Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Darling I....

Can't Get Enough of Your Love

What? I totally needed purple glitter cowboy boots.

I wore: 
1960s maxi, sunnies and cowboy boots - Op shopped 
Vintage crocheted bag - Vintage Fair 
Leopard tights, flower brooch and hat - Retail
I had a play date with Sam this afternoon - we transformed her faded old ballet flats 
into sparkly red slippers of joy. I'm like the Glitter Angel - sharing the gospel of glitter!

A few days ago I received this fabulous parcel from the beautiful Curtise. 
She knows me VERY well and sent me the most marvellous collection of goodies...

 Clockwise from top left:  
1964 Parade magazine, the new Stevie Nicks cd, 1964 children's book and 1964 postcard

 And this AMAZING 3D glass picture - I'm guessing 1970s... 
does anyone know anything about these? I LOVE it!
I have named her Curtise and she is settling in happily next to Sarcastic Slow Clapping Mary.

And this stunning tablecloth and napkins, still in the original packaging. 
The brand is 'Annabel Trends' and it's from Melbourne! 

Thanks so much, Curtise - you are an absolute sweetheart.

A Little Housekeeping: 

The little broken legged kitty is not my cat - it was a picture in a viral email. 

The glitter shoes don't drop glitter as the glitter is embedded in the Mod Podge. 
Mod Podge is a non toxic, low scent sealant/glue and it dries super quickly. 
I cannot recommend it highly enough and I NEVER recommend anything 
as I hate giving free advertising, but Mod Podge is the bomb.

There's more glitter nonsense to come. Of course.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Impulse control? No thanks

You know how sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head... 
and the only for it is to just have a go and see what happens? 

How awesome is it when it WORKS?

A few weeks ago, our darling Stacey posted a link to a fab glitter shoes tutorial
Naturally I have been obsessing ever since and this week I spontaneously popped into an art supply store, bought enough glitter to cover the Sydney Opera House and got to work...

 I bought these dull little shoes a couple of years ago (the shame - I paid full retail for them!) and have only worn them two or three times. I don't wear a lot of brown and they are really just not me. Yet. 

 I gathered my supplies: 
Mod Podge Gloss 
Super fine glitter (I couldn't choose between red and purple so I used both)
Masking tape (which I think is unnecessary so long as you have a steady hand)
Flat paint brush 
Old takeaway container 
Skewer, toothpick or similar

 I used a lot more glitter than in the tutorial, so I only needed two coats. 
I just mixed the glitter into some Mod Podge in the container and slapped it on.

It's important to clear any holes, shoelace eyelets etc while the glue is still wet - I used a skewer. 
It's also important to wipe out the inside of the shoes before they dry 
as any little blobs will harden quickly and become little stabby barnacles of agony.

And the finished product...

Ribbon laces and some upside down plastic wings for good measure. 

Aren't they fab? 

 I wore:
1960s polyester jumpsuit, 1970s crocheted cardigan and bangles - Op shopped 
Sunnies, hair flower and shoes - Retail 
Earrings and vintage crocheted bag - Vintage Fair 
Barry M nailpolish and eye shadow - Gifts from darling Vix 

See those fab square buttons? They're all for show! 
The jumpsuit closes by press stud and occasionally they pop open 
(hello boys! wink wink nudge nudge!).

Other items I have considering glittering: 
picture frames
sunglasses frames
bedside table
entire house 

Of course, I didn't stop there... the next glittered item features tomorrow and it's a doozy!

What will YOU glitter? 



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is not a love song

Today’s post is dedicated to my darling friend Blossom...  

who has broken her leg in nine million places and is stuck in bed, 
wearing lacy Victorian nighties, eating bon bons 
and being gorgeously incapacitated. 

I offered to go over and yell at her leg  
(you know, to accelerate the healing process)
but she declined my generous offer.  
 Madness, but you never can tell what people are thinking, can you? 

Hello darling!

Apart from obviously being a bit bonkers (a most endearing trait),
Bloss is also a fellow lover of the excessive eyeliner and huge hair flowers,
and she shares my obsession with vintage caftans. 

So, in her honour, I pulled out one of my favourite caftans 
and minced around my kitchen a bit:

I wore: 
Vintage caftan, turtleneck and most bangles - Op shopped
Tights and shoes - Retail
Peacock feather headpiece - Gift from awesome sister in law

Blossom, darling, I know you're an animal lover 
so here are a couple of cute kitten pictures for you... 

The incredible Dolores Del Rio

And finally...

are you ready? 

 You may never recover from the insane cute factor of this...


Don't say I didn't warn you...

You're welcome. 

Get well soon, Bloss


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Did you ever have a day...

when the only thing for it was to come home 
and put a bunch of silk flowers on your head?


Well, you haven't lived!

 I wore: 
Best 1960s housecoat ever - Gift from Heavenly Helga 
22 hair flowers - Some retail, some gifts, some op shopped, some I made, one I stole
1950s glasses - Ebay 
1960s flower earrings and enamel brooch - Vintage Fair

Consider this a challenge - 
what non-hat item can you wear as a hat?

Blog it and link back and I'll do a round up post next Tuesday. 

Look at me... doing things! 

Fuck it's been a weird day. 

Amen and out. 

Sarah xxx

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just some stripes

 ...and a little sadness

 I wore: 
Jacket, turtleneck, belt and hair bow - Op shopped 
Tights and shoes - Retail 
  1960s enamel brooch - Vintage store 
1950s glasses - ebay 
There are way too many pictures of her at her worst...

I'll always remember her at her best.


She could sing like nobody's business.

Goodbye Amy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I was born in the wagon of a travelling show

I bloody love Cher

I loved watching the Sonny and Cher show when I was about four or five years old.
I adored Cher's outfits, even at such an early age.

She was so colourful and had super long hair that she swung over her shoulders 
and fingernails that could take your eye out.

She was funny, sexy, smart and glamorous - a killer combination.


She was a larger than life super glamazon in my quiet suburban little life.

Then in the 1980s she started her amazing acting career,
starring in several movies, including The Witches of Eastwick, which I LOVE

Pigtails and overalls - what's not to love? 
(Plus she was 41 when she made this movie - my current age)
Click here to go to Agent Lover's hilarious review of The Witches of Eastwick 

She is the queen of reinvention

Clockwise from top left: 
Skirt, earring made by me from broken favourite pendant, dress, headscarf

This is most mental pattern mixing ever... what do you think? Did I pull it off?

She's amazing

I hope she lives to three hundred and has fourteen more face lifts. 
She's frickin awesome.

Is it just me or does this totally look like Celine Dion?

 I wore: 
1960s floral maxi worn as a top (last seen here) - Op shopped 
1970s head scarf, 1960s shawl, 1970s sunnies and most bangles - Op shopped
Boots and maxi cotton skirt - Retail (both about eight years ago)