns !!! yUmMi3 yUm !

Daniel said...

nhmsdkaaÇpkJFHWºDJ<S~~ THE COLORS OF THE JUMPSUIT ! SO FUCKING YEAh !X We can go and ride unicorns !!! yUmMi3 yUm !

karensomethingorother said...

Sarah, you look so SUMMER-LICIOUS. Everything is going to be "licious" this week. Don't ask. Anyhoo, you do not wear THAT much makeup. You aspire to the kind of makeup I like anyway, which is a little retro sexay, and not QUICK-FIND-ME-A-MAN-I'M-A-DESPERATE-HOOKER.

pastcaring said...

I will love that jumpsuit for ever and ever, it is a thing of fabulous fabulousness!
New Friend has a view to die for, lucky girl.
Sewing machines - yeah, they are bitches, I reckon. Mine keeps jamming and the instruction booklet is laughably rubbish. Might take Vix's suggestion and trade it for a simpler one. Hope you get your reverse sewing sorted, that sounds far too tricky! xxxxxxxxxxx

Thick Threads said...

wow that dress IS psychadelic awesomness! love it. and that view wow! who wouldnt have a good time there! :) yeah my sewing machine brings the best swear words outta me! keep trying practice makes perfect :)


Helga! said...

Fark YEAH that jumpsuit is the ULTIMATE in psycho wear !!! Love LOVE IT!!!! How can you not have a great time wearing something so amaaaaazing?!
Squee,a hot date?! Another one?!Wowza!That si just fabulous!
I'll help you with that sewing machine,babycakes,never fear!
Love you more than swirly pychedelia!!

La Dama said...

You and Vix having thinking of getting a catsuit now.I love your side neck pose.I want to wear a jumpsuit while eating ice cream and cotton candy with you.
I always been lez for you!
luv ya

VainGlorySinner said...

Wow! That is one mega colourful and uber vivid jumpsuit! Of course only the great Krista could have picked such a thing! Awesomely gorgeous! xxx

Bohemian said...

LOVING the Vintage Outfit, bold Colors have always appealed to me! And had to smile about the sewing machine incident... I do fabric Art but I sew entirely by hand, a laborous process so I'm not the most prolific of Artists but I do it to feed my Soul, not sell it, so it's all good. So, The Man thought he'd do me a favor since orders were piling up and buy me a sewing machine... Holy Mother of God I thought I'd lose my mind... it made what has always been a Blissful Creative Zen Moment turn into Stress City! *Smiles* The machine now sits gathering dust... well, I kept forgetting how to change the bobbin anyway!!! *LOL* Now I'm back to doing it all by hand... *contented sigh*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Terri said...

This is an amazing, eye-opening outfit! Sorry to hear about the troubles with the sewing machine.

Krista said...

Ah Sarah that dam machine how dare it draw blood. I have a hard time every time I break out my machine, it's like huh how do I do this again? This magical jumper was made for you, you bring it to life and seeing you in it makes me SMILE! That lime green belt is tasty and the hair is so high it can touch the sky. Your a pretty girl.

The view is divine and I love the tiny blossoms on the succulents. Such pretty pictures! The weather looks divine, enjoy some for me.


Trees said...

Epic jumpsuit!! Sewing is so so hard! I've been trying to learn for about a year and feel like I'm only just getting the hand of it - you can do it my lovely xoxo

Veshoevius said...

Oh dear - you probably just need someone to sit you down and walk you through how to use it (sewing machine) - I hate reading manuals - much better when someone explains to me what to do.
Awesome jumpsuit!

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh no! I hope you're ok after that sewing debacle. Wearing that jumpsuit would have made you feel a million times better, I think. It is amazeballs.