Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A small break...

Dear lovely readers,

The Misfits family have suffered a heartbreaking loss and will be taking a small break from blogland.

We'll be back soon.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seriously, I cannot believe I even have to say this...

Hmmm... I should probably ignore this nonsense but I often don't  listen to my better judgment so here I go...
and this will be my final word on this 'issue', so anyone else who wants to email me about this
please be advised that you will be ignored... and mocked fucking mercilessly.

I have received two emails in the last few days that have made me pull this face:

See those forehead wrinkles? They are saying 'Are you fucking kidding me?' and also "Ever heard of Botox?"

The first email advises "you are obviously homophobic and don't even know that the word 'poof' is not aceptable [sic] to use anymore, so stop writing about thinks [sic] you don't even know about". 

The only way I can think to answer this is to advise the reader to go back and reread the entire post and they will see that I was directly quoting Carlotta, who is allowed to say whatever the fuck she likes because she started life as a cock in a frock on a rock.
So, get a grip, ya frickin douche canoe.*

The second email sent me a link to a pic of Mr Schu kissing a guy and advises "Sorry to burst your bubble dear Sarah but Mr Shu [sic] aint all he's 'cracked' up to be... You could be his beard tho."

So the first email is accusing me of being homophobic and the second email is from a homophobe who thinks she is 'bursting my bubble' by breaking it to me that someone on my list is allegedly gay. Oy.

I am so sorry if I didn't make it clear, and I have now amended the disclaimer at the top of the list to more clearly reflect the following: I do not care whether someone is alive or dead, real or fictitious, gay or straight... those criteria are of no interest to me and will not affect The List.
Let us all keep in mind that the list also includes fictitious characters and guys that have been dead for forty years.

It's 2010 for crap's sake. Who the fuck is even homophobic any more? Ignorant, small minded weirdie christian freaks and back-water bogans (rednecks) are apparently still homophobic, that's who. And if they are reading my blog then there's a lot more to offend them here so I recommend you move along, people, because there's nothing here for you.

There's something here for racists, however... I present, for your viewing pleasure,
Mister Pinky Fluff Bum, the gay, bearded, white supremicist unicorn:
 You're welcome.
Community service announcement: 
Google image search the words "who is homophobic?"  and "racist tattoo" at your own risk. Oy.

* 'Douche canoe' followed me home from The Bloggess (aka the funniest chick in the universe).

OK I know this post has gone on WAY longer than was warranted but do yourself a huge favour and listen to this. I promise it's worth it. When have I ever led you astray?

SentiMental as Anything

I love my Brother Misfit. 
You would too, if you knew him. 
1973 I have always been a demented face-puller
1975 Check out his awesome hair and my awesome crocheted vest.
1975 My first day of school. What's not to love about every single thing in this pic?
1976 This is the dawning of the age of the terrible home hair cuts and the groovy wallpaper.
1976 I am wearing my cowgirl vest OVER my dressing gown because I am a fashion-forward six year old. And check out the priceless expression on Brother Misfit's face. And the awesome poster.
1977 The home hair cuts are growing out a bit and we have become beatniks, man.
And... back to the awesomely bad home hair cuts. And another demonic  awesome expression from Brother Misfit.
1978 Man alive, I loved camping back then and seriously, you could not PAY me to go camping ever again.
1979 We got puppies and home hair cuts for xmas! Check out my awesome ruched boob tube and matching skirt with pink gingham. I would so wear that now.

1980 Summer at the beach
Every Australian over thirty must have these memories of a xmas holiday at the beach, pre sunscreen: spending all day swimming and building sandcastles, 
getting horrible sunburn that quickly turned into a mega tan, 
having salty, unbrushed hair, 
the smell of Reef Coconut Oil, 
getting bindi-eyes in the soles of your feet because you never wore shoes
and playing Space Invaders at the take away while you waited for your burger or chico roll, which you then washed down with a Tab or Passiona, followed by a Golden Gaytime. 

We've been sharing gay times, bindi-eyes and bad home hair cuts for 37 years.

Songs that can immediately time-travel me back to the summer holidays of the late 70s: 

Sunburn by Graham Gouldman
When you're in love with a beautiful woman by Dr Hook 
Heart of glass by Blondie
Stumblin' in by Suzie Q and Chris Norman
The logical song by Supertramp
 Sultans of swing by Dire Straits

And this ageless bit of fabulous:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Age gracefully? No thanks.

Today Misfits set up shop at the third Fash N Treasure market.

Shine on, you crazy diner waitress. 
(It makes perfect sense in my head.)
That crappy old orange vinyl step stool is one of my most treasured possessions.
I had the pleasure of these babes' company all day... 
 That's the gorgeous Sara of 50 Foot Queenie there on the left...
Sara does absolutely incredible burlesque/vintage/pin up lingerie and swimwear - 
all hand made and stunningly crafted in uber cute fabrics.

And the beautiful Susie of the Jade Pussycat... 
Susie does amazing vintage jewellery and homewares - 
I want one of everything! 

I had to snap up this little treasure because I do not have enough faux fur. I won't be able to wear if for another six months but I shall pack it away with my winter woolies, forget all about it and have a lovely surprise next May. I'm looking quite Cruella DeVille!
There's so much space at these markets - it's fabulous in the warmer months but freeeeezing in winter!

One of my favourite customers of the day were two delightful ladies who were shopping for "lovely old things to help trigger happy memories" for the female dementia patients they spend their days nursing. 
They said they have days where they dress in 1930s or 1940s and play the music of the day and even have a couple of old magazines to read and the patients always respond and happily chat about their memories.
I was very touched and thankful for the beautiful nurses taking care of the most vulnerable in the community.
You know there is no way in the world that I was going to pass up a divine HAND MADE leopard print bra, right? LOVELY MAKER/SELLER OF THESE BRAS - PLEASE CONTACT ME SO I CAN LINK - I LOST YOUR CARD!

And I already had one of these... so delicate and feminine (very unlike me!).

One of my favourite finds of the day...
The delightful Miss Eddie, of Pussyfoot Industries, whose tagline is 'Life's too short not to be cute!'.

Miss Eddie was selling some gorgeous accessories, including these earrings (above) and headbands (below).

I picked up a gorgeous snood, which I shall review later in the week.
Look at the details on these gorgeous headbands!

Ladies, this is Brodie.    Because you're worth it.    I have no shame.   You're welcome.

 In the interests of full disclosure: I paid full retail for every item and 

was not asked to review or mention any sellers or items. 

Oy - would you all hurry up and start offering me free stuff!

Misfits Through History: Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix) 
27 November 1942 - 18 September 1970

Happy Birthday Jimi

Come on...
...tell me you see it too?

Friday, November 26, 2010

The owl and the vintage corduroy skirt went to sea

An OWL in a HAT. Oh yes.

Little Owl painting

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Owl money box from Finland. Yes please for xmas for me!!

Vintage Owl Honey Pot (You can buy it here!)
You can buy these cute little fuckers here.
My favourite - the Snowy Owl
Vintage winking owl pendant
Is this even legal?
Pretty awesome vintage owls wall clock.
Me in homemade owl pocket on vintage floral corduroy skirt.
    You cannot unsee the next picture.

You've been warned.

You're welcome.