Thursday, December 30, 2010

Missing in action...

Here's what I've been doing for the last four days...


 Being pose-y... 

 Being ridiculous glamourous...

Being beachy...

 Being leopard scarfy...

 Being blue wren-y...
 Being geisha...
Being ducky...
 Being lakey...

Being crimson rosella-y...

Being coast-y...
 And walky..
 And cemetery-y.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Part 3 - The Music Project

This project is to chronicle every musical act (singer, musician or band) that I have ever seen. 
The list will be posted in several parts and will be updated as I remember additional artists (or people remind me, or photographic evidence comes to light). I am not including little hokey acts, only known acts - basically if I google them and get no hits, they are left off the list.

I will not be making commentary on the acts - merely noting their place on the list. However, you should feel free to comment and to mock me mercilessly for some of my embarassing choices over the years. 
It's ok - I can take it.

Part One here.

Part Two here.



More Blogger Love...

I am totally inspired by one of the most beautiful bloggers, Dusk, who has an enviable wardrobe, an incredible style, an exquisite face and a rockin' bod.  If you are not already a follower, go check out her blog right now - she's funny, clever and perceptive as well as drop. dead. gorgeous. 
Oh dear, I think I have a little lady crush!

Here she is wearing her Sinbad pants... 

 I pulled out these amazing 1980s pants and mixed em up with some stripes... what do you think?


I wore: 
1980s pants, cotton stripy tshirt, bangles - op shopped 
Shoes - Nine West
Purple flower ring - some cheap jewellery shop
Headband - made it myself

It seems to be the week for channeling my fave bloggers... here I am channeling Helga!

I hope you're all having a fab Boxing Day.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And then my head exploded from awesomeness...

Happy Xmas from my family to yours! 

Xmas Day is half over for the Misfits family. 
We are all having afternoon naps before we continue the day with a huge dinner 
and festivities in the early evening. 

Here are some highlights of the day so far... 

The crazy eyes started early... Girl Interrupted, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Revolutionary Road - my holiday reading ready.
I thought Little Misfit needed an astronmaut costume to balance all the tutus and fairy wings! Luckily she agreed.
I have been wanting this wonderful book for ages!
I have no idea why I'm doing gangsta hands. I think it's the hands' equivalent of crazy eyes. Anyway... this was hilarious. When Brother Misfit asked me ages ago what I wanted for xmas I said 'a Prince tshirt' and sent him a link to one that I had seen worn by one of my favourite bloggers, Reiko from God's Favourite Shoes. Well, he thought that Prince tshirt was boring and instead bought me this one, which I FRICKIN ADORE as it has 'K8 4 Wills 2011' and the crown, in celebration of the upcoming royal wedding. HA!! (I voted YES on the referendum to behead banish paint-ball remove the British royal family as Australia's heads of state.)
It wasn't all just wild consumerism... everyone received a gift card for World Vision, providing childhood immunisations, clean water provisions and livestock to needy communitites. Little Misfit liked the chicken one best.
SCORE!! This is the most beauiful handbag that Alice made for me! I LOVE hummingbirds! She made it - isn't she clever?
Brother Misfit seemed pretty chuffed with his second row Ben Folds ticket!
More crazy eyes - over this FABULOUS Meet-a-Cheetah pass from my beautiful sister in law. I met a cheetah a few years and it was such an amazing and wonderful experience I have been raving about it ever since... so she shouted me another one! Thank you Alice!!!
It took us two hours to open all the presents (whew!) then we headed out into the beautiful sunshine for brunch al fresco.
 I am so lucky.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, happy time with your loved ones. Look out for each other. Be gentle with each other. Laugh as much as you can. Eat well, sing loudly and wear your astronaut costumes all day long if that makes you happy. 

Misfit Sarah