Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love will tear us apart... or blogger will...

The blogger comment issue continues. 

People below - I cannot comment on your blogs!

I am reading and I want to comment but blogger just keeps deleting my comments. 
And if you don't have an email address in your profile, I can't let you know that I can't comment, 
which is even more frustrating, as I don't want you to think that I'm ignoring you.

All of these blogs are powered by blogger and have embedded comments. 
Sue fixed the problem by changing her comments from embedded to Popup. 
I don't know if that would work for all of them, but it may be worth a try? 
Also, if I am having trouble commenting, I bet there must be others out there having the same problem, so it might be worth making the change: even if it doesn't solve my problem, it may solve someone else's.
(Yes, I have third party cookies enabled. Yes I am using Firefox. It also happens in Chrome and Safari.
I am starting to be such a blog nerd - I even know what these things mean - how boring!)

OK, boring stuff over. 
Here are some fab pics of one of my faves Beth Ditto for you, 
as an apology for putting up with such a tedious post: 



Helga will be here in less than twelve hours and I need some beauty sleep.
The next time you hear from me, we shall be together - how exciting!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm a grown up. No, seriously, I am.

Inspired by Vix's post on packing yesterday, I thought I'd take a more organised approach to my
own packing today. Usually I just throw a whole lot of stuff in some bags and hope for the best.
Today I carefully laid out frocks, shoes and accessories and packed them into suitcases.
(Look at me, I'm like a proper grown up!)

Vix and Jon are going to India for three weeks and will be taking one small case each. 

I am going to Sydney for three days and I am taking: 

One large suitcase (clothes)
One medium suitcase (accessories)
One small suitcase (shoes)
One large carry bag 
Two vanity cases
One camera bag 
One jewellery case
One laptop bag, two pillows, a bag of goodies for Helga and my handbag (not pictured)

As always, I know when to stop. I'm all about minimalism.

And for your viewing pleasure, a few lovely travel items (get your credit cards ready):

Vintage Flower Power Suitcase

 Vintage Turquoise Hard Case

(My favourite!)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Very Mild Superpowers

Have you noticed my Very Mild Superpowers? 

I can disappear for a couple of days...

And I can spot a faux fur bargain at a hundred paces!

Here are a few recent treasures:

More vintage crocheted blankets, two faux fur hats (one with pom poms!), 1950s handbag and
1970s oil paints (very heavy lead content!)

 Handmade garbage bin, two faux fur jackets, seersucker tie, scarves, shoes, two jewellery boxes...

 A fabulous 1960s cocktail ring. 
(See that manicure? I've got WAY too much time on my hands!)

 A 1960s folding fan (a gift for friends who collect flamingos)

 1974 painting (it says 'Sarah' on the back!)

 1968 little book from Hallmark

 Late 1960s deadstock leather vanity case...

 The mirror is still wrapped in paper and the key is taped to the mirror! 
1950s Buxton 'Spec-Tainer' in box
Awesome 1960s handmade apron/pinnie
New in packaging 1950s cross stitch linen tea towel plus three other calendar tea towels from the 1970s
1950s/60s oil painting
Early 1960s anodised desk lamp. I wonder how many of these I need.
And my favourite item... this gorgeous crazy ceramic owl. 
He stands about 12 cm high, has 'Japan' painted on the base and the thermometer is in farenheit. 
I'll be interested to see if his feathers do change colour!
I have absolutely no idea how old he might be - any ideas? I bet Vix can tell!

TRUST ME - take two minutes to watch this. You will love it.

Only three more sleeps until Helga and I meet in Sydney for our blogger meet up weekend 
(and night with Dusk!) - I'm so excited!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You know, some days are just winners...

Today I battled an old demon and I won. 

This is what a winner looks like: 



I wore: 
1960s double knit polyester frock and 1950s hat - Repertory theatre wardrobe sale
Fluoro whalenets and shoes - Retail
Hot pink 1960s Japanese beaded bag - Op shop
Winning attitude - Made it myself, with a little help from Charlie Sheen


Friday, March 25, 2011

Honey, get it while you can, yeah!

What you can't see here...

 or here...
 is how frickin enormous my hair is when I let it dry naturally

I wore:
1970s jeans, long sleeved tshirt, vintage faux fur jacket and cowgirl boots - Op shopped
1970s patchwork vest and vintage mango cocktail ring - Gifts from the beautiful Vix
Bird and cage necklace - Gift from Ranga Housemate
Enormous hair - Made it myself 
How much do I love these op shopped cowgirl boots ($7)?
I don't often wear my hair down if I haven't carefully dried and straightened it, 
as I feel as though I am totally channeling Janis Joplin with the enormous 
frizzy coconut fibre tangled head of ridiculousness. 
However, sometimes I am totally in the mood for some of that. Like tonight.

 She also loved her (faux?) furs and BIG hair
 and Southern Comfort (bleeccchhh!!)

RIP Janis

And RIP Elizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011
 She could totally rock the big hair while flipping the bird. 
Rock on Liz.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Australia 101 - Part 2 - Population, Fauna, Culture and Holidays

Australia 101 - Part 2


At 28 February 2011 the population was 22,575,031

Ninety percent of Australians live in Sydney. Fifteen percent live in Ramsay Street. Five percent live at Australia Zoo and the remaining ten percent live in Summer Bay.


Koalas are not bears. Only idiots call them 'koala bears'. You will not see a koala unless you go to a zoo. They have incredibly advanced surveillance equipment and are never seen unless they want to be seen. Which is never.

In 2010, an estimated ninety thousand people were killed by koala poop missiles.
Koalas are extremely aggressive and invisible, and like to pelt passing people with their poop.
Koalas are known as the 'Terminators of the Bush'.

Kangaroos, wombats and sheep are marsupials. That means that they have three vaginas and pouches, give birth to live, unfertilised eggs, can hold their breath for up to five hours, have curly hair and can drink other mammals under the table (with the obvious exception of the Irish). Kangaroos make their own ‘home-brew’ from eucalyptus leaves and witchetty grubs, which has highly hallucinogenic properties and can induce psychotic killing sprees. The character of Begbie in Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting was based on a kangaroo named Francis.

Platypus do not exist. Sorry.

You may see a dead wombat on the side of the road if you are driving between cities.
The ancient feudal battle between koalas and quokka continues even today and unfortunately, the poor docile wombat is often collateral damage.

You will see many dead kangaroos on the side of the road. Due to their stupidity and stubborn refusal to remove their sunglasses and hoodies, even at night, kangaroos are often caught in the cross fire between the koala and quokka clans, or hit by cars.

Snakes and spiders are everywhere, hiding, coiled, waiting to pounce.
They prefer to live in toilets, pockets and beds. More than four million people die every minute from spider and snake bites across Australia.

Crocodiles and dolphins eat between four and five thousand people every year.
They live at the top of the country. Don’t go there

Box jellyfish will kill you with their deadly quills as fast as look at you but they often just bore their hapless victims to death with stories of the 'good old days'. They kill between seven and eight thousand people every year.

Mosquitoes carry all the standard parasitic diseases: malaria, dengue fever, the plague, cancer, toenail fungus and strokes. While exact statistics are unavailable, it is estimated that mosquito cancer kills more people each year than crocodile cancer and koala poop cancer combined.


Australia is a first world country. That means that Australia is always first in the world at everything, including: the Olympics, football, cricket, drinking beer, being killed by sting rays, eating burnt sausages, building things from asbestos, driving too fast, getting pissed and smashing cars, not caring about education, the arts and culture, calling people ‘fuckin’ poofs’ and pooping in hotel corridors.

We have running water and internet. Except when we don’t.
More often we have drought, bushfires, cyclones, floods, erosion and salinity problems.

We have 40 universities. Mostly inhabited by international students, who also do all the yucky jobs that
First World Australians "don’t have time" to do, because they are too busy "drinking beer" and smashing their cars.It's highly cultural and also scientific.


We do not have Thanksgiving. We don't know what it's about and we don’t really care.
Ditto Halloween, Bastille Day and any other holiday that is not Australian.
Do you know what 'ANZAC Day', 'Australia Day' or 'OMG Kangaroos Are Funny Week' are about? 
No, see, so shush about your holidays and we'll shush about ours.

Next week on Australia 101: Part 3 - More rubbish.

Missed Australia 101: Part 1? That's ok, tiger. Go here.

Any questions about Australia? Please feel free to ask in the comments - or email me directly.
You know you want to.