Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life's too short... stuff a mushroom

And it's too short to get upset about the lady in the express line 
who has seventeen items instead of twelve

And it's too short not to wear a divine vintage chiffon frock for no reason at all...

It's too short not to wear glitter eyeshadow...

and polka dot nail polish...


And it's too short to stay in a job with a culture of bullying, abuse, bitchiness, 
harassment, two facedness and general arseholery...


I quit my job today...

Life's too short not to have adventures!

I wore: 
Fabulous 1960s chiffon frock - Gift from darling Helga
Hair flower, sequinned belt and vintage cocktail ring - Op shopped 
1950s earrings - Fash n Treasure market 
Tights and shoes - Retail


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's nearly kaftan o'clock! 

For a couple of months in spring and then again in Autumn, 
it is perfect weather for kaftans. 
They are way too hot in summer and too cold in winter 
(and I look like a lumpy sausage with bulky layers underneath)
so I look forward to these times of year (Spring is only two days away!).

Here are some of my collection...

This is my summer kaftan - pure silk, so it's super light and airy even on a stinky hot day. 
It is bizarre pattern, with red, white and blue floral pattern over brown and orange geometric pattern on a creamy base. It's kinda shapeless and it's not my favourite. But my hair is extra high!

 Does my face look a bit weird here... OMG do I look like Octomom?

I am not usually a big fan of asymmetry but I do love this mid 70s polyester treasure. 
It zips up the back and  has the under-bust tie (except it is elastic, with a bra hook - fancy!) 
and a lovely half self belt at the front, so it is shapely and flattering.

This home made early 70s is made in a satiny/nylony/polyester and is super soft and has lovely sheen and  drape. It has the under bust tie, for lovely fit and is gorgeous classic 70s colours.
I love this one!

This is another fabulous homemade number in the most gorgeous, vibrant colours, 
in a lovely, flowy, lightweight polyester.  
It zips up the back and has the under tie bust, so fits beautifully. 
I wear this one most often.

This handmade heavy-duty polyester darling is the most volumous, yet has the most shape as it is sewn all the way to the hem on both sides, creating a sort of stingray effect. 
I love the spacey pattern. 

I wore: 
All kaftans, most bangles and hair flowers - Op shopped 
Some bangles - gifts from awesome sister in law 
Felt hair flower - Made by fabulous Vix 
Shoes - Retail 

Do you go to Kaftanistan?


Monday, August 29, 2011

Fringe Dweller

I've had a few comments lately about my barnet*, 
so I thought I'd bore you all stupid with a post about...
my hair
(Seriously, hair? Yep)

Here I am in 2011, rocking the fringe...

And here I am in 1972, rocking the fringe...
(And the fabulous handknitted by my Mum jumpsuit with spats, thank you very much)

My hair is stupid long. It gets caught in car doors and zippers and gives me the poops. 
Once it even got caught in a spa duct. Boy, that was fun.
I mostly wear it up - which keeps me from being decapitated 
AND provides an awesome backdrop for flowers, bows, scarves and turbans.

I had no fringe for a long time and a few years ago I came to a fork in the road of my life: 

Botox    or    Fringe

Fringe won and I haven't looked back.

I like a long shaggy fringe, and a short rockabilly fringe 
and at the moment I am enjoying my pointy Betty bangs, which are also a little Elvira... 

I discovered my first grey hairs at 17 and have been 
dying my hair darkest brown (it's not black!) ever since. 

That's once a fortnight for 24 years - that's 624 hair dyes at an average of $12...
Holy guacamole - that's $7,488 I have spent on hair dye!!!
Worth every cent.

I have also been cutting my own hair for years - it's easy to trim the back since it's so long... 
and the fringe I do a ilttle at a time, so I can never fuck it up too badly. 

And my secret for always having a perfect fringe? 
I wash my fringe every day. 
The rest of my hair is washed only sporadically as I am pretty lazy...

But to have a perfect, shiny, bouncy fringe you MUST wash it daily. 
It takes one minute over the bathroom sink, then it dries while I'm doing my makeup, 
then I style it with my fabulous hair styling tool (I won't give them free advertising 
but go ahead and click the link if you want to know). 
Do not bother with any inferior brand - trust me, I have tried them all. 
This is the only one worth having - and yes they are expensive but my current one 
is eight years old, so I have no problem in recommending it 
(it's currently costing me 11 cents per day).

So there it is. Everything you never knew you wanted to know about my hair. 
Honestly, what nonsense... who cares! 

If you liked it then you should have put an afro wig on it.


*Barnet is rhyming slang for hair - thanks to darling Sandy for the heads up!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Park life

Beautiful afternoon in the park

Even though there are officially three days left of winter, 
it was the most beautiful sunshiney day today. 

Perfect for an afternoon in the park with a straw hat, mango gelato and a summer maxi.

So this weekend I have spent one day lying around in a hammock 
and the other lying around in a park. 
I'm still being woken at 4am every day with the terrible sore throat, 
and it take me ages to get back to sleep so it's no wonder I'm tired. 

I've worn two different vintage red/white/blue daisy patterns this weekend.

They're such happy prints.

 And now that I am not in five layers of long-sleeved wool, 
I can get my bangles out of winter storage - yay!

I wore: 
Hat, tshirt, 70s maxi, shoes, bangles and 70s sunnies - Op shopped
Necklace and agate bangle - Gifts from awesome sister in law
70s mood ring - Gift from awesome Vix
How was your weekend? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marcia Marcia Marcia!

How Marcia Brady is this outfit?

I have become obsessed with the weather. 
Winter is definitely on its way out and we had the most beautiful sunny day here. 
It was so lovely in fact, that instead of doing ANY of the ten things on my errand list today, 
I spent seven hours in my brother and sister in law's back yard, 
lying around on the hammock and doing absolutely nothing.  Lovely!

Everything op shopped, except shoes and sunnies (retail) and tights (gift from Vix)

Hope you're all having a gorgeous weekend! 


Friday night's alright for fighting

OK, so maybe it is the plague after all

I don't look good and I don't feel good, 
so I'm trying to distract you with all the busy backgrounds

I wore: 
Ah, you don't really give a crap do you? 
I'm too tired and sick to be bothered, really. 

And then I wore this fab maxi and my hair was awesome but I still looked and felt crap. 
Look at the awesome hair!

In summary: plague bad, frock good, glad Friday, hair good, throat bad, Cold Chisel good, 
David Bowie good, baked ricotta cheesecake good, friends good, 
Judith Lucy good, sleep good,  good night. 
Thank you to my blog friends who have emailed to make sure I'm not dead. 
 You are darlings. And I promise I'm not dead.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank you all for your concern...

But apparently it's not the plague
(it's a headcold)

 I have done a guest post over at The Suniverse
pop over and share my humiliation and then come back here and admire my frock. 
Make sure you follow while you're over there. She's frickin hilarious and awesome. 
It's ok, I'll wait. 

You back? What? Yes, it really happened... !?! I know! Shall we get to the frock? OK...

It was a gorgeous sunny day here 
and I even got out of bed for a couple of hours. 
Rock on, me

This is what I wore to an appointment today. 

The girls at reception always go nuts for my hair and wonder at the time it must take. 
I tell them  - this do takes seriously ONE MINUTE to do but they don't believe me. 

There's one older lady who always clutches my arm and tells me how 'brave' I am. 
 Bless her cotton socks. I have no idea what she's on.

 I adore my mental 1970s pink and gold sunnies

This fab handmade 70s polyester frock was the first thing darling Helga ever sent me. 
She's had a few outings but I don't think I have featured her here before. 
She's the perfect colour when I need to brighten up my day and fits like a dream.

 I wore: 
1970s peach trench coat, 1970s sunnies, bangles, scarf clip and cardigan - Op shopped 
1960s scarf and tapestry bag - Vintage Fair 
Tights, shoes and hair flower - Retail 

I just love the 1960s floral scarf I got at the last Vintage Fair. 

These are pink leather with pink, red and purple stripes on the wedges. Fab huh?
As per usual, I am three years behind and this is the first time I have tried the 
tights with strappy shoes look, despite having admired it on others for ages. 
What do you think? Is it ridiculous? 
Be gentle, remember I have the plague a cold 
and I'm a sensitive little snowflake and I have had some terrible boyfriends.