Friday, September 30, 2011

Juliet, when we made love you used to cry

Yeah ok, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit too. 

So remember back in April when I first found 
the beautiful 1968 Juliet crocheted dress pattern? 

Well, look what can happen when I'm on my deathbed... 

Must... not... die... with... unfinished... projects...

I wore: 
Juliet crocheted dress - MADE BY ME! 
1970s sunnies - Op shopped 
Hair flower - Made by me
Leggings and shoes - retail

If I were any more proud of myself, I would probably give the Juliet dress her own website. 

Happy weekend! 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

I got the Booger Blues

Jesus wept, what a week

The Avenue of Headcold turned into the Highway of Sinus Infection, 
which became the Motorway of Massive Headache with exits to 
Feverish Delirium , Horrendous Facial and Dental Agony and Buckets of Green Snot...
and unfortunately I've been cruising there for a while. 

I have been sleeping 16 hours a day

And feeling pretty wobbly
I've had a couple of gorgeous black eyes
Feeling as though my head would explode

But I knew I looked good
I have consumed the Barrow of Antibiotics and today I turned the corner on to the
Road to No Longer Wishing I Were Dead. 

And now that I can maintain an upright position for more than three minutes, 
and breathe properly... life is GOOD!

Also on the agenda this week was: 
  • a massive crack to my head by a spring loaded piece of steel (such fun!)
  • a cancer scare in the family (false alarm - yay!)
  • a car service that ended up costing almost $1,000
  • an aborted attempt to move my stuff to the coast (what the fuck was I thinking?)

The good news is that I'm still on track for my big move next Friday 
(only eight sleeps to go!)

I've been in my jarmies for a week, but if all goes to plan, 
 I will be joining in Frock on Friday tomorrow, with a very special frock.

So what have you all been up to? I've missed you all so much!
I'm off now to catch up on your blogs - please be patient with me, 
I might need a little time but I promise I'm coming around for a visit soon.

And a big booger-blues-free cuddle from me to all who have emailed 
to make sure I was not dead. 
You treasures!

This one's just for Helga

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm too happy for this shit!

So I am in the middle of a super mental week...

doing all the things you have to when packing up a house at one end 
and preparing a house to move into at the other end

and on top of all of that nonsense, the plague has made a sudden return in the last few days 
and I am battling fever, headache, sore throat and sinus 

So the only thing for it was to pull out one of my old favourite old frocks
and throw on a bunch of happy vintage floral accessories

 This old darling was one of my first ever vintage purchases
and I rarely wear her these days...

 I wore: 
1960s polyester maxi - Op shopped 
Top 1960s enamel brooch - Gift from darling friend 
Other two enamel brooches - Purchased from Gorgeous George at Vintage Fairs 
1970s enamel daisy earrings - Vintage market 
Shoes - Retail

Too many vintage florals are never enough, don't you agree? 

Now, let's have a little chat about wearing yellow...

Every single time I wear yellow - and I wear it a lot - at least one woman (today it was two)  tells me that she wishes she could wear it but alas, she can not. And I ask when she last tried to wear it and usually she says that actually she has never tried it, but she just knows it would look dreadful on her and wouldn't suit her skin tone. 

To which I say Ppffftttttt

There is a shade of yellow out there that will suit you - I PROMISE. 

Be it a soft butter, fluoro, acid, citrus lemon or bright canary yellow, there is a shade for you. 

If you love yellow, but think you can't wear it because it 'makes you look ill' 
(it probably doesn't, but whatever)
try wearing it away from your face - bright shoes or a lovely patterned skirt - or wear a yellow dress or blouse with something in between to separate the colour from your face, 
such as as some chunky beads in a flattering tone, or a scarf. 

Give it a go - you might be surprised by how lovely you look in yellow!

The next few days are going to be quite mad, so I'm not sure when you'll hear from me. 
If I go awol, don't panic, I'm mostly harmless and I totally know where my towel is at. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WTF Wednesday... is it a skirt?

Is it a dress? 

I don't know... 

You tell me! 

I wore:
Indian cotton skirt/dress, leggings, tshirt, belt, necklace - Op shopped 
Shoes and hair flower - Retail
Skirt? Dress?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bicycle! Bicycle!

The last time I rode a bicycle, 
Elvis was still alive

(I totally think I'm gonna look like this: )

And since I am moving to a lovely, flat town, it's time for a bike...

Rat Rod Bikes

My friend Candypants has one of these and she loves it (hers is baby pink)...
and I am veeeeery tempted to get one myself...
GMX Maxine
They are cheap and cheerful but I wonder if it's sensible to buy a bike I haven't tested, 
especially since it is more than 30 years since I've been on a bike.

So yesterday I went to an actual bike shop and as soon as I entered I regretted it. 
There were no price tags and I was quickly accosted by the super 
smooth, uber-tattooed sales dude and seconded to a black couch 
for a review of my cycling requirements. 

He quickly established that I needed a $700 bike (it was the cheapest one they had)
(plus stack hat, plus basket, plus panniers, plus plus plus) 
 and then started explaining the benefits of the blah blah forks and the thingamy do dah frame 
and the whah whah tyres and of course he lost me at blah blah, 
so I made my glazed-eyed excuses and left the store, 
none the wiser, but a whole lot more bored. 

Here's what I want... 

I want to be glamorous...

I want it in fire engine red or canary yellow...

I want it to be almost impossible for me to ever fall off...

And I want it to be fabulous!

Rat Rod Bikes
 Is that too much to ask?

So, you bike-riding gals out there 
- and I know there are quite a few of you - 
please give me some bicycle guidance... 

Should I buy new or second hand? 
How much should I spend? 
Is it silly to buy online?
What do I really need to know about a bike before I buy it? 
What's the best hairdo to avoid helmet hair?



Monday, September 19, 2011

The stars have aligned...

Remember a while ago when I told you I have moved house 
49 times and that I could feel a change acomin'? 

I had no way of knowing then, but here comes move number 50.

I am in a position, for the first time in years, 
to move back to my own home...

which is this tiny little vintage shack in a tiny little vintage town...

just minutes' walk from this lake...

and this beach...

And a very managable Friday evening commute back to my beautiful little family, 
who I already miss dreadfully 
(or them to me)

It has a vast empty back yard, just ready for me to plant trees, flowers, fruit and veg...
and it already has these incredible orchids that just look after themselves 
and seem to thrive on neglect...

I plan to get a red bicycle with a big wicker basket...

Read more books, make more music, crochet more frocks, take more photographs, 
bake more cakes, smile more, stress less, write more, blog less and live more simply...

And enjoy the occasional visitor...
(This is big boy kangaroo Russell Crow hiding behind my car in my front yard.)

I moved here to Canberra three years ago with what I could fit in my car. 
Now, finally, I'm going to my own home, where I can unpack all my boxes, 
have my own photos and books and sleep in my own bed. 

And maybe, just maybe, put down some roots at last.

You have no. frickin. idea. how excited I am.
My face hurts from grinning like a mad thing and I can barely sleep a wink!

I wore: 
1980s jumpsuit - Gift
Tshirt, shoes, leggings and sunnies - Retail
Polka dot bow (work as brooch) - Gift from darling Helgita
Bangles and belt - Op shopped
Hair flower - Made it myself

All visitors very welcome!


Sunday, September 18, 2011


this is what it looks like

 I wore: 
Cowgirl/Milkmaid/Mrs Claus skirt - Op shopped 
Best gingham hair bow ever - Gift from Her Highness Helga von Fabulous
Tshirt - Had it for forty seven million years 
Leggings and shoes - Op shopped 
 1960s enamel daisy earrings - Vintage market 
Sunnies - Retail
Smile - Very excellent news... 

All will be revealed tomorrow! 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Styling...

These gals blew my mind back then 
and they still do now...

Since Ab Fab first aired 
I have had dreams that they are my two best friends. 

That's normal, right?