Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sam and Sarah's Excellent Adventure

Hi, I'm Sarah...

 and this is Sam...

Isn't she gorgeous?

We went to my favourite vintage place for a wander...

How's this for a First World Problem... I want vintage loo paper because the packaging is so pretty.
And I WANT this little yellow polka dot kitchen set.

Student Nurse Sam found this treasure
I REALLY want this for my vintage caravan (I don't actually have one YET)

And this shelf called Helga's name
We BOTH loved this... and there were two of them! (But neither of us bought one.)
Why oh why are we so drawn to this old stuff?
All of these Rinso boxes were unopened... and they smelled good!
See the little duck and little pig egg cups up the back? I SO want them!
And of course, there were vintage frocks, hats, bags, coats, jewellery and corsets...

Movie Star Beauty

Admit it, you're a little bit in love with her, right? Yeah, me too.
I wore: 
1980s dress, shoes, 1960s scarf, scarf clip and belt - Op shopped 
1950s handknit cardigan - Overpriced vintage fair, years ago 
1950s wicker basket and sunnies - More reasonably priced vintage store, more recently

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pomp and Ceremony...

Canberra Australia, Friday 29 April 2011 Autumn, 4 - 17 degrees, clear and sunny

in my back yard...

Just showing off my fabulous purple eyeshadow. I need Helga and Sandy to teach me a thing or two about makeup!
I wore: 
1970s Indian silk dress and shoes - Op shopped 
Shawl - Was my late Granny's (overdyed by me)
Hair flower - Gift from awesome sister in law
Indian cotton  pants - Retail 
Nailpolish - 'Indigo' by Barry M - Birthday present from beautiful Vix

And here, for no reason at all, are my two grandmothers (1975)

That's Nanny Maude, my paternal grandmother on the left, 
and Granny Annie, my maternal grandmother on the right. 
Both have been dead a long time and both were formidable women. 
Rock on, grandmothers. 


Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's all about the glamour...

Another photo shoot today with my mad model Sonia...

All of these items to be loaded to ebay in the few days... so. much. fun!

The only vintage I wore today was this pleather skirt, 
which I have had since 1987!


I wore: 
Striped dress, lace socks and shoes - Retail 
Red leggings - Gift from Vix
Pleather skirt - Had it since 1987
Red flower - No frickin idea 
Neck ruffle - Local market

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Continuing Big Cat Theme Week...

Canberra Australia, Wednesday 27 April 2011 Autumn, 4 - 16 degrees with a cold wind off the mountains 
Today I wore my fabulous faux (of course!) snow leopard coat

It was 'shivery' cold for the first time this season today. 

I wore: 
Black wool dress - Retail (maybe three or four years ago - one of my last retail purchases)
Striped tights - I imported them (I have four pairs left if anyone would like to buy a pair!)
Shoes, rhinestone bracelets and hair flower - Retail (all cheap!) 
1970s Glomesh clutch, jun beads and fab 1960s coat - Op shopped 

A Little Housekeeping

Vegetable Assassin - the lippy is Max Factor English Rose. Oh, and you rock.

I have had a recent order to change my comments to 'pop up' style, which will apparently make it easier for you to comment. I have already removed the word verification, which I can see was a good move, as I now find it a bit annoying on other blogs. Do you guys have any opinion on pop up comments versus embedded comments? Or anything else?
Anything you'd like to see more... or less?
Anything technical that bugs you?
Do you wish I would add more RAM to the HTML of the ABC and the COD of the DOA?
Because I could totally do that.

Come on... let's get technical, technical...

Holy crap this is dreadful. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And the Giveaway winner is...


If you are not familiar with Desiree's blog  Pull Your Socks Up head on over and check her out. 

She is...

 Exquisitely Beautiful

Wonderfully Smart

Completely Original

Hilariously Funny

Brilliantly Innovative

 Marvellously Quirky 

Fantastically Inspirational

Wonderfully Whimsical

 Divinely Dreamy


Congratulations Desiree, I am so happy this delightful bag is going to such a good home.

A big thank you to everyone who entered - I looooove doing Giveaways.

And welcome home, Vix, we have all missed you like mad!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello, my name is Sarah...

...and I am a scarfaholic.

These are just some of my scarves
Long cotton
Short vintage silk
Medium vintage polyester
Small hot pink cotton bandanna
Small vintage cotton bandanna
Cotton floral triangle
Long synthetic leopard
Vintage cotton bandanna no 2
1970s synthetic medium square
Large Indian silk square
Medium 1970s polyester square
Medium synthetic leopard sqaure
Vintage small silk square with satin ribbon brooch
Large vintage Indian cotton square with fringe and gold thread
1970s medium silk square
1960s synthetic medium square
Vintage acetate small square
1960s long synthetic floral
1960s orange paisley small silk square
Medium leopard square
Vintage red cotton bandanna No 3
Vintage blue polka dot cotton bandanna medium
Large Indian silk square with fringe
Vintage red cotton bandanna (No 2 again)

Looking through these pics from the last year, two things are immediately apparent: 
I definitely suffer from Chronic Bitchface
I suspect that I might also have Hands-on-hips-itis.  

 Last chance to enter The Giveaway - only 24 hours left until it closes!