Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sometimes I think I'm 15 again

in 1985... and it's pretty fun!

So we all know about my obsession with overalls and my penchant for ridiculous 1980s outfits. 

I have two items that I have owned since the 1980s. 

One of them is my pleather skirt. 

The other is this bizarre overalls/apron/pinafore/dress/thingy.

Overalls and bizarre apron/pinafore/dress/thingies were made popular in the mid 80s 
by bands such as Dexy's Midnight Runners and Australian band Big Pig.
I saved up for ages to buy this in 1985 and I've lugged it around for the last 26 years (!!!) as I love it so very very much. I wear it infrequently, but it's especially perfect in winter as it's so enormous and shapeless that I can wear forty-seven layers underneath if I like. And I like.

It's basically just a big sack that you step into, wrap it around and tie - you can tie it in the front or the back: I prefer to tie it in the back so that I can use the pockets. I love pockets.

I wore: 
Overalls/apron/pinafore/dress/thingy - Retail (in 1985)
Long sleeved tshirt, striped socks, tights and beret - Retail (more recently)
Coat, scarf and bangles - Op shopped
Boots - Made just for me by Vegan Wares in Melbourne about ten years ago (they still look like new)
Sunnies - Gift from beautiful Ofelia

Speaking of Ofelia, have a look at this amazing parcel of gorgeousness that she just sent me: 

I know! I'm so spoiled! 

Four scarves, a fab yellow (taxi) checked belt, two pairs of sunnies (including the red ones I'm wearing in these pics!), two bags, three nail polishes and The Full Monty dvd!
Thank you so much Ofelia, you are an absolute darling!

And I've had a little op shopping fortune recently... 
here's a little teaser...



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now is the winter of my discontent

This seems to have become my winter work wardrobe 
~ turtleneck with pencil skirt and a million woolly layers ~

These outfits are so much more about warmth and comfort than style. 

Every morning I shuffle for miles in minus five degrees, from the carpark to my work, with my wheatbag shoved down the front of my coat, looking like an extra from Gorky Park.

I curse under my breath and wish I had my vintage van, so I could head north 
on a little mid winter adventure and go see my gals in Queensland for a couple of weeks.

The least I can do is glam up my dull old woolies with some leopard print and eyeliner.

I wore:
Pencil skirt, turtle neck, vintage faux fur and hair flowers - Op shopped
Sunnies, tights, boots and bag - Retail (the bag is about 20 years old!)
Gloves - Gift (thanks Kate) 
Bathroom bag - Gift from awesome sister in law 
Faux fur collar - Gift from beautiful Desiree

A couple of things I'm looking forward to in coming months: 

and look who's touring here in November/December...


Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm like Kylie...ok I'm not like her at all...

but I am so lucky lucky lucky! 

Do you know Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up!?

She is glamorous and stunningly beautiful, as you can see, 
but what you can't see is what a lovely friend she is. 
Thoughtful, generous, kind, creative, hilariously funny and super lovely. 

She recently sent me a parcel of goodies (I know! more parcels!) including this incredible coat...

1950s burgundy velvet with trumpet sleeves and a Mandarin collar

Also enclosed was the fabulous detachable faux fur collar, 
which I have been wearing with EVERYTHING, including my pyjamas.

And look - we are both wearing our faux pony fur leopard belts today.
Though I am being a little more post modern and wearing mine off centre. 
Live and learn, people.

I did a different hairdo today, which looked pretty sweet 
but even with forty seven bagillion bobby pins, it kept falling out.  
Oh well. I guess it was as post modern as my skewiff belt.

Also enclosed were these fabulous earrings - 
how did she know that I have a thing for birds-out-of-cages? 

And finally, she included two movies I have been meaning to watch for ages -

And a charming looking book called Water For Elephants.
Since I love elephants and I loved Like Water For Chocolate,  
I fully expect to love Water For Elephants. 
That makes perfect sense, right? 

Thank you so much Desiree - you are such a darling.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pots and Tripes

I have spent about three hours working on this post about my fantastic day today with my beautiful niece Annabel...

And blogger just wiped it. 

And now I'm so sad I can barely type. 

So here are the photos.

Insert your own text. 
Make it hilariously witty, deeply sentimental and beautifully poignant.


Is it just me or do you see this too?


These fantastic hand knitted ruffled wrist/ankle warmers/cuffs were made by beautifully thoughtful and super sweet Nelly! She has about five million kids and grandkids, is a total op shopping addict, sells stuff in her online stores and knits like a fiend, so I have no idea how she found the time to go to the post office, but she did and I am ever so grateful! She also sent me the most amazing frock (to be featured soon) and a gorgeous vintage tapestry. Thank you Nelly!

I hope your Sunday was half as lovely as mine. 

You know, except for the blogger debacle. That sucked.

I hope we all have a fabulous week... is there something in the air?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fluff

These are all Australian photographs from the 40s, 50s and 60s...





And these are the four items Sam took: 4, 6, 7 and 8