Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking for love in ALL the wrong places

Coming up in a couple of weeks is the Canberra Country Music Festival. Yeeehaa!

There are some fantastic local acts - including my favourites Queen Juanita and the Zydeco Cowboys. Hope I can find someone to dance with for their show (wink wink nudge nudge - 7pm Saturday 13 November!).

Also on the bill is fantastic Queenslander 8 Ball Aitken with his sweet rockin swing country in his broad Aussie accent.

Other highlights from the program that I am hoping to explore are Bluegrass Heaven, Chicks with Picks and the very promising sounding Country: Swamp Rockabilly and Roots - Hell, Yeah!

Of course I am already planning my outfit and I have to be super cute if I expect to catch the attention of a hot cowboy!

(Oh gawd help me - do NOT do a google image search for 'hot cowboy' unless you are looking for gay porn. How did I not know that would happen??)

And here, for your awesome viewing pleasure is the always awesome Ms Dolly Parton in the best ever worst ugly frock ever. You're welcome.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you dare... or even care?

I am pretty lucky to have worked in jobs where I can pretty much wear whatever I like to work, within reason, of course. I could probably get away with jeans, but I wouldn't want to (except on casual Fridays), but I do enjoy stretching the boundaries of what is deemed 'normal' in an office environment.

I rarely do a full vintage look - mostly I mix it up with some vintage and some new pieces, while remaining true to my aesthetic, and refusing to succumb to the boring corporate mindless ugliness of most work outfits.

My experience has been that mostly the men in the office don't notice or care what anyone is wearing... and that most women express surprise, comment on my 'bravery' (boy, there's a backhanded compliment if ever there was one) and then slowly begin experimenting a little with their own wardrobes... and many come full circle, to asking style advice, chatting about vintage fashion and bringing in photos of themselves in 'their day'.

Here are some of my work outfits. Some are more miss than hit!

What do you think? Daring? Brave? Dull? Unprofessional? Who cares?

Vintage trench and boots

Vintage skirt

Vintage shoes (men's Hush Puppies!) and vintage hat

Vintage floral corduroy skirt (with owl pocket embellishment by me)

This was the first and LAST time I wore this skirt - it could not have been more wrong on me! On the upside, I was totally gangsta and will continue to use this pose, because it adds such credibility, maturity and substance to this blog. Non?

LOVE this outfit. Vintage silk skirt and 80s handbag. Love it all. You'll see it a lot.

Vintage Oroton silk scarf.

Vintage faux fur coat.

Not a single vintage item here - how embarrassing!

Channeling Stevie Nicks. Vintage skirt and velvet vest.

1950s dress

Vintage slip and silk scarf

Vintage button through dress and vintage trench

Vintage knit top and vintage silk scarf. Jeez, I wear these shoes a lot, huh?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Misfits Through History: Helena Bonham Carter

For the inaugural Misfits Through History, I have selected one of my all time favourite misfits - Ms Helena Bonham-Carter.

In this instance, I use the following 'misfit' definition: Noun. 'One who does not give a flying fuck what others think of them or their fashion, life, career or personal choices'. Amen, sister.

A few Helena Facts:

  • Helena is the great-granddaughter of United Kingdom Prime Minister H. H. Asquith.
  • She was crowned "corset queen" for her many outstanding performances in 19th century bosom-heaving costume dramas.
  • She was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her work in The Wings of a Dove.
  • She and her partner Tim Burton have two children - Billy Raymond (born 2003) and Nell (born 2007).
  • Johnny Depp is Billy Raymond's godfather.
  • Helena and Tim live in London, in neighbouring houses with a connecting doorway.
  • By the above definition - and probably by any definition of 'misfit' - Tim Burton most certainly also qualifies. Rock on, misfit couples.

My favourite of her 62 movies (62!) is Fight Club, which is in my All Time Top Ten Movies Ever In The History Of The Universe List.

Above three pics - as the insanely fabulous Marla Singer (with Ed Norton) in Fight Club.

Early career publicity glamour shot. "Here are my breasts. You're welcome."

Clomping around London, heavily pregnant, looking like a character from a Tim Burton movie. Awesome.

Still Burtinesque in a delightful summery Edwardian Scissorhands outift. (Come on, that pun was faaabulous!)

Why yes, I will dress up for your stupid awards night - I'll wear combat boots with my frock and I will still look more fabulous than anyone else here.

I am curly and flawless... but ironically you understand.

The look I'm going for is 'Nineteen seventies porn star'. Achieved, non?

I'm serious. Very, very serious. I'm thirty and I am wearing a school uniform. THAT's how fucking serious I am.

Maximum Funnage

My interstate BFF, hot young thing AJ and I spent the afternoon at Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra, last week. It was awesome times a million.

They had vintage clowns... and old school sideshow games...

Crazy mirrors...

Zoltan gave me next week's lottery numbers... But apparently I could have just asked my
shrink since psychology is apparently no more scientific than crystal ball gazing!

AJ loved the light harp - it was pretty amazing and it played magic music from invisible fabulousness!

I made ART... AJ made face art...

We explored the biology room... and spent 3 looong minutes in the earthquake room (me no likey).
AJ was a little nuts by the end of the day...

And I needed sugar, lots of sugar...

Why yes, I am eating jelly beans AND drinking mango iced tea... what's your point?

Questacon rocks. Go there. Seriously. Little kids, big kids, skeptical kids, bored kids, Pink Floyd loving kids, the only people who should definitely NOT go there are people who do not like fun and learning interesting scientific fun things and having maximum funnage. Those people should instead go to the War Memorial. Not much fun there.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Misfits Chronicle - Chapter One - Stardate 2077.1A Captain's Log...

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