Monday, October 31, 2011

Posse Power

Fabulous weekend with my posse!

I wore a favourite 1970s poly maxi with various flowers and bangles
and my exquisite new 1950s showering orchids hat

I spent the weekend with my darling BFFs Jacinta and Ada...

And darling Callieberry... 

Have you ever seen such a murder of supermodels?

Jacinta is the vintage hat expert and stocks the most beautiful museum worthy pieces

I can't help but get a bit Wuthering Heights when I wear this poor old moth eaten treasure

Callie stocks the most exquisite vintage jewellery 
and I wanted to steal those cherries right off her peaches!

 This awesome chick was rocking her poly frock and gogo boots like nobody's business

 And this is beautiful Nina, who is always a vision in her vintage frocks, 
and is the sweetest, loveliest person you could ever hope to meet

 Gorgeous Snejana had trouble choosing from Jacinta's 
amazing hats as they all looked so fab on her

 And darling Georgia looked just as fabulous in everything she tried on

Ada found loads of fabulous bargains 
(next time I am going to MAKE YOU buy the polka dots!)

 I loved these three frocks - all way too tiny for me, alas

And this is Gabriela - who doesn't ADORE her? 
I want to adopt her!

 This gorgeous 1940s crcoheted frock was in beautiful condition 
- see how tiny thoses stitches are? This would have taken foreeeeeever to make.

Fab fabric details (the last one is from a pair of nylon swimmers)

The next fair is on in February - if you can make it to Canberra, you shouldn't miss it!

 And Saturday night...

Saturday night: Me, Holey Kaftan of Holiness, Ada, Jacinta, Callie, Nina and Jimmy. 
And I had no idea that I was still wearing my sunglasses.

Thank you darling friends for such such a fabulous weekend - 
I'll see you all in Melbourne in January!

I'm heading home tomorrow so I'll feature my weekend bargains over the next few days.


You can find Jacinta's amazing hats at Circa Vintage Hats 
You can find Callie's exquisite vintage jewellery at  Hunted & Collected
You can find Nina and Jimmy's amazing vintage frocks at Fossil Vintage
You can find me in bed, catching up on some sleep!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh hello!

I'm away in Canberra for a few days, 
catching up with family and friends
and I've been having TOO MUCH fun!

I wore my new crocheted dress yesterday

Look how much it has   s   t   r   e   t   c   h   e   d   after a week on a hanger... 
At this rate it will be a maxi by xmas

Look at me - I'm wearing shoes! 

I've had the most fabulous weekend... done a little op shopping, 
received another Parcel Of Joy from darling Curtise
popped into a gorgeous vintage shop and found a little treasure, 
laughed until chocolate milk came out of my nose, 
had my boobs groped in the Holey Kaftan of Holiness,  
purchased a most exquisite 1950s hat
and made a gorgeous new BFF... 
and I'll have oodles of pics to share with you tomorrow
(including evidence of the boob gropage, especially for my darling Helga)

I hope you've all had marvellous weekends!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look who was lurking in ladies' lingerie...

Mrs Slocombe!

Why do I call her the Mrs Slocombe? 

She's such a FABULOUS colour and she's just begging for some pussy innuendo...


I was not allowed to watch Are You Being Served as a child, 
as it was too common 

And on the odd occasion that I do see it now, 
it makes me cringe!
(But not as much as George and Mildred... *shudder*)

But Mrs Slocombe does have some spectacular hair ...and I am unanimous in that!

 All Mrs Slocombe pics from Hell yeah, Are you being served

The clothes line has quickly become second favourite location after The Gate.

I wore: 
Mrs Slocombe frock/jacket - Market
Sunnies - Overpriced vintage store
1960s earrings - Vintage Fair 
Hair flower - Made it myself

Let the pussy comments commence, commoners! 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I find it hard to resist a challenge...

So when Vix showed us 

I went searching through my wardrobe. 

Op shops are not nearly so cheap over here as they seem to be in Vix's neck of the woods 
and a five pound outfit seemed impossible... 

and then I remembered my fabulous Estate Auction $1 robe

The hair flower was a gift from my darling sister in law

The fab Barry M nailpolish was a gift from Vix 

The 1940s pearl clip on earrings were 10 cents

So this outfit cost $1.10

But it is definitely the exception - and it's not even really an outfit as it is another ROBE!

Do you think I could wear it as a dress? 

Maybe with a belt and some shoes it might look more like a dress. 

(I know... will I ever wear shoes again?)

Thought you'd like to see my delightful paint-splattered-overalls collection

Ruffles and roses

Hills hoist! Weeds! Shed! The glamour!

And look! Lovely Em (Vintage Sweetheart) sent me a parcel of gorgeous fabrics 
for my patchwork curtain project - she also included a pretty fabulous item of clothing 
(which will feature in a future post). Thank you, Em! 
(She's currently fabbing around New York, doncha know!)
  Angry Owl says 'Talk to the wing, sistah'

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drama! Tragedy! Action!

Rainy, cold, windy day and my hair is in quite a state

 So lurking in the wisteria is the only clear course of action

  I wore:
Late 1960s maxi - Vintage shop 
1970s crocheted shawl - Op shopped 


Brace yourselves, this is truly shocking

 Remember the beautiful lady that darling Curtise sent me a while ago?

Some viewers may find this distressing...

Last night she fell off the wall and smashed into a million pieces. 

Oh Lady! I miss you already! 


 Are you guys ready?

Ready for hardcore action? 

Ready to learn... how to crochet a flower!

That's right, you heard me... a flower, mutha uckas! 


 I'm sure you all need a rest after all of that drama, tragedy and action. 
I know I'll be having an early night.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Crimson and clover

I know this is a robe but I so want to wear it as a dress

I demand whimsy!

And the right to wear nightwear as daywear!

Two for the price of one! 
Isn't it perfect with this gorgeous early 70s housedress?

Giving myself a bit of side-eye. I deserve it.

I wore: 
1960s robe, 1970s dress, 1960s necklace and belt - Op shopped 
Hair flower - Gift

 Today I received a Parcel Of Delight from our darling Vix!

A gorgeous 1960s linen tablecloth covered in Australian Wildlife
(many of which I can see locally)

I adore this super groovy dressing table set. 

Also included were a lovely Indian tunic and a fab Indian wrap around maxi.

But my absolute FAVOURITE item...

These FABULOUS 1950 cat salt and pepper shakers! 

They look great on this shelf, but...

Look how fucking delightful they are on this sunny window sill with the Bashful Burro! 

Thank you all for your suggestions regarding my space and storage problem yesterday. 
I especially enjoyed the suggestions 
that I buy a bigger house and build a second house in my back yard!