Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrap it up...

It's the end of the May as we know it...

Today's outfit was quite uninspired I'm afraid...

I was running errands and doing boring stuff, so needed to be comfortable and warm...

Though I was quite pleased with the extra super cheer leader bounciness of my ponytail.

I wore: 
1960s cardigan, skirt, turtleneck, 1960s tapestry handbag and 1940s brooch - Op shopped 
Tights and shoes - Retail (Cheap!)

May Wrap Up 


My top three faves are: 
1 the leopard caftan (top row)
2 the yellow roses (second row) 
3 the autumn floral maxi (also second row)

Do you have a favourite? 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Gratuitous boob shot and some news...

Canberra Australia, Monday 30 May 2011, Autumn, -3 - 12, overcast, windy, cold

I had my second interview today...

And these fabulous tartan shoes, which were a gift from beautiful Meredith

Plus my vintage tartan waistcoat, which I last wore here

 And under all the sensible, I wore my lucky leopard print bra...

and I start my new job next Monday!

I wore: 
Cashmere coat and tights - Retail (coat is 10+ years old)
Skirt, top, vest, bow and scarf - Op shopped 
Shoes - Gift from Beautiful Meredith
Leopard bra - Fab local maker, can't remember her name

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Babes, Blokes and a Bitchin' Birthday Bombshell

I was very pleased with my hairdo

Check out those peaches!

And a little understated jewellery, some killer cleavage and a rogue curl...

Perfect for a night out to celebrate the birthday of this stunning gal, my pal Meredith!

Isn't she bloody gooooorgeous? I have a little lady crush on her!

With her BFF Andrew (I also have a little lady crush on him!)

I swear we didn't coordinate our faux furs.
That's gorgeous Deb on the the left - she has the BEST glasses.

 Evolution of a birthday... Pub --> Restaurant --> Bar --> Karaoke


What did we ever do before Twitter?

The beautiful Rhonda and Shannon ...
if anybody can restore my faith in love it just might be these two...

Happy Birthday Meredith - You Rock!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Freaky Floral Friday

So Beautiful ~ So Ugly

I do love a beautiful/hideous or weird/unusual fabric, pattern or colour combination

I love a fabric that makes me go "Huh?"

What were they thinking?

"You know what, we need to put aqua and olive green together in an ugly floral polyester"

"And then add some solid aqua panels to the bodice."

A little interpretive dance for you. You're welcome.

I wore: 
1960s frock - Op shopped 
Hair flower - Cheap junk jewellery shop

So I guess they were impressed by my glasses, as I received notice late this afternoon 
that they would like me to come in for a second interview on Monday.

In preparation for the interview, they sent me 
the Position Description, which lists the following tasks: 

* As a member of a team, undertake project work in a functional area.
* As an individual carry out less demanding reviews or project work.
* Prepare draft guidelines and draft replies to difficult or complex representations.
* Exercise internal reconsideration delegation for access decisions made by lower level staff.
* Liaise and where necessary negotiate with clients and other interested parties.
* Supervise staff in a work unit and allocate casework.
* Assist in the development and implementation of local work plans.

Blah blah blah... have you ever seen anything so ridiculous riddled with nonsensical jargon generic? 

It might as well read: 

* Do some things
* Do those things good 
* Talk to people
* Write some words
* Help other people do some stuff
* Don't suck

Any suggestions for second interview outfits? 

Happy weekend everybody... don't wear yourselves out with all that 
exercising of internal reconsideration delegation!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have to be a grown up sometimes

Today I had a job interview... 

So I had to dress all conservative and boring...  and I even wore my Take-Me-Seriously glasses

 I wore: 
High waisted pants, shoes and glasses - Retail (Super cheap!)
Ruffled jacket, scarf and shoe clips - Op shopped 
Amazing watch - Gift from gorgeous Christina

After the interview it was exercise time. 

And while I enjoy the sweaty disgustingness... 
I do not enjoy the boring lycra, uninspired clothing and ugly shoes. 
So this is my tribute to how exercise should be...

 It's exhausting I tell ya!

I wore: 
Shoes, 1980s striped top, scarf and bangles - Op shopped
Pants and fluoro fishnet top - Retail (super cheap!)

And here is part three of my Portraits series:  

See? I'm a grown up!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woodstock wedding...

I adore this late 1960s wedding dress

 I was married in a dress made from a red silk sari.

The dress was beautiful. The marriage was not.

You might like to read about how thoughtful I was in  
returning a few things that my husband left behind when he moved out. 

I've been divorced for longer than I was married.

I don't believe in marriage for me
(I believe in it for you, if that's what you want!)

But I'd marry for money in a flash.

Because I believe in love, people!

Who, me, cynical?

Nah... I'm just a misfit!

I wore: 
Late 1960s Wedding dress - Borrowed from Misfits stock (You can buy it here)
Boots - Retail (Years ago)
Vintage veil - Op shopped
Floral headpiece - Made it myself
1960s enamel earrings - Vintage store
Chunky cocktail ring - I bought it for Helga and haven't sent it yet